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Combat Simulation

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Combat Simulation allows you to send your T-Dolls on various training missions. It requires Commander Level 12 to be unlocked.
Performing simulations does not use ammunition or rations, but spends energy. Base Simulaton Simulation Energy will be restored to 12 points at 00:00 (UTC +8) everyday. Should you run out, more may be bought from the [[Shop|store]]. {{Icon|Superconducting Energy}} Extra energies are used when your main energy runs out.
The first four simulation are divided into three difficulties; '''Basic''', '''Intermediate''', and '''Advanced'''. Missions of a higher level have a higher difficulty and a correspondingly higher reward. {{clr}}
Unlocks after '''clearing''' Chapter 2-4 Night.
Defense Drill is a survival mode, it has a fixed cost of 5 3 energy and you can assign up to 4 T-Doll echelons. The objective is to survive for up to 109 waves, each wave will give you a certain amount of {{Icon|calibrationvoucher}}Calibration Tickets, and every 10 waves there will be a boss which rewards you a package with resources, gems, and Calibration Tickets. The rewards increase with each passing wave.
'''Wave Checkpoint Rewards:'''<div style='text-align: center;>

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