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Voice Actor:Murakawa Rie

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General info[edit]

  • Given name: 梨衣 (Rie)
  • Family name: 村川 (Murakawa)
  • Birthday: January 14, 1980
  • Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

a Japanese voice actress, singer and radio She is currently affiliated with Stay Luck. She is known for her roles as Hotaru Ichijō in Non Non Biyori, Escha Malier in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, Ram in Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World and Anzu in Hinamatsuri Haruka Kurimoto in Schoolgirl Strikers Yui in Little Battlers Experience Girls Absinthe in Arkights Hibiki Komatsuri in Super Sonico Arisa Matsuda in The Idolm@ster Million Live!.

Nanon led her to winning the Best Funny Radio (Rookie) and Best Comfort Radio (General) awards at the 2nd Aniraji Awards in 2016. She released her first solo album in January 2017, and she released her second solo album in February 2018.

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Kaida Yuuko worked on following T-Dolls[edit]

Girls' Frontline[edit]

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