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P90 Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 咦?我只是跟着其他人形走,怎么就到这里来了呢?……那个~你好!请问你知道这里是什么地方吗? あれあれ?他の人形に付いていたらこんな所まで来ちゃった…。えっとすみません、ここがどこかが分かります?Play Eh? I was only following where other dolls were going, so how did I end up here? …Uhm, hello! Do you know what this place is?
Introduction (Ditto)
Secretary 指挥官知道最近的流行语是什么吗?梗换得太快我都快跟不上了呢。 指揮官ってさ、最近の流行事が知ってる?流行りのねたころころ変わり過ぎてあたしは付いていけないよ。Play Does Commander know what’s the most recent trendy thing to say? I can’t keep up with all these new trends.
只要稍微改变一下声线,就能像这样说话哒喵~ 軽く声を変えれば、こういう風に喋れるんだにゃ~!Play You only need to adjust your voice a little, and then you’ll be able to talk like this, ‘da nya’.
“我才没有脸红呢!可别搞错了哦!”……嘿嘿,这就是所谓的傲娇吧。 顔が赤い?だって今日は暑いから。か…勘違いしないでよね!うふん…これが所謂ツンデレってやつだよね。Play ‘My face is red? It's because... Today's a bit hot! D-Don’t get me wrong!’ …Hehe, this is what they call tsundere, right?
Secretary (post OATH)
Pretty much everyone likes Commander, and whatever I like is whatever’s in at the moment, isn’t it? So, my love for the Commander is in a class of its own~
Commander, would you like for me to be together with you forever? Although this might be something that isn’t hard for me to do, just as long as you don’t dislike me sticking with you… But it doesn’t matter if you try to run or fly away, I won’t lose my place by your side so easily!
Greeting まずはみんなが何をしてるのか覗いて見よう!Play First things first, let's peak in to see what the others are doing!
T-Doll Produced みんなこれからは家族だ!Play We are all family now!
Joining an echelon はい!プロジェクト90、入隊するよ!Play Yes! Project 90, reporting for duty!
Enhancement 遅れを取る訳にはいかないよね?!Play Without further delay, I can't lose now right?
Dummy-linking 指揮官、私がいれば十分ですよ。十分じゃないよね~!Play Commander, I am all you need...I'm not quite the same, am I.
Logistics (start) 物資を全部破壊する任務ですね、なんちゃって~!Play So, our mission is to destroy all of the cargo, isn't it? Just kidding!
Logistics (end) いいものがいっぱい!どれから使えばいいかな?!Play So many goodies! I wonder which ones should I use!
Autobattle 前と同じようにやればいいんだよね?それなら得意分野だよ!Play So, I just need to do it like before, right? Then I'll do just fine!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 来た来た!今回は何をするの?Play It's finally time! What are we gonna do today?
Starting a battle あいつらを全員倒せばいいんだよね?Play All I need to do is to beat every one of them, right?
Skill activation あはは!どこ撃ってんのさ?!Play Haha, where do you think you're shooting!
悪戯なら負けないよ~!Play When it comes to pranks, I won't lose!
ちょっと付き合ってあげるよ~。ちょっとだけだよ。Play Play with me a little! Just a little bit.
Heavily damaged ありゃりゃ…結局予定切れななかったか…Play Aw man...couldn't dodge enough...
Retreat ええ…?もう帰えちゃったの?ま…待ってよ!Play Ehhh, we're going back already?... w-wait up!
MVP 銃を回すのは勝利のポーズだよ~!Play I spin my gun because it's my victory pose!
Restoration あたしたち人形はどんな傷でも直せるよ。人間はそうでもないみたいだけど。Play We dolls can heal our wounds pretty quickly... but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case for humans.
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 本番のあたしのコスプレに驚かないでよね!なんと言っても、色んなキャラを変字で予定なんだだから!Play Don't be surprised by my cosplay tonight! I'm planning on mimicing a lot of characters!
Christmas サンタさんの仮装をするのは可哀そうだよ。だって、プレゼントを贈る時はみんな皆寝てって、誰にも姿を見て貰えないんだから。Play Dressing up as Santa is so sad... because everyone is asleep when the person is giving presents and no one gets to see the costume...
New Year's Day 指揮官、ハッピーニューイヤー!ハッピーかどうか知らないけど、一緒にハッピーニューイヤーって声を出してくれれば、きっとハッピーになれるよ!


Commander, Happy New Year! I'm not entirely sure how it's supposed to be happy, but saying Happy New Year together will surely make us happy!
Valentine's day 最初にバレンタインでチョコを贈った人も、まさかこんなに沢山の人に真似されるとは考えもしなかっただろうね。


I'm pretty sure the first person who decided to gift chocolate on Valentine's never expected so many people would copy him.
Tanabata 指揮官、願い事はなんて書いた?あたしも同じものを書きたい!


Commander, what'd you write down for your wish? I wanna write the down the same thing!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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