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Helix Story Profile Quotes


The UL-GSA comes from a secret Ultilife project, expressly designed for exploring the final frontier of the life sciences—genetic engineering. Its aim was to reduce suffering from disease and better the lives of mankind by analyzing, pinpointing and repairing inborn DNA defects. However, due to various moral and ethical constraints, this project could not be easily disclosed to the world, and so the UL-GSA was kept under wraps by the company.

Prior to joining Project Neural Cloud, Helix spent almost all her life in a lab. If not for the "Wipeoff Incident", she might never have had the chance to see the outside world.

Doll Profile 1

For the most part, the Dolls of the Oasis were quite surprised to hear the title of "DNA Researcher". After all, that field was both professional and highly secretive, too far removed from the Dolls' daily lives. Just the name alone conjured up images of an unapproachable academic. But when they actually saw Helix, their jaws dropped once again.

This little girl with twin drill-shaped ponytails would always cower in the corner when there were many people around, sneaking furtive looks at everyone's faces, while the merest shock would bring her to the verge of tears. However, if you teased her a little and made pleasant conversation with her, she would immediately gravitate to you and forget everything about what she should have been doing. It was hard to sense any gravitas from this girl, and some Dolls even wondered in secret: would she spill Ultilife's project secrets if you gave her a sweet?

Doll Profile 2

From the first day she arrived in the Oasis, Helix was flagged with a "can't stop worrying about her" label. She'd always fall asleep during meetings, or forget her meal card when going to the cafeteria, or end up getting locked out of the dorms at night... It would seem that she would end up getting into one accident or another from carelessness if not constantly supervised. This caused no end of worry to her next-door neighbors, Antonina and Lancet.

However, according to fellow Ultilife surgeon Lancet, Helix's carelessness was only limited to her personal life. She never once made a mistake while working at Ultilife, handling every situation that came her way with meticulous care, whether it was grueling thesis research or complicated lab routines. However, her excessive focus on scientific research seemed to have led to other people taking care of the other aspects of her life, hence her seeming cluelessness. Currently, nobody has been able to prove the truth of that statement. After all, she hasn't had a chance to work in her specialization for the time being...

Doll Profile 3

Despite Helix's youthful appearance, the truth is that she's been working in Ultilife's labs for a very long time and handled quite a few major projects. However, these projects were kept under heavy secrecy for various reasons and unknown to the world.

In the eyes of the researchers, Helix's work possessed a great deal of significance—it was the final step before mankind could master the secrets of life while also being the spark of a conflict that would cement the gap between the haves and have-nots, as well as a ticking time bomb for an issue that infringed on the ethical bottom line. Therefore, they decided to protect Helix and keep her from coming into contact with the undercurrents churning outside the lab, which would naturally remove the risk of her leaking classified secrets as well.

However, the moment this protection was removed, Helix immediately became a scapegoat exposed to all. For a long time after joining the Oasis, Helix only dared speak to Lancet, because "the researchers wouldn't let me talk to strangers". Fortunately, her upbringing by the researchers was not absolute—after a few good meals, the Professor and the other Dolls went from "strangers" to "good friends".

Doll Profile 4

During her time in the Oasis, Helix slowly learned how to get along with everyone and take care of herself. On the surface, she appeared to have completely adjusted to life in the Oasis and even worked some of her careless antics into part of her daily life. However, only Antonina and Lancet knew that late at night, when nobody was up, Helix would silently cry in her room.

She had warmhearted friends in the Oasis, a reliable Professor to turn to, and wanted for nothing in a material sense... But the one thing she lacked was the thing she had devoted her entire life to—DNA research. As she was, Helix was nothing more than a mascot to be doted on by everyone in the Oasis. What was the point of her existence if that was all she was? If the day came when nobody wanted her around anymore, then what should she do? Just the thought of that filled Helix—who had been cast aside once—with mortal dread.

Finally, Antonina could no longer bear the sound of Helix's weeping during one of her all-night debugging sessions. After seeking the Professor's advice, she and Lancet began a secret project.

"We need to let that crybaby who's afraid of the dark know exactly what kind of place the Oasis is."

Doll Profile 5

One week later, Helix found a modified DNA recombinant analyzer in her hands. It was the fruit of Lancet the surgeon and Antonina the programmer's labors. By using the "Program-DNA" transcription system within it, Helix would be able to analyze her teammates' data damage in much the same fashion as she collected and analyzed DNA samples, and then use the repair program inside the analyzer to heal them.

With the help of Banxsy and her friends, Helix soon mastered the use of the DNA analyzer and regained her sense of confidence. Soon, she officially joined the Oasis' medical department. That careless little silhouette began darting between the lab and the battlefield.

It was then that she experienced a strange feeling that she had never encountered before; though the code she was entering was no different from the kind she had worked with at Ultilife, this was the first time she was aware of the significance of her work. This time, she was not merely obeying orders, or because she was afraid she would be kicked out—she truly wanted to help and repay her friends.