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CZ-805 Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 呦吼!崭新出众的CZ805A1,今天起为您效劳,指挥官,要期待我的表现哦。 やっほー!ピカピカのBren805(ぶれんはちまるご)、今日から作戦に参加します、期待してよね!Play Yoohoo! The brand new and outstanding CZ-805A1 is at your service from now on! Look forward to my performance!
Introduction CZ 805A1突击步枪,作为新时代的制式武器,我可是备受关注的哦。融合了大量武器的优点,然后经过多次改进,这款先进的突击步枪才最终定型,虽然实战经验不多,不过因为是模块化设计,各种作战环境,我都能应对呢。 The CZ 805A1 assault rifle, as a standard weapon of the new era, I have received much attention. Combining the advantages of a large number of weapons, and after many improvements, this advanced assault rifle was finalized. Although there is not much practical experience, I can deal with it because of its modular design and various operational environments.
Secretary 什么事呀,指挥官?我在这儿呢。 どうしたの、指揮官?わたしはここだよ。Play What's the matter, commander? I'm right here.
经验?集众优点于一身的我,根本不需要了吧。 経験?優れたわたしにはそんなものはいらないのよね。Play Experience? It's not necessary for someone with so many strengths.
哼哼♪光从外表上,就看出我有厉害了吧?那就让您多看一会儿吧。 見てわかるでしょ?わたしの凄さ。へへっ。Play You can tell I'm really strong just from how I look, right? Then I'll let you look for a little longer. Hehe ♪
Secretary (post OATH)
Yes, that's it, use this chance before we attack to admire me! Don't forget to record my heroicness in battle this time.


You chose me out of all the amazing weapons out here.... Okay! I'll be right here by your side from now on!
Greeting おはよう指揮官!わたしに会えて嬉しいでしょ?Play Good morning commander! Are you happy to meet me?
T-Doll Produced 新人ちゃん?見せて見せて〜Play Rookie-chan? Show me ~
Joining an echelon よしっ!せっかくの出番、ちゃんと見ててよっ!Play Alright! Let's take a good look at it!
Enhancement へへっ、今回の設計は誰に似てるのかな?Play Hey, who is this design similar to?
Dummy-linking これで陣形も変われるわね。Play This will change the formation.
Logistics (start) たまには外回りも悪くないわね。Play Sometimes it's not so bad outside.
Logistics (end) ただいま、いい収穫があったわよ。Play I'm home, I had a good harvest.
Autobattle 諦めないでよね、先輩たち!Play Don't give up, seniors!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 負けるわけがない!Play There is no reason to lose!
Starting a battle そんなやつ、適当にやっちゃえ!Play Do it properly!
Skill activation 無理しないでわたしに任せて!Play Leave it to me!
終わり方早くない?Play Isn't it help finish quicker
どんな状況にも対応できる!Play Can handle any situation!
Heavily damaged うわぁ!わたしのせいじゃないよ!…どっ…どういうこと?Play Oh my God! It's not my fault! ... what ... what do you mean?
Retreat うん…えっと…今日天気が悪いからうまく照準(しょうじゅん)できないんだよね…。Play Yeah ... uh ... I can't aim well because the weather is bad today ...
MVP こんなの当たり前じゃん!Play This is natural!
Restoration これは…あの…ごめん…わたしがうっかりしててさ…。Play This is ... that ... I'm sorry ... I was careless ...
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 今晚还真热闹啊,小孩子就是小孩子呢……诶?那边树上挂着的,穿披风的家伙,看着有点眼熟呢。 今晩は本当に賑やかね。子供にお菓子を上げるのも大変。あれ?あの昨日への饅頭来た子には見覚えるあるわね。Play It ’s really busy tonight. It's hard to give children sweets. that? There's something I remember from the child who came to Shantou yesterday.
Christmas メリークリスマス指揮官!長い励起しこのイベント思いっきり楽しみましょう!Play Merry Christmas commander! Excited for a long time and enjoy this event!
New Year's Day 指揮官明けましておめでとう!享年の私の「…」だったでしょ。今年も期待してよね。


Happy new commander! That was my “…” Expect this year too.
Valentine's day 指揮官は今日はどんな風に過ごすの?やっぱり誰かと一緒に過ごすんでしょ?例えば…ねぇ…


How does the commander spend today? Do you spend time with someone? For example ... Hey ...
Tanabata 指揮官のお願い事何?そのお願い事もしかして私が叶えらちゃったれして?


What is the commander's wish? Could that be the case for me?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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