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General info

Also known as: waterkuma and 熊可汗

Pinyin for artist name 水熊 is "shuǐxióng", but is typically addressed as water kuma (literal meaning). Chinese digital artist and a contributing artist of Girls' Frontline, other than T-Doll/costume submitted, waterkuma also produced many game login wallpapers. Also contributed designs for mobile game Warship Girls.

Where to find

水熊 worked on the following assets

The artist may only be responsible for some of the illustrations. Please see the linked page for details.


Thumb button.pngAmeli185 Thumb button.pngBronya1005 Thumb button.pngClear1009 Thumb button.pngFail1010 Thumb button.pngHS2000250 Thumb button.pngKLIN177 Thumb button.pngM870229 Thumb button.pngNoel1001 Thumb button.pngSIG-556287 


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HOC Units

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Neural Cloud characters

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