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The AA2 is a 42Lab-developed archaeological Doll designed to address the needs of science research teams. The AA2 possesses dedicated read-write memory which stores a large amount of information related to archaeology, including natural sciences, engineering, and humanities. Therefore, AA2s are often tasked with supporting the vast majority of special archaeological work.

As a special Doll customized by Frise International Joint Scientific Research Association for 42Lab, almost all of Fern's software is designed to store, retrieve, and analyze information. Even ignoring the archaeological aspect, she's still a mobile library in her own right.

In 2058, in order to backup and organize the archaeological data that Fern had accumulated in her years abroad, 42Lab transferred her back from the Scientific Research Association supposedly for maintenance and testing. They requested that she participate in Project Neural Cloud as part of the backup process.

Doll Profile 1Edit

Fern's position at the Frise International Joint Scientific Research Association was very special. No matter what direction an exploration team wanted to go in, they'd want to bring her along. This led to Fern's schedule being constantly full, with basically no time for herself. This continued until Fern unfortunately ended up making an error during an operation.

Due to her love for archaeology, Fern would never reject work, no matter how much she had scheduled. However, for safety reasons, the administrative staff at the Association for Scientific Expeditions customized a monthly schedule for her to prevent such dangerous situations from recurring.

Doll Profile 2Edit

With an abundance of free time now available, Fern found a very good money-burning hobby—traveling. When she had no work assigned, she decided to visit different places to observe and learn.

Even in this era of advanced technology and development, not everything has been digitized. Fern intends to visit locations with information not yet in the system, such as remote areas where information only travels by word of mouth, to fill in gaps in her knowledge and prepare for future archaeological operations.

Thus, despite a high salary and numerous bonuses granted to her by the Scientific Research Association and 42Lab, Fern often finds herself destitute. She has even prepared a special little box to hold supermarket coupons and other money saving measures.

Doll Profile 3Edit

Data transfers are not the only way for Fern to learn. Other than traveling, Fern also likes to collect books. Even though e-books are very popular, like many people, Fern still adores thumbing through paper books. Peering into a new world through the words on thin paper is like searching out a lost civilization from shards of broken tiles. Absolutely fascinating.

Because of her love of books, Fern came up with the idea of writing for herself. Using pen and paper to jot down her experiences and insights like a diary, instead of just inputting data into the system.

By the eve of her visit to 42Lab, she had written millions of words worth of paper records which she stored in the Scientific Research Association's dormitory. She hopes that one day these records can enter the association's library. She doesn't even need to have them published, just having them available for the next generation is enough for her.

Doll Profile 4Edit

For scientist Dolls like Fern, combat was not a consideration for their design. Their limited space must prioritize specialized equipment over weapons and combat frameworks. Fern didn't even carry self-defense equipment like humans do—Dolls do have a certain baseline level of strength after all.

However, after the 2056 ruin destruction incident sent shockwaves through the international community, all scientist Dolls were upgraded to improve their combat abilities. Particularly affected by the incident, Fern specially commissioned 42Lab to upgrade her mattock to military standards.

"The next time I meet those scumbags who trample over history for a quick buck, I'll smash them down with my own hands!!!!!"
—42Lab Research Institute Security Monitor, Abnormal Sound Reading Record

Doll Profile 5Edit

If there was anyone who wants to leave Magrasea and return to reality, Fern would definitely be on the list. She didn't originally plan to join Project Neural Cloud at all. When she was notified to return to 42Lab for maintenance and testing, she had just arrived at her hotel in Dublin and planned to go to a ruin site the following day.

"Professor, I don't... well... I have to admit, I'm a little on edge. This, ahh, is honestly really bugging me."
"There's no point in comforting me. What can even be found in Magrasea? Every inch of this place, all its 1s and 0s, is born from modern times. There's not even a sliver of historical value. I'm not complaining! ... I guess I am complaining, but... *sigh*. Let's finish up here quickly, Professor."
—Doll Psychological Evaluation Recording