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Sana Assimilated
Full name Sana
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN (纱那), TW (사나), KR, EN
Chibi animation

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"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

An elite Paradeus unit who looks like a frail and delicate girl, but once she dons her custom-made mask and mounts her personal mech, you will wish you could run faster.



Boss in Slow Shock


  • Radar Scan: Scan the area between own position and the first row. Any unit that enters the scanned area will be marked as exposed.
  • Homing Missile: Lock on to the nearest unexposed unit and all exposed units and launch a missile that deals AoE damage.
  • Smoke Grenade: Fire smoke grenades at the positions of the two farthest enemy units. Accuracy, damage, rate of fire, and movement speed are greatly reduced for all units standing in the smoke.
  • Laser Refraction: After charging, shoot a laser, dazing the nearest target and removing their shield. When the daze effect wears off, the laser attack is transferred to the row behind.
  • Revealed: Laser attacks deal damage to the target and mark them as exposed.
  • Fire Everything EX: Greatly increase damage output and reduce damage intake. After analyzing shields for 3 seconds, carpet-bomb a large area ahead of self. All units with the area scanned by the radar take massive damage. If their shield remains intact, explosion damage is doubled.