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LTLX 7000

LTLX 7000 Quotes
LTLX 7000323
Gun Information
Full name Beretta LTLX 7000
Country of origin Italy
Manufacturer Beretta
Game Information
Faction Griffin & Kryuger
Manufactured /
Revised by
Voice actor Tanaka Rie
Artist AF_KURO
Released on CN (LTLX7000), TW (LTLX7000), KR (LTLX7000), EN (LTLX7000), JP (LTLX7000)
Chibi Animation

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How to obtainEdit

NORMALHEAVY Timer 8:17:00. See T-Doll Production for details.

DROP Not obtainable as a drop.

REWARD Not obtained as a reward

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

There is no exclusive equipment for this T-Doll.

Union SkillEdit

There is no union skill for this T-Doll.

Stats / DataEdit

138(x1)275(x1) / 1375(x5) 30(x1) / 90(x5) 40(x1) / 140(x5)
9 23
2 11
2 14
 Rate of Fire
20 28
 Move Speed
3 25
 Crit. Rate
 Crit. Damage
 Armor Pen.
 Clip Size

Ranking of this Doll's specs relative to other Dolls of the same type.

Ranking of this Doll's specs relative to every other Doll.
Affects machine guns.
Increases damage by 10%
Increases accuracy by 15%

Weapon BackgroundEdit

The LTLX 7000 is an experimental less-than-lethal pump-action shotgun produced sometime around 2007 by Italian arms company Beretta.[1]

The LTLX 7000 was created to serve as an improvement over the current less-than-lethal armaments employed by law enforcement. A common issue with less-than-lethal munitions is that the kinetic energy is not consistent across ranges: rubber bullets are often powerful enough to kill at close range, and too weak at long range to stop a target. The LTLX 7000 solves this by being capable of delivering the same kinetic energy to a target regardless of range. This is achieved by the use of a complex computer-controlled holographic sight and a patented gas venting system. The range is configured by moving two red dots inside the scope until the bottom dot is at the feet of the target and the top dot is at the top of the head of the target. The computer inside the scope uses this to determine the target's range. When the trigger is pulled, gas is vented from the barrel, with the amount of gas vented being determined by the target's range. The more gas vented, the lower the gas pressure behind the projectile, and the slower the speed of the projectile. The slower the projectile, the lower the kinetic energy expended on the target.[2]

Very little is known about the LTLX7000's development timeline, but it is known that the weapon was in production by 2007, as it was featured in an episode of the TV series 'Future Weapons' filmed that year.

Character Background

In contrast to her cold exterior, she's actually quite the coquette inside, but she reflexively silences herself every time she is about to speak, which only adds to her imposing demeanor when viewed at close range. She likes soft things and will immediately sprawl herself on any sofas on sight. She's terrified of scissors and is always afraid of being pricked.


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