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Official character description would have her down as a T-doll with very few words and a weird personality, despite her asocial persona she would still silently offer aid to her allies in need, as a result she is actually a fairly popular T-doll. Vector possesses an incredibly pessimist characteristic. She radiates an intense level of negative energy with the way she acts and the things she says, expecting the worst outcome in any situation.

Vector's character personality and the way she acts out is likely inspired by the difficult and intertwined history of the actual weapon itself. Being developed by an American company, the designer is Swedish while the proprietary mechanism's copyright is French. After its first public reveal, the weapon received doubts from the audience due to its strange visual appearance. Over a period of several years of redevelopment, even undergoing a name change for both the weapon and the company, the weapon's performance is finally gaining admiration among the public. Despite the high performance of the finished product, it still did not enter military service, and the civilian market started complaining about it's high pricing (Although Vector is popular with the film/games industry though due to it's Sci-Fi design look).

Story InvolvementEdit

Vector was as part of Hitori Bocchi, she was one of the two main characters who represented Girls Frontline during the collaboration event with Honkai Gakuen on November 16th 2017.

Vector's costumes Kitty Paw and Love is Blind described her side story interactions with the Commander during 2017's Halloween Freaky Stories and 2018's Sweet Oath.

"This is classified information!"

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Vector was the first T-doll to make contact with a Honkai character after she encountered HG Kiana Kiana     . (Note that Hitoribocchi is told from a perspective of Kiana being the Commander, the actual player character was removed from command duty early on in the chapter, he/she "could not interact with this event due to unnameable reasons." according to HG Five-seveN Five-seveN     ). T-doll SMG PP-90 PP-90      interacted with Vector extensively through out this event, even gave her the nickname "Vivi" out of affections, while Vivi can address PP-90 as "Pipi". Initially irritated by this, Vivi eventually gave in, accepted her fate and her new nickname.

Hitoribocchi centered around Vivi, Pipi and Kiana, the story began with Schicksal Valkyrja entering the world of Girls Frontline with their flagship Hyperion. Their garrison suddenly came under attack by waves of "Zombies", mechanized rogue T-dolls who feasts upon Digi-mind circuits. Pipi worked as the Commander's adjutant in the garrison, when they came under attack, Pipi helped organize and direct T-doll units for retreating. Vivi however stayed back to divert attention away from the main forces' retreat, she volunteered for this solitary task since she is an elite T-doll, promises were made for her own extraction from Pipi, but Vivi never expected it to arrive.

"Today is another absolute worse day possible, but I'm not sad, because tomorrow might get worse... If I live to see tomorrow that is."

"Are you sure you know the way out? You walked pass the same spot three times."

Endless waves of zombies have exhausted Vivi's munitions, she locked herself in the last warehouse, sealed the door shut and used her final explosives on the infested. "Alright, that's the last explosive gone, no more regrets... Let see how long this door holds up.". Pipi contacted and reported that their forces have fully withdrawn, Vivi should escape too. However their communication was cut short when an earthquake struck, the communication systems are offline, a segment of the wall collapsed and the infested are slowly creeping in. "Great...", Vivi stood up again, sealed the secret exit tight and prepared herself to accept her fate.

Suddenly a girl with white hair appeared, making short work of the infested with her handgun, she approached Vivi, mistaking her as a human girl who was in trouble at first. Being the professional T-doll she is, Vivi greeted Kiana professionally, she pointed her weapon at Kiana: "Your name.", "Hey, if you fight me now, you will get rekt, also is that how you treat someone who just saved your life?!", Vector rephrased herself: "Thank you, now your name please.", she continues to point her weapon at Kiana. After acquiring her name, Vivi began to inquire who she works for, but their chatter was cut short due to the approaching infested, concluding the fact that Kiana was not a hostile, Vector agreed to travel with her in the powerless facility.

"By the way Ms Kiana, I'm not a human. While I'm probably not very good representation of my company's image but, Vivi Vector of Private Military Contractor Gryfon & Kryuger, here by thank you for enlisting our service.".

Walking around in the facility, Kiana learnt the basics of this world from Vector, regarding the status of humanity and about private military contractors. The base have been evacuated, all the active combatants left the facility with the exception of Vector. "So we will be meeting the rest of your units then? After we leave here?" Kiana inquires. "More or less, but sorry Ms Kiana, the current objective is not leaving this facility.", Vector intentionally took the same route three times while checking for faults in the communication network. Seeing that Kiana have absolutely no hopes of getting out of the facility herself, Vector concluded that she is not a corporate spy, or at least too unprofessional to be one.

Despite all the complains from Kiana, Vector walked into the last room on her patrol, after some quick repairs, Vector managed to fix the communication network and got in contact with Pipi. Pipi explained that they are still under siege from waves of infested, the earthquake cut off their communication system too, but thanks to Vivi it is now repaired and they managed to contact the Commander. The main units will began breaking the siege now with the Commander's forces assisting them from the outside, Vector mentioned that she will regroup with the units momentarily with this new human girl she found.

After the operation, with Kiana bought back to Vivi's the main unit in that sector, the villain behind the attack also revealed herself. Destroyer contacted via open comms, with her new found servants, she announced that she will destroy G&K once and for all, as a payback to all the humiliations she endured. The communication Vector fixed is now once again cut off by Destroyer's minions, without access to a human Commander, the T-dolls are unable to operate on their own. Hearing Pipi's explanations on T-doll's basic operations, Kiana made remark on how differently T-dolls function when compared to humans.

Hearing this, Vector quickly picked up on the subject and accused Kiana. Vector proposed that the earthquake earlier was caused Kiana's entry into this world, if Kiana have no appeared, she would have been able to escape from the facility, regroup with the units and leave the region under the Commander's orders. But now, they are all essentially left to die in this garrison. The argument quickly heated up between the two, out of anger, Kiana made a decision, since T-dolls cannot operate without a human commander, she will take over that role since she is the only human there. Shocked by this decision, but Vector and Pipi realised that this could work out, after a quick tutorial Kiana got the hang of the basics of commanding T-doll echelons, Pipi assumed the role of her adjutant.

Under Kiana's command, they swiftly assaulted a former G&K base under Ferri control and reestablished communication back with the HQ, however their Commander was nowhere to be found, instead they were greeted by FN Squadron's Five-seveN. 57 mentions that due to unnameable reasons, their Commander isn't allowed to interact with the current situation otherwise there will be irreversible and dire consequential reactions, she was put in charge of their operation instead. Pipi mentions that they found a temporary human commander who is currently in charge. "That's great, I'm actually super busy with FAL and the others.", 57 mentions that other members of the FN squadron are currently dealing with another random human who entered a restricted relic area, but they are unable to reach them due to the infested horde, she informed the new commander to take charge and deal with this situation.

Multiple assaults later, they made it through the infested horde, Kiana is reunited with HG Theresa Theresa      and AR Murata Himeko Murata Himeko     . The two Valkyries joined their companion Kiana at the garrison again. With the operation ended in success, they exchanged Intel with 57 and discussed further plans against the invasion.

Honkai energy is essentially the negative chaotic energy, it expresses itself through many aspects, primarily it incites war, spreads diseases, wreaks havoc, many worlds have already fallen to Honkai. Members of Schicksal Valkyrja have fought this across many worlds and dimensions, but their journey to the world of Girls Frontline was an unexpected one. Honkai energy that should have never existed in this world, it some how incarnated and spawned countless numbers of mechanized zombie girls. The next move for the group would be to locate their other missing crew members RF Raiden Mei Raiden Mei      and RF Bronya Bronya     , for Vector however was to locate the Hyperion and protect a fellow Valkyrie named SG Seele Seele     , Pipi begged to come along but Vector rejected the offer and said that she works better on her own, so Pipi joined the main group instead.

Vivi and Pipi fell victim to Seele's attacks

Being efficient with her work, Vivi quickly located the Hyperion with the coordinates provided, she contacted Seele on Hyperion's bridge, who responded after hearing about her companions' request. Seele however, requested Vector to escort her back to her sister Bronya, she is afraid of staying on the ship due to the nearby infested creatures.

Finishing up the task at hand, Pipi made contact over the radio after her side of the task was finished, she inquired about how Vector was doing on her side and eagerly engaged in friendly chatters with her. However Pipi's enthusiastic words were met with Vector's cold responses,

Vector took an underground route in hope to hide Seele's human smell from the infested, however the plan seem to have failed, the two soon came under siege from both sides. After the Honkai source from the Sangvis Ferri leader was dealt with and a brief repair, Pipi set off to rendezvous with Vector in the tunnel, she arrived just on time to assist them with the infested problems. Blowing up the tunnel wall, moving the two to an adjacent tunnel and resealing the hole, the group is now safe again.

Vector received updated situation from Pipi, they have located all the Valkyries and dealt with Destroyer. However the two T-dolls sensed that Seele was acting strange. Moments later they were quickly cut down by a series of precise and deadly melee blows, Seele was never in her normal persona, she was the one who unleashed a sample of Honkai from the Hyperion while the Valkyries were entering this world, the infested down at the tunnels were also created by Seele. The pair was left critically wounded while alter Seele proceeded with her intended task.

The sound of the infested woke Vector up in the tunnels, "There are things I have yet to tell you PP90... Today is the absolute worse day, ever... But if I wasn't acquainted with you, perhaps I would have a normal death down here...". Vector ignoring the pain and stood up again, "Now thanks to you, I can't have the pleasure of dying...", Vector carried Pipi over her shoulders and operated her weapon with the spare hand to fight off the infested, she slowly makes her way back to the garrison.

Pipi was awakened by the sound of Vector's weapon firing, sensed that she have awoken, Vector said: "Don't move too much, keep your body together, hold on to me tightly, otherwise I can't promise to bring you back in one piece.", she continues to straggle along the tunnel towards the HQ.

"I thought I died..."

"Unlike humans, we can't die from a couple of severed arteries, intentional or not, it was Seele's doing."

Noticing the sound of the infested coming from behind them, Pipi asked: "We're not safe yet, right...?"

"There are still a lot of infested, I'm not entirely sure if we can make it out of here yet. Any last words? Get if off your chest while you have time."

"Leave me here..."

"I'm willing to believe anything other than that... Wait, you're crying?"

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Weirder Things - Kitty PawEdit

Vector was assigned by the Commander to dress up for Halloween and help out at the haunted house, recommending she talk to RF Springfield Springfield      and HG Makarov Makarov      for advice. She was initially reluctant but eventually agreed as the Commander designated it as a mission. After consulting Springfield, Vector procured a catgirl costume with two cat tails, to Makarov’s chagrin for being too cute. Makarov was exasperated and had no faith that Vector could scare anyone in that outfit, so she assigned her to the first checkpoint of the haunted house to ease in visitors with a non-frightening start.

Vector had actually done some research the day prior on how to scare people. She was planning on practicing various methods while on standby at the first checkpoint, when SMG PP-90 PP-90      connected to her via transmission. PP-90 was excited as she was going to be the adjutant for a joint mission in a few days, but Vector interrupted her as this was the 193 time PP-90 had asked for advice in the last two days. PP-90 mentioned she was looking forward to becoming friends with Vector on the mission. Vector began making self-deprecating comments when the power suddenly went out.

Vector planned on staying at the checkpoint despite the blackout, but various noises in the area caused her to investigate which inadvertently led to RF WA2000 WA2000      screaming in fear from her sudden appearance. WA2000 attempted to claim she wasn’t scared, with Vector initially believing her due to feeling her outfit was too cute to be scary. However she eventually realized WA2000 was afraid to go alone in the dark, who pleaded with Vector to accompany her to the electrical room.

While walking to the electrical room, Vector noted that WA2000’s personality did not fit her role as an elite weapon. WA2000 tried to defend herself saying that all T-Dolls have preset personalities, including Vector. Vector felt that it was a mistake for T-Dolls to have emotions, claiming that she hated herself. WA2000 tried to convince Vector that emotions were important for T-Dolls in helping them feel alive despite being living weapons, but was interrupted by their sudden arrival in the electrical room.

After the power outage was resolved by WA2000, Vector joined the Commander on a walk. She confided to the Commander that she felt defective as a living weapon due to her emotion module, and could not understand why humans would design her with one. The Commander reassured Vector on her existential questions, claiming that T-Dolls having emotions was not a mistake, and that they hoped Vector would find happiness as part of G&K. The Commander suddenly pulled out a camera to take a commemorative photo, and a bemused Vector raised her hands in a “scary” pose which caused the Commander to think to themselves that Vector was a good kid.

Costume story: Love is BlindEdit

In attempt to advertise G&K, a few T-dolls was chosen as wedding dress models, Vector was one of them.

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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