Story/Singularity/E1-A1 (Part1)/Script

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AK-12: Ange, we've recovered M4A1. Any instructions for our next move?

Ange: Looks like AR-15 has really been dragging you around on a leash.

AK-12: Well, you were the one who ordered me to abide by AR-15's judgment.
Also, I was simply curious about our new member's decision-making and responses.
Since everyone now wants a piece of M4A1, I'm sure getting our hands on her is the right thing to do.

Ange: That's not all M4A1 is worth. In any case, you both did very well.
How's the situation on your end?

AK-12: S.F.'s main forces are making a frenzied breakthrough towards Area S09 at high speed. I think things are really going to get seriously out of hand this time.

Ange: Got it. I've just given you new instructions. Carry them out ASAP and stay safe.

AK-12: Eh? These two requirements are contradictory—

[Ange terminates the transmission.]

Ange: Here's our chance. We'll use this opportunity to penetrate S.F.'s main fortress. We'd best move as quickly as possible.
Are you back yet, AN-94?

AN-94: Awaiting your orders, Commander.

Ange: Thanks for the hard work. Give me a quick summary of Parapluie's transmission speed and its coverage.

AN-94: Parapluie's current transmission speed has reached its theoretical upper limit.
That is because the Military's main forces have already pulled out, and the anti-jamming equipment they installed has shut down with their departure.

Ange: Looks like they really want to exterminate every last trace of Griffin...

AN-94: Also, some unexpected good news.
They actually used a server from the Western Theatre HQ to build a Level II layer in order to provide computational support against S.F.
It is still currently directly connected to the forward command terminal on this battlefield and unprotected by any firewalls.
Do you want to make use of this opportunity? I suggest that we can first...

Ange: Oh? Looks like those old geezers got careless. Search through all the data in the server immediately using the keyword "OGAS"!
Oh yes, also include the names of all the officers who might be taking part in this operation!

AN-94: As hard-charging as ever?

Ange: Why else would they have issued me cutting-edge T-Dolls like yourself, if not because of that? Hurry up already.

AN-94: A moment please. There is too much redundant data. I need to clear them out.

[...Five minutes later.]

AN-94: Search complete, Ange. I have two pieces of information which will interest you.
One of them is a Soviet Union operational report dating back from 2032, concerning the OGAS facility.
The other is an excavation record connected to OGAS, detailing the unearthing of the small Relic site OKB-413 near Minsk.

Ange: A small... Relic site?

[...Ange stares intently at the monitor.]

Ange: So the information WAS correct after all. What... what they're after is incredible...
Don't tell me... OGAS was originally designed to...

AN-94: Now's not the time to take your time browsing. Parapluie is spreading rapidly, and this is very bad for us.

Ange: Indeed... we can't let S.F. keep expanding...
(Mutters to herself) Is this... could this be a namelist of the personnel from that operation in 32?
Carter and... Witkin?

AN-94: Please look up and answer me.

Ange: Aren't you capable of electronic warfare? Help me sort this out. Use the abandoned Dolls near point A as temporary shields for us.

AN-94: I can use the computational power of the abandoned Dolls on the battlefield to counteract the spread of Parapluie.
However, a connection of that scale requires a great deal of computational space. I will need to enter Level II.

Ange: Got it. I'll leave it all to you.

AN-94: Are you paying attention? While my consciousness is in Level II, you will be unprotected.

[...Ange looks up.]

Ange: What, do you think I need protecting?