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FN-FNC: ...That should be enough, right?

FN-49: Has... has she stopped at last?

Noel: I’ll go look!

FAL: Be careful, Noel.

Noel: Hey, who... are you, anyway?

Elphelt: ...
You... you are...

Noel: ...!
Does... she know me?

Elphelt: Auto...maton...
My... “feelings”...?
My... “feelings”... for Valentine...
I... I am...
What... am I....!

Elphelt: Uwaaaahhhhh!

[With that, Elphelt collapses and goes still.]

FAL: ...
You guys don’t move. I’ll go up and take a look.

FN-FNC: Be, be careful...

FAL: ...
The dummy network linkage has been severed. She can’t move any more.

FN-57: ...Dummy network? That means she’s a...

FAL: Mm, this is just a slave dummy modified by SF...
Which means... this isn’t the real one.

Noel: Not... the real one?
Ah, ah! Then where’s the real Elphelt?

FAL: If the slave’s here, then the mainframe must be nearby...
Everyone! Begin searching all suspicious locations immediately!

FN-49: Roger!

[At the same time, in a certain part of the SF plant...]

Intruder: ...Is this how it ends this time round?
Oh well. It was just a toy I picked up anyway.
It’s done very well as a cabaret act.
In that case, thank you for your hard work, but it seems we will be parting ways here.
Wait patiently for your Prince Charming to come and wake you... “Rabbit”-san.

Elphelt: ...

[After the FN Team has been searching for a while...]

FAL: Is this where you found the suspicious container, 49?

FN-49: It should be... yes, this is it.

Noel: The real... Elphelt...

FN-57: Excellent. I’ll take over from here. Let me handle this...

Container: ...
Reading access privileges... SP914 - Intruder.
Authentication complete. √

FN-57: Got it~

[The container’s hatch slowly opens...]


Elphelt: ...

Noel: Ah...
This is...

FAL: Well... is that the person you saw?

Noel: That, that’s right! It’s her!
She was the “Observer” who “observed” me!

Elphelt: ...Ah!

Elphelt: Elphelt Valentine shall annihilate all unworthy automata!

FN Team: ...! *they raise their guns*

Elphelt: ...Huh?
What, what’s going on!? Why are there so many guns pointed at me!?
Ah, are you humans? I’m sorry!
I was programmed to say that when I woke up, don’t take it to heart!

FAL: ...

Noel: ...

FN-FNC: ...Looks like she’s not particularly dangerous.

Elphelt: ...Ah... then...
May I ask... what’s going on now?

FAL: *sighs* This isn’t a good place to talk. There might be some leftover SF around.
You’re... Elphelt-san, right?
Come with us. We have a lot more questions for you than you do for us.

[After the FN Team falls back to HQ with Elphelt in tow...]

Elphelt: ...So you and I both came to another world?

Noel: ...Yes.

Elphelt: The time period isn’t the same as the one I lived in, and they make heavy use of “science” here...
...It really is another world.

Noel: That’s right...
Since you appeared in the Cauldron, does that mean you came from another world too?

Elphelt: I only remember the light of St. Elmo coming down...
And then I saw you in an unfamiliar place, and then I don’t remember anything else...

FAL: ...So you don’t remember being used by SF?

Elphelt: I was sleeping all this time... I don’t know anything else.

FAL: *sigh* We very nearly got killed because of you...
Now that things are like this, I don’t know how to blame you anymore.

Elphelt: I’m really sorry! I didn’t know that I did something so terrible...

Noel: That’s not your fault! It’s that SF’s fault so it should be okay now.

Elphelt: Noel-san... alright!
You’ve been looking for me all this while, right? Then I’ll do whatever I can to help!

Noel: Mm! I need your help so we can go home together!

FN-57: And how do you plan to go back?

Noel: With an Observer around, I can open a Gate.
...We’re going to the place where we arrived.

FAL: Where the lightning struck?

Noel: Yes... since it’s the entrance, it should also be the exit.

FAL: Hah... I still find it hard to believe, even now.
Dimension travellers...
Helian-san would think our neural clouds were broken if we told her about this.
Looks like you’re going to have to work really hard on the scouting report, Commander.

FN-57: This is great, you finally get to go home, Noel-san.

Noel: 57-san... yeah. After all, the this place doesn’t have the things that belong to me.

Elphelt: I’ve got my own mission to fulfil too...
Thank you for saving me, everyone.

FN-57: Alright, then as a farewell, we’ll send you off one last time...
To where the lightning struck.

[After Noel and the others reach the strike zone...]

Noel: Alright... if I use the power of my Eye here...
Come forth, Divine Radiance! Activate, Murakumo!

FN-FNC: Ohhh!?

[Noel transforms-]

Noel: Whew... looks like it activated successfully.
At first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to successfully release it here.

FN-FNC: That... that’s amazing...

FAL: Hah... now I’m totally convinced that you’re a dimension traveller.

FN-49: This is incredible...

Elphelt: Noel-san, I’m ready on my end too.

Noel: Alright, please wait a bit...

[Noel seems to be looking for something in the air...]

Noel: Ah, found it! It’s the Gate!

FN-FNC: Gate? What gate?
I don’t see anything...

Noel: It’s a concept that only people with my abilities can see. Others won’t be able to find it.

FN-FNC: ...Alright, is that part of the settings on your end?

FN-57: We’re really lucky SF didn’t capture you as well.
Otherwise things could have been very troublesome.

FAL: Looks like it’s time for us to part ways...

Noel: Elphelt-san, please hold on tightly to me.

Elphelt: Alright! ...Heave-ho!

Noel: Now then, thank you very much, everyone from Griffin!

FAL: Next time, don’t show up with the lightning.

FN-FNC: Uu...
I’m kind of curious about what their world’s like. Part of me wants to go along and see.

FN-49: ...Are you serious?

FN-FNC: ...I’m just kidding.

Elphelt: Don’t worry~ Who knows, we might end up meeting again.

FN-57: If possible, I’d like you to be on our side.

Elphelt: Hehe... I could consider it if you introduced a good husband to me, you know?

FN-57: Heh... how about a girl instead?
See how I’ve got “bunny ears” like yours?
And if I became your husband, I’d give you the “romance” you want...❤

Elphelt: W-with a girl...!?
No, no way! If we embarked on such a forbidden relationship...
Then my girl power... my girl power would...!

FN-57: Hehe, that’s an amusing reaction from you~
It certainly qualifies as a parting gift.

Noel: Looks like everyone’s said their goodbyes...
We’re heading out, Elphelt-san.

Elphelt: Al-alright! Then...

Elphelt: See you around, everyone!

Noel: See you around, everyone from Griffin!

FAL: ...Farewell, you travellers.

[Noel and Elphelt fly into the sky... and vanish into the interstices of the horizon.]

FN-57: ...And so, they’re gone.
It all feels like a dream, except for this lightning strike crater here.

FAL: ...Didn’t they say “see you around”?
Who knows, we might be able to see each other again.

FN-FNC: So people from the future are so awesome...
I’d bet they’d be pretty strong as fighting game characters, right?

FN-49: ...Why do you think that?

FN-FNC: Well... I don’t really know myself.

[A gurgling sound fills the air.]

FN-FNC: ...

FN-FNC: Hey, I’m hungry. Let’s go back and eat, shall we?

Operation Rabbit Hunt END