Story/Normal 3-4 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 3-4-1

M4A1: Commander, this is a member of the AR Team, M4 SOP...
SOPMOD II: Commander, no time to explain, get in the car!
M4A1: What, Commander is not planning on escaping!
SOPMOD II: But AR15 said it, Ferri forces will be attacking Grifon Headquarters.
SOPMOD II: M4, we can't fight this many units just the two of us!
M4A1: It's ok SOP-II, this time we won't be on our own.
M4A1: Commander and all the Androids in this command post will be fighting with us.
SOPMOD II: Eh? We finally... Have comrades?
M4A1: (Nods) Yes, you've been waiting for this haven't you?
M4A1: Ready? Lets do this, with our new comrades.
SOPMOD II: (Laughs) Ready when you are! Commander, your orders!