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Combat Simulation

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Combat Simulation allows you to send your T-Dolls on various training missions. It requires Commander Level 12 to be unlocked.
Performing simulations does not use ammunition or rations, but spends energy. One point of energy is gained every two hours, up Base Simulaton Energy will be restored to a maximum of six12 points at 00:00 (UTC +8) everyday. Should you run out, more may be bought from the [[Shop|store]]. {{Icon|Superconducting Energy}} Extra energies are used when your main energy runs out.
The first four simulation are divided into three difficulties; '''Basic''', '''Intermediate''', and '''Advanced'''. Missions of a higher level have a higher difficulty and a correspondingly higher reward. {{clr}}
Experience Mode cannot be paused once it is started.
Once it is completed, you will receive fixed amount of EXP split evenly between all T-Dolls present in the simulation, meaning the less T-Dolls you bring the more individual EXP they will each gainCombat Report. The amount of experience Combat Report given is dependent on the difficulty of the mission and on . Notice that after the number of enemy echelons client update, you successfully eliminated, with a 2x bonus awarded for fully clearing the missioncan't receive Surplus EXP in Experience Mode.
Leaving low-level teams you want to level on drop zones and bringing just enough to clear the mobs is an effective strategy for maximizing efficiency, but be careful as the mission will be failed if all T-Dolls are killed. Even if only one T-Doll survives the simulation can be cleared and the valuable bonus EXP awarded. Furthermore, no additional EXP is awarded to a squad that defeats a mob.
*Basic EXP training rewards 20,000 EXP split between all participating T-Dolls8 Combat Reports.*Intermediate EXP training rewards 80,000 EXP split between all participating T-Dolls32 Combat Reports.*Advanced EXP training rewards 240,000 EXP split between all participating T-Dolls96 Combat Reports. {{clr}}
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