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Zas M21/Strategy

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Zas M21 Strategy Story Quotes Live2D

Zas stuff

Individual Performance


Zas features a very fast 4 second initial cool down grenade launching skill, which is as fast as the SMG units with Molotov skill while having a larger area of effect. The grenade damage multiplier itself is not high but it has two possible effects depending on how many units she hits with the grenade:

  • If the skill hits more than 3 units, the grenade inflicts a debuff that causes all the enemy units she hit to take increased damage.
  • If the skill hits less than 3 units, Zas herself will do more damage per shot for a duration.

Her grenade launching animation is different from all other grenadier ARs, while most other grenadier AR dolls uses 31 frame animations, Zas only has 12. This boon allows her grenades to hit almost immediately after launch, and trigger the secondary effect immediately. It is also worth noting Zas' grenades also travels almost instantly, it is possible that Zas' grenades are not real grenades, but instead scripted similar to auto attacks, allowing instant hits with a very little chance to miss the splash.


Zas excels in the field of damage, her default damage attribute is consider above average high amongst AR dolls. Her default rate of fire and accuracy stats are considered average amongst AR dolls, overall fairly decent in terms of stats. Comparison graph listed below, green indicates Zas, red indicates AR average, while orange indicates average stats from 5* rarity AR dolls only (not including modified dolls).

Combat Performance

Zas' skill may deceive players at first glance, lead many players believing that Zas is just another simple grenadier type AR doll. However this is not the case, Zas' physical role within the echelon and actual combat performance changes when facing different enemy formations/compositions, simply alternated with the amount of enemies she hit with her grenade splash.

Damage increase type DPS AR

If her grenade manages to hit less than 3 targets, or simple the combat session had very little amount of enemies to start with, Zas will be able to increase her own damage when her grenade hits, up to a total of 60% self damage increase. This combined with her innate high damage attribute, Zas is primarily classified as a damage increase type AR. The damage dealt from the initial grenade splash combined with her sudden 60% damage increase, Zas can quickly deliver a sizable amount of damage to enemies on the field.

However it is to be noted her damage up duration only last for 5 seconds max, her DPS output is considered high for short duration combats, in extended combat sessions she may not be able to compete against AR dolls with long skill duration such as AR G41Thumb button.pngG41  and AR Type 95Thumb button.pngType 95 .

Specialized Debuffer Grenadier

Entering combats with more targets present on the field will increase the chance of triggering the debuff effect on Zas' grenades. With a short initial cool down, the large area of effect and the fast grenade launching animation, Zas' grenade skill can be launched and apply the debuff before most other units activates their skill.

The grenade skill itself is of a low damage multiplier this means Zas' grenades are not as powerful as other grenadier AR dolls' grenades. However it is more than enough to take out enemy units such as Dinergate/Tarantula, who conveniently, typically comes in medium/large swarms, against this kind of enemy formation Zas is actually more effective than AR FALThumb button.pngFAL .

A fine example of effective skill combination is combining Zas' grenade with SMG's molotov, against a large group of slow moving data-mass type enemies found on special chapter missions. Zas has the same skill initial cooldown as grenade throwing SMGs, her fast launching animation allows her to land her grenade ahead of the SMG unit, so the SMG doll is able to land her grenade/molotov into a 15% debuffed crowd of enemies and extend the devastation.

Zas Run

Zas' fast launching animation can be capitalized even further, noticing the effectiveness against Dinergate/Tarantula units, Zas is often used by players for a low resources consumption leveling technique known as Zas Run. Zas Run utilizes her rapid grenade unleash and high coverage area to defeat large swarms of Dinergate/Tarantula units, being the only one resupplied within an echelon, the player can effectively level up 4 T-Dolls but only consume one T-Doll's worth of supplies. For more details visit main article.


Tile Bonus

Zas provides rate of fire and evasion bonus to two tiles diagonal to her standing position, typically only the evasion bonus is capitalized upon by players, due to rate of fire provides little benefit to SMGs, hence Zas' tile bonus is considered defensive orientated.

Affects Submachine guns
Increases rate of fire by 12%
Increases evasion by 15%
Inflexible placement

However, just like most T-Dolls with this tile shape, Zas' bonus tile limits her standing place within an echelon. Typically the evasion bonus should be applied to the main tanking SMG doll standing on position 5, with the diagonal buffing tiles, players might feel that Zas is restricted to position 7 or 1.


NOTE! This recommendation section only comments on suitable formation compatibility for Zas under standard conditions, Zas Run prerequisites are detailed and could have positive/negative impacts for the run, players should not perform Zas Run with standard formation tile buffs applied on Zas. For Zas Run prerequisites, see the main article for details.

Zas is able to boost her own damage, which means she will benefit more from rate of fire tile bonuses, boosting rate of fire will allow Zas to unleash more shots while she is under the effect of increased damage. However if the player desires to use Zas purely for her single initial grenade hit and splash as much damage as possible in one volley, they should consider applying damage tiles. Considering Zas' not so friendly tileshape, some of the SMGs may have tile conflicts with Zas. The following suggested SMG dolls are chosen because they can provide Zas with bonus while receiving boosts in return, capable of forming mutual benefits. Players should look out for SMG dolls such as SMG VectorThumb button.pngVector  and SMG PP-19Thumb button.pngPP-19 , since Zas' diagonal forward buffing tiles usually does not function well with their tiles.


NOTE! This recommendation section only comments on suitable equipment for Zas under standard conditions, Zas Run prerequisites are detailed and could have positive/negative impacts for the run, players should double check Zas' attributes altered by equipped items when performing Zas Run. For Zas Run prerequisites, see the main article for details.

Slot 1

VFL 6-24x56

Additional crit rate benefits AR unit's damage output, players should equip Zas with telescopic sight if they wishes to use Zas as a self attribute buffing type DPS AR.

EOT 518

If players wishes to use Zas purely as a debuff applier or a specialized grenadier, a holographic sight can improve the grenade volley damage with the added damage attribute.


Night combat equipment is recommended if Zas were to deploy as a DPS AR for night sorties.
Slot 2

APCR High-Velocity Ammo

Provides additional damage attribute for Zas, high upgrade priority.
Slot 3

IOP X4 Exoskeleton

Provides evasion bonus with no damage penalties, typically a low upgrade priority item for AR dolls, but however considering Zas' typical standing position within an echelon, position 1 slot in an 'F' formation can be vulnerable to enemy attacks. Players should upgrade this at their own preferred discretion