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Full name Yegor
Affiliation Neo-Soviet Army, KCCO
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

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Captain Yegor Arkadyevich Lebedev[1] (叶戈尔上尉, tentatively from Russian “Егор”) was an officer of the Neo-Soviet Army, and General Carter's most trustworthy soldier in KCCO.



Yegor was a soldier during World War Three, where he was part of a deployment in the Black Forest in Southwestern Germany.[2][3] Though he believes the adage that history is written by victors[4] and that wars should not be fought for honor or emotions, Yegor developed a strong sense of camaraderie with his fellow soldiers who survived nuclear missiles and T-Dolls. War has also led him to resent Dolls and view them as both the most deadly weapon created by mankind[5] and disposable resources.[6][7] At some point between 2055 and 2058, he contacted the Doll Instructor Python, interested in his data on the failed project of mixed humans-Dolls units.[8] In 2064, Yegor employed mixed human-automaton units in his deployment strategies.[9][10]

Before 2064, Yegor met Angelia from Statesec in battle twice but she survived both times (albeit with grievous injuries)[11] by exploiting Yegor's loyalty to his men and country. Angelia sees Yegor as a fine soldier fighting the wrong fight,[12] and whose devotion to the glory of his country makes him a traitor to his own people he's willing to sacrifice.[13]

Yegor kept a photo of his family with him during missions.[2][3]

Story Involvement

Joint assault

Yegor served as the aide of General Carter at the time of the joint assault of the KCCO and Griffin & Kryuger against Sangvis Ferri. When Havier Witkin intruded upon the meeting between Carter and Berezovich Kryuger, Yegor prepared to physically handle him but Carter ordered to let the weaselly old man go.[14] During the battle, Yegor was in charge of three special squadrons mixing KCCO infantry and automatons, and would synchronize with the G&K troops led by the Commander.[9] Both were then helicoptered to the battlefield together hours before the assault.[15]

During the skirmishes before the main battle, Yegor's troops were sent to save AR M4A1 M4A1 M4A1 from a Sangvis Ferri attack on a train bound for the frontline. Yegor lamented that Griffin Dolls were unfit for frontline battle and denied M4 the recovery of the destroyed Dolls' cores, arguing that their memories were not worth the effort and that Dolls should be proud to be sacrificed. He then M4 gave a camo cloak[16] and sent her on her way in an self-driving APC.[6]

As the battle started, Yegor's troops fought their way into Sangvis Ferri territory, setting up Parapluie interference neutralizers and leaving G&K troops to protect them. Yegor disregarded the lack of G&K troops to protect all the targets and refused to reactivate the combat protocols of abandoned automatons as there was no human personnel to protect, but allowed M4 to remotely control them. At that time, M4 mistook Yegor's indifference for willingness to sacrifice everything for victory.[17]

As the KCCO pressed their attack and grew more isolated, the Commander warned Yegor of an incoming attack on their flank, but he was unbothered and only criticized that G&K elites were not what they advertised. Receiving authorization to operate autonomously and use any abandoned military automaton, M4 guided AR Team to Yegor's position to help defend their flank. However, there was no troops at their rendezvous point, and they were attacked by Judge and Mastermind.[18] This was a trap set by Yegor on Carter's orders, in order to bring M4 to Mastermind.[19] When AR Team, helped by RF Carcano M91∕38 Carcano M91∕38 Carcano M91∕38 and RF Carcano M1891 Carcano M1891 Carcano M1891's team, managed to protect M4, Yegor involved his own troops and attacked the Dolls, destroying all of them except M4A1 (AR M4 SOPMOD II M4 SOPMOD II M4 SOPMOD II also barely survived).[20] Task Force DEFY observed the attack and recovered M4, revealing Yegor's treachery.[21]

Unable to complete her connection with M4, Mastermind ordered to deploy the Parapluie virus at full force[22] and Carter declared G&K had betrayed them, allowing the main force of the military to enter the battlefield.[23] Eavesdropping on the transmissions of Angelia and DEFY, Yegor allowed them to use M4 as bait for Mastermind again, then sent his troops to capture her.[11] They were then caught in the detonation of the Collapse bombs prepared by Angelia.[24]

Chasing Angelia

Angelia's last-ditch gambit.

Despite being exposed to ELID, Yegor realized the use of the Collapse bomb would likely be pinned on the KCCO and he would be court-martialed.[4] Eager for revenge, he led his troops in pursuit of Angelia[25] and prepared a trap on the route to the nearest Green Zone. Angelia's team anticipated his move and went through a Yellow Zone instead, but they were forced to stop and rest in a fortified position.[26] Encircling the position, Yegor ordered his main force to destroy their ELID-infected comrades in their way and kill Angelia, avenging their death.[5][27] Ange's team managed to slip through Yegor's encirclement with the help of Witkin's HOCs, forcing Yegor's infantry to give chase ahead of their armored units, but they were soon forced to stop again to resuscitate Ange.[28]

While Yegor's troops couldn't detect human life signs in the building, Yegor realized Ange might be too weakened by ELID to be detected and ordered the building to be searched.[7] He cancelled the order after a scout reported Angelia being carried away by SOP-II and AR HK416 HK416 HK416, and elected to spread his troops thin, sending a unit after the Dolls while himself kept watch on the building, not wanting to leave anything to chance.[29] He realized too late that his scouts had been tricked by a human prisoner used as a decoy, giving DEFY the time to plant explosives in their refuge, but not enough to wire them.

As her last-ditch gambit, Ange ordered the Dolls to assemble on the roof and let her confront Yegor alone, despite being so weak as to be unable to stand. Detecting their movements, Yegor responded to the provocation and entered the building. Wielding the useless detonator and her empty gun, Angelia mocked Yegor for using his comrades to carry out his personal vengeance and threatened to detonate a new set of Collapse bombs to take them with her in death, unless they retreated three kilometers to let Ange escape. While Yegor's troops found the explosives, they could not confirm the presence of a Collapse bomb because of interference from the previous explosion. Unwilling to put more of his men's lives on the line, Yegor conceded. He expected DEFY to kill him when they came to pick up Ange, but she declared they had no reason to keep fighting since Mastermind had already escaped, and that, unlike Yegor, her reason for fighting him was not vengeance but a more selfless goal. Yegor later had the building investigated, confirming his hunch that Angelia was bluffing.[12]

Paldiski Incident

As a political purge began in Moscow and the KCCO's position rapidly grew weaker, Carter sent Yegor for a desperate mission: capturing the Starfish of the Paldiski Submarine Base and use it to reactivate the Pike network, as a replacement for Mastermind.[30] Under call sign "Terra",[31] Yegor took command of a four trains convoy to travel through the Estonian Red Zone.[32] At the entrance of Tallinn, he confronted the Griffin Commander, transmitting a communication with William in clear to taunt them,[33] but lost two armored trains, one of them captured by the Griffin Dolls as an upgrade from their own train.[34]

Advancing behind the Griffin forces, Yegor's troops arrived at Paldiski after the Commander had set their defensive lines eight kilometers from the base,[35] at the 2.5km choke point between Lahepere Bay and Lake Klooga.[36] Yegor was confident that his forces, comprising two armored companies, two automatons companies and an infantry reconnaissance company, could wipe out the militarized Dolls easily, but he was wary that a real threat was lying in wait inside the base. Dedicating armored units to monitor the base's coastal guns due north in case they be used against them,[10] Yegor launched the assault just as an aurora borealis appeared in the sky as the Starfish started to awaken.[30] Griffin's first line retreated when faced with the first round of bombardment, guiding KCCO troops into a minefield[35] while both sides scrambled the other's transmission frequencies. The Griffin troops on the southern line lost 60% of their forces in the initial assault due the disorganization incurred by the scrambling, but successfully ambushed the first military wave.[37]

Yegor deployed armored units to the northern side in order to create a path for infantry to seize the coastal guns, overrunning Griffin's HOCs. Meanwhile, a new attack on the southern line brought Griffin's losses to 70%, just ten minutes after the start of the battle. The Commander ordered to cover a retreat with the remaining ammo of their train's mounted guns and sent backup troops to conserve forces.[38] With Griffin's frontline down 90% of their forces after the retreat, Yegor offered them an opportunity to surrender, but the Commander didn't even acknowledge the transmission. With the gate to the base opened by Squad 404,[39] Griffin retreated further while Yegor's Quartz unit opened their own breach in the containment wall. While the assault group attempted to eliminate Griffin's train without damaging the railway into the base, they were stunned when the Commander derailed their train to block the gate.[40]

Impressed by the Commander's guts, Yegor delayed the advance of his troops, instead redirecting Quartz to capture the shore guns.[41] Quartz met strong resistance from AR Team, but one soldier managed to aim and fire one of the guns at Griffin's train.[42] The shot failed to kill the Commander, but brought Griffin's losses to over 95%.[43] While AR Team secured the shore guns,[44] Sangvis Ferri troops, rallied by Agent, launched their own attack on the KCCO.[45] Yegor's train was then scouted out by DEFY and hit by AR Team's artillery shots. Yegor ordered to use the damaged train to ram into the remains of the Commander's train, opening the way past the quarantine wall. As the KCCO armored units opened fire on the shore guns, AR Team abandoned the position[46] and retreated inside the base with the remaining Griffin troops.[47]

While AR INSAS INSAS INSAS, HG Webley Webley Webley, SMG CF05 CF05 CF05 and AR M82 M82 M82 ran a suicide bombing to buy time, the Griffin Dolls demolished the main entrance of the base at its southern point to deny the KCCO entry. Yegor denied Quartz unit the time to evacuate their wounded and dead to wrap up the fight as soon as possible.[48] With Dandelion's help, AR Team managed to take control over many offline Sangvis Ferri troops and Paradeus Nytos,[49] successfully blocking the advance of units Quartz and Hematite. In response, Yegor deployed the armored unit of Zircon as reinforcements, as well as his own Amber flight, comprised of four Sinner mechs. Rushing past the last Sangvis Ferri Ringleaders and the Griffin blockade, Amber flight entered the base to secure the Starfish,[31] but were stopped on their way down by AR Team, Agent and Judge.[50] The KCCO troops on the surface were annihilated shortly after by a Neo-Soviet Air Force bombardment negotiated by K.[51][52]

Last Stand

Task Force DEFY battle Yegor's Sinner mech in Paldiski.

With the rest of Amber Flight fighting the enemies in the upper levels, Yegor rushed to the lower levels, searching for the Starfish.[53] Eager to put a final end to their bad blood,[54] Angelia pursued him with Task Force DEFY[55] and arranged for the Commander to install explosives on the base's sea valves, enabling them to flood the base in case of the Starfish activating.[56]

Lost in the layout of the lower base modified by Paradeus, with no troops responding to his calls, slowed down by the mechs's size in the cramped environment and forced into a trap by the explosives planted by DEFY, Yegor was eventually ambushed by the Dolls. Suddenly plunged in the dark, Yegor was tricked into activating his infrared sensors and blinded by incendiary grenades before losing his port side camera as DEFY engaged him. Explosives brought down a support column, blocking his escape path, and his movement was limited further when AK-15 planted an explosive rivet in the leg joints of his mech.

With the angle of his secondary cannon too high to fire on the charging Dolls, Yegor fired a fragmentation missile in the ceiling of the room, causing shrapnel to rain down and maim the attackers. However, AK-12 only lost her legs in the attack[2][3] due to being shielded by AN-94,[57] and picked up RPK-16's explosives before crawling towards the mech to blow off his right leg. With water rushing in and Ange most likely waiting to snipe him for afar as soon as he would open the cockpit, Yegor resigned himself to his death and waited, watching a photo of his family.[2][3]

However, Ange opened the cockpit from outside and interrogated Yegor about KCCO's goals in reactivating Relics and starting a new World War. Yegor replied these sacrifices were necessary to prevent the Neo-Soviet Union from being taken over by the West. It is implied Ange let Yegor drown rather than killing him herself.[13] Yegor was later officially declared a traitor and the Neo-Soviet rebels protected his family from retribution.[58]

Yegor's disregard for the sacrifice of human life lingered in Ange's mind in her later missions. In Bremen, she didn't bother arguing with Wolfgang Hopps after his betrayal, knowing from her experience with Yegor that they were people who would never turn away from their goals, regardless of the cost.[59] When the Earl tried to sideline Ange in Berlin, she refused to stop her investigations, claiming that abiding by the sacrifices planned by the Earl would make her like Yegor. RPK-16 warned her that Yegor paid the price for his ideal, but Ange replied this was the one thing she respected Yegor for.[60]



  • In Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song chapter 38, Yegor's rank is shown as “Ст. Лейтенант” (starshy leytenant, Senior Lieutenant) rather than Kапита́н (Kapitán, Captain). The Russian Ground Forces “Senior Lieutenant”, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps “Captain” and the Chinese People's Liberation Army Ground Force 上尉 (shàng wèi) all match the third rank of the Junior Officers.


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