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General info

  • Given name: 響 (Hibiku)
  • Family name: 山村 (Yamamura)
  • Birthday: February 10, 1988
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Known for roles such as Flint for Arknights Alabama for Azur lane Leona for Granblue Fantasy Azami Mochizuki for Sakura Wars Hibiki Hagyu for Anne-Happy Nina Alexandrovna for Hina Logic - from Luck & Logic Hazuki Nanakusa in THE [email protected] Shiny Colors Claudia Bruford in Warlords of Sigrdrifa Kirara Amanogawa/Cure Twinkle in Go! Princess PreCure Noriko Sonozaki in Kiznaiver.

Where to find

Yamamura Hibiku worked on following T-Dolls

Girls' Frontline

Thumb button.pngPx4 Storm233 Thumb button.pngType 62249 

Neural Cloud

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Yamamura Hibiku worked on following other characters

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