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Voice Actor:Kido Ibuki

General info

  • Given name: 衣吹 (ibuki)
  • Family name: 木戸 (Kido)
  • Birthday: November 14, 1997
  • Birthplace: Aomori Prefecture, Japan

a Japanese voice actress from Aomori Prefecture who is affiliated with HoriPro International. She began her career after participating in a voice acting audition held by Horipro in 2011. She played her first main role as Akiko Himenokōji in the 2012 anime series OniAi, she is also known for her roles as Natsuki Andō in Chronicles of the Going Home Club, Nanami Knight Bladefield in If Her Flag Breaks, Megumi Jinno in Eromanga Sensei, and Mio Minato in Aikatsu Friends! Niho Hinomiya in schoolgirl strikers animation channel Tsumugi Mayumiya in princess connect

she was a member of the singing duo Everying! together with Erii Yamazaki.

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Kido Ibuki worked on following T-Dolls

Girls' Frontline

 HSM10299      M82297     

Neural Cloud

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Kido Ibuki worked on following other characters

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