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Voice Actor:Daimon Kami

General infoEdit

  • Given name: 香実 (Kami)
  • Family name: 大門 (Daimon)
  • Birthday: Oct 9, ????
  • Birth place: Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Daimon Kami is a voice actor from the Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan. She belongs to the seiyuu management company DSE, which was founded in 2013.

Not having many prominent roles in anime as of yet, Girls' Frontline can be considered to be her first major debut work. In the game she voices the T-dolls AR Type 95 Type 95      and SMG Sten MkII Sten MkII     .

Where to findEdit

Daimon Kami worked on following T-DollsEdit

 Sten MkII29      Type 95129     

Daimon Kami worked on following other charactersEdit

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