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Vanguard Sound

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Vanguard Sound, sometimes stylized Vanguard-Sound, is a music and sound design production company based in Shanghai. Their works are mostly heard in Chinese mobile games.

The company began as an amateur studio founded by G.K and Zelphar Yang in 2007 under the name Viva-Team, or V-Team,[1][2] before incorporating into Vanguard Sound in 2011.[3] In 2018, the company counted 30 members, including 25 sound creators. They also formed a partnership with Japanese sound studio Basiscape.[2]

Vanguard has been the music and sound design partner of MICA Team ever since their very first project. Because MICA Team did not have musical artists to produce the music for Girl of the Bakehouse, they searched for fellow amateur circles to produce it, which led to Viva-Team's involvement in the project.[4] They were credited as Vanguard Sound from Codename: Bakery Girl onward.