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Additional roles of a Voice Actor 1

Hi! Please make sure that the Voice Actor pages are still readable.

In a lot of cases you added other roles for a Voice Actor, which is fine, but the sentences lack proper grammar or are so full of examples that they are not readable. Try to use lists in such cases. It's totally fine to name only a few roles as we are not a copy of the big Voice-Actor databases. --Messing with data (talk) 16:25, 11 October 2021 (UTC)

Additional roles of a Voice Actor 2

Please make sure the voice actor pages are readable, its been well over 2 months since the last suggestion was given to you, and there has been little to no improvement with your edits. Like the boss said, we're not a replica of major voice actor databases and too many examples isn't necessary, if people wanted to find out more about the VA in question, they'd go to said databases. If you want to include multiple roles and try a format like this;

  General Info
  *Given name: --
  *Family name: --
  *Birthday: --
  *Birthplace: --
  Summery goes here with maybe some history with the VA in question. Their most memorable roles should follow up. Other notable roles include;
  *Franchise name - character
  *Franchise name - character
  *Franchise name - character

Bullet points would be much easier on the eyes then a paragraph with no commas separating the characters in question. If you're going to include other roles, try to limit the amount of other notable roles to 6 and no more then 15. If they voice the same character in across multiple of the same franchise, there isn't a need to include all of them, just list the franchise and the character they play.

Anyway, do try to listen to these suggestions, if you have any issues, hop into our discord server and we can talk to you directly. --HellScythe42 (talk) 09:04, 29 November 2021 (UTC)