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Some of my active echelons. They are put together with the concept of being able to field them all at once, as well as not levelling any 'clone' dolls.


Suppression TeamsEdit

Echelon Mike-01, Storm BringerEdit

Team leader(s): SG Saiga-12 Saiga-12     , HG K5 K5     

Communication Technician: HG K5 K5     

Honorary members: SG KSG KSG     , HG Mk23 Mk23     

Primarily MG/SG echelon set up for anti-armour combat, HG doll serves as force multiplier and can further amplify performance when switched to nocturnal sortie set up.

Diurnal set-up:

MG MG5 MG5     
MG PK PK     
HG K5 K5     
SG Saiga-12 Saiga-12     
MG Kord Kord     

Nocturnal set-up:

MG MG5 MG5     
HG K5 K5     
HG Mk23 Mk23     
MG Kord Kord     

Echelon Mike-02, Hail SlingerEdit

Team leader(s): SG M590 M590     , MG Mk48 Mk48     

Communication Technician: HG Colt Revolver Colt Revolver     

Honorary members: HG Spitfire Spitfire     

Balanced SG/MG echelon set up, but with high performance individual dolls, overall offensive capabilities further amplified by HG force multiplier. High accuracy attribute allows echelon to enter nocturnal sorties without undergoing formation change.

Echelon formation:

SG M500 M500     
HG Colt Revolver Colt Revolver     
MG Mk48 Mk48     
SG M590 M590     

Echelon Mike-03, Gale CallerEdit

Team leader(s): SG S.A.T.8 S.A.T.8     

Honorary members: MG RPK-16 RPK-16     , MG Negev Negev     

Defensively oriented SG/MG echelon set up, highly focused on SG armour level, defensive skill sets, and second salvo offensive capabilities (due to all the MG skills). Lacking of HG and overall low accuracy dissuades nocturnal sorties. (Replace HK21 for Negev or RPK if you don't mind using story characters.)

Echelon formation:

MG HK21 HK21     
SG FP-6 FP-6     
MG ZB-26 ZB-26     
SG S.A.T.8 S.A.T.8     
MG Type 88 Type 88     

Combatant GroupsEdit

Echelon Alpha-01, MisfitsEdit

Team leader(s): AR AUG AUG     , SMG C-MS C-MS     

Honorary members: AR AK-12 AK-12     , AR ST AR-15 ST AR-15     

Fire rate focused AR/SMG formation, fairly balanced performance between short and long duration combat sessions. Two set ups available depending on whether story characters are involved. Story characters improves performance by great margin.

Echelon formation (w/o story characters):

AR SAR-21 SAR-21     
SMG Lusa Lusa     
SMG C-MS C-MS     
AR Type 97 Type 97     

Echelon formation (w/ story characters):

AR ST AR-15 ST AR-15     
SMG Lusa Lusa     
SMG C-MS C-MS     
AR AK-12 AK-12     

Echelon Alpha-02, GeminiEdit

Team leader(s): SMG G36C G36C     , SMG JS 9 JS 9     

Honorary members: AR AN-94 AN-94     

AR/SMG formation put together based on the 6 second skill activation sync and the performance burst of slot 7/1 dolls. Balanced combat performance against most combat units, or can be optimised for shorter duration battles against trash packs if AR AN-94 AN-94      is used in place of AR RFB RFB     . Keep in mind that dolls are locked in place due to AR Ribeyrolles Ribeyrolles     's active skill, which makes this group ill-suited for fights where movement is required.

Echelon formation:

SMG JS 9 JS 9     
AR Ribeyrolles Ribeyrolles     
SMG G36C G36C     

Echelon Alpha-03, Five Five SixEdit

Team leader(s): SMG MP7 MP7     , AR G36 G36     

Honorary members: AR M4A1 M4A1     , AR R5 R5     

AR/SMG echelon with flat damage up skill set AR dolls, introduction of AR M4A1 M4A1      in the middle will serve as a significant force multiplier and boost performance of both AR G36 G36      and slot 1 AR doll.

Echelon formation:

AR G36 G36     
SMG X95 X95     
AR AK-Alfa AK-Alfa     
SMG MP7 MP7     
AR G41 G41     

Echelon Bravo-01, TenaciousEdit

Team leader(s): SMG SR-3MP SR-3MP     , AR Howa Type 64 Howa Type 64     

Honorary members: AR AK-15 AK-15     

Mixed attribute bonus echelon, primary focus is the macro play of SMG P90 P90     's armoured mirage clones coupled with manual shielding of HG HS2000 HS2000     , creating an indomitable line of mirage clones for a short period of time. Changing out AR Howa Type 64 Howa Type 64      for AR AK-15 AK-15      will improve potential damage output and remove tactical plays, replacing AR Howa Type 89 Howa Type 89      with AR AK-15 AK-15      will improve damage output by small margin and slightly improve SMG SR-3MP SR-3MP     's damage potential via tile bonus.

Echelon formation:

AR Howa Type 64 Howa Type 64     
SMG SR-3MP SR-3MP     
AR Howa Type 89 Howa Type 89     
SMG P90 P90     
HG HS2000 HS2000     

Echelon Bravo-02, AmagiriEdit

Team leader(s): SMG PM-06 PM-06     , AR 9A-91 9A-91     

Communication Technician: HG NZ75 NZ75     

Honorary members: AR OTs-14 OTs-14     

Night combat sortie AR/SMG team, nothing much of debate here, just put the two cuties together and everything works itself out gg ez.

Echelon formation:

AR AS Val AS Val     
SMG PM-9 PM-9     
HG NZ75 NZ75     
SMG PM-06 PM-06     
AR 9A-91 9A-91     

Ranger TeamsEdit

Echelon Romeo-01, FurorEdit

Team leader(s): HG Five-seveN Five-seveN     , RF WA2000 WA2000     

Communication Technician: HG Px4 Storm Px4 Storm     

Honorary members: RF Mk 12 Mk 12     , RF Type 4 Type 4     , RF K31 K31     

RF/HG teams are more demanding to run, and members should be actively switched out to meet specific enemies or tactical requirements. The three existing HG dolls skill sets hand picked based on their crit damage bonus, and due to lacking of real fire rate boost, RF with self fire rate improvement skills is picked.

Echelon formation:

RF WA2000 WA2000     
HG Px4 Storm Px4 Storm     
HG Five-seveN Five-seveN     
HG Contender Contender     

Echelon Romeo-02, MythicsEdit

Team leader(s): HG Stechkin Stechkin     , RF Lee-Enfield Lee-Enfield     

Communication Technician: HG M950A M950A     

Honorary members: RF SRS SRS     , RF DSR-50 DSR-50     , RF Carcano M91∕38 Carcano M91∕38     , RF QBU-88 QBU-88     , RF M14 M14     

RF/HG teams are more demanding to run, and members should be actively switched out to meet specific enemies or tactical requirements. The three existing HG dolls skill sets hand picked based on their rate of fire bonus, which is suitable for RF dolls with innate low fire rate, lacks rate of fire, depending on rate of fire to fully utilize skill and/or manifest fire rate penalties on self.

Echelon formation:

RF R93 R93     
HG Welrod MkII Welrod MkII     
HG Stechkin Stechkin     
HG M950A M950A     
RF Lee-Enfield Lee-Enfield