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Joined 12 December 2020

Hello there. I am working on transcribing GFL story.

My discord is catpuccinno#5464


Girls' FrontlineEdit

Content UpdateEdit

  • Chapter 7: 7-3N both, 7-4N both
  • Chapter 8: 8-3E II, 8-4E both, all of 8N
  • Chapter 9: all of 9, 9N

Minor Formatting Fixes(not urgent)Edit

  • none at the moment

How I formatEdit

[bracket around non-spoken text]

character 1: condense text spoken by one character
so that the character name only shows up one time during their wall of text

italicize memories/flashbacks/dreams unless the entire section is a flashback then no italics

If there is a massive wall of text spoken by one character, add breaks when appropriate to slightly break it up

Colour text as seen in game

Stuff I Would like to ImplementEdit

  • bold character names to make them easier to find
  • add references to that the reader can find out what certain phrases mean
  • add links to other pages