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Uranus Profile Quotes
Full name Uranus
Index 1056
Rarity 2
Class Sniper
Affinity Attacker
Affiliation/Company Svarog Heavy Industries
Birthday 9-Jan
Voice actor Kenichi Hoshino
Artist Unknown
Released on CN (乌拉诺斯), EN
Arma Inscripta No

Playable character in Project: Neural Cloud. Obtained by completing Stage 1 of event Critical Cascade.



This unit is a welfare unit. It must be unlocked by acquiring Neural Fragments in its related event.

Stats / DataEdit

Initial stats scalingEdit

Type Rating
Attack Growth C
Hashrate Growth B
HP Growth C
Physical DEF Growth C
Operand DEF Growth C

Stats (for CN server)Edit

How to use
 Max HP  Crit Rate
 Attack  Crit Damage
 Hashrate  Physical Penetration
 Physical Defense  Operand Penetration
 Operand Defense  Dodge Rate
 Attack Speed  Post-battle HP Regen


Algorithm SlotsEdit

White tiles are unlocked by default. Blue tiles are unlocked by upgrading the Doll. Black tiles cannot be used.

  Offense   Stability   Special

Preferred and Disliked GiftsEdit

  • Preferred gifts
    •   Model Kit
    •   Spaceship in a Bottle
    •   Digital Toy Brick
  • Disliked gifts
    •   Meal for Two
    •   Working Meal
    •   Fast Food

Background infoEdit

A Svarog Heavy Industries OBJ-9420 military automaton, developed in 2048 as a replacement for skeletal Dolls as the main force in professional military forces. Using quick-release armor, composite head sensors and fourth-gen graphene batteries, it is both reliable and cheap to produce, but still implements new technologies such as the Easy Damage Self-Repair System, anti-laser coating and visual fire control HUD. There is still room for improvement for the next generation of mass-produced models.

Uranus is unique among military automatons in that it has received a simple Neural Cloud module, which grants him relatively sophisticated thinking and behavior and is the reason he was included in Project Neural Cloud.[1]



Main artworks

Alternative artwork


  • With Tony       Tony , Uranus is one of the few units in the game lacking an animated cut-in for his ultimate skill.
  • His weapon is based on the NERF series of toy guns.
  • Uranus is one of the prototypes of the Cyclops enemies from Girls' Frontline. The word CYCLOPS is also seen on his right arm's sleeve.
  • He references a very famous line in his Doll Voice 2.[2]
  • He has a Walkguy music player connected to his power supply.
  • His music playlist includes a saxophone, electric guitar, and keyboard remix of an English spy thriller theme song; a folk song from 1926 which sang of freedom, rights, punishment, and peace; plenty of acid house and psychedelic songs from 90s Berlin and Prague nightclubs; as well as Eurobeat.