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United Nations

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This article is written from a Lore perspective. It contains spoilers and different reference materials might be contradictory.

The United Nations is an international organization serving various functions with non-national interests. They were disbanded during World War Three and re-established in 2062.[1]

World Health Organisation[edit]

As a part of the United Nations and due to concerns about the rapidly increasing number of ELID infections in the 1980s, the WHO, along with the Vatican, acted as mediators to encourage the Soviet Union and United States to meet and discuss the Relic Arms Limitation Treaty.[2]

United Nations Medical Research Institute[edit]

In the later parts of the Cold War, after the Relic Arms Limitation Treaty, the UN Medical Research Institute was set up on the Falklands Islands, ending the authority of the Soviet Union over its largest gulag facility dedicated to biological relics experiments. Early progress in artificial linkage for Assault Artillery platforms were made there.[3]

United Nations Relic Science Agency[edit]

The United Nations Relic Science Agency (联合国遗迹科学署, colloquially “Relic Agency”, 遗迹署[4]) was an international scientific agency dedicated to the discovery of relics site and research on the technological artifacts contained inside. The UNRSA was founded in 1992[5] and most notably launched the GAVIRUL Reproduction Project.

The project ran until 2012, when it was deemed a failure and the UNRSA refocused on the discovery of new relics site and the development of the Weight Bearing system.[6] By 2023, the UNRSA had lost a lot of its influence, but managed to support the exploitation of the relics site in Antarctica that would become Hollow City.[1]

United Nations Health Agency[edit]

The United Nations Health Agency, or UNHA, was active after the First Antarctic War and surveyed the movement of Collapse Fluid clouds. A team of UNHA agents were infiltrated by MID, and were wiped out during the Second Beilan Island Incident.[7]