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Example of an Union Skill on M82

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List of Union Skill[edit]

Skill Name Effect How to Obtain
Galactic Pledge
Icon Skill AkalfaandM82.png

AR AK-Alfa: When in the same echelon as M82, M82's autoattacks deal +10% extra damage to enemies in front of herself.
AR M82: The area in front of herself is treated as the area in front of AK-Alfa

Obtain 400 Old Dream Star Stones in Griffin Recollection: Outer Polaris.
Halo Fusion
Icon Skill MPKandMPL.png
When MPK and MPL are within 1 tile of each other, they no longer inflict negative effects on allies. When MPK and MPL are directly to the left or right of each other on skill activation, the effect radius expands to 2 tiles.

Equipped by default on SMG MPLThumb button.pngMPL  and SMG MPKThumb button.pngMPK .