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Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Greetings, Professor. Would you care for a performance if you are feeling sleepy?
Afternoon Play Here, your afternoon tea, Professor. Hm? The taste feels off? You didn't ask me before you had a sip, Professor...
Evening Play You ought to rest earlier. An overused instrument without maintenance will be ruined quickly.
Night Play Still working? I hear that humans who work till late tend to drop dead. Ah, I don't mean to curse you. It's just that it'd be incredibly troublesome if you were to die, Professor.
Main Interface Voice Play We were once glorious in the past; however, those who would be our patrons today are few and far between. Might you be one of them, Professor?
Play A spectacular performance? Indeed. We are all functionally specialized to give off the "grandeur reminiscent of a human". So, apart from work, you should probably avoid giving us any other tasks...
Play If we all play at once... how badly would we startle the Professor?
Play Please follow us, Professor.
Interactive Voice Play Hmm...?
Play Fond of this garter?
Play "Disorderly thug, I sentence you to twenty lashes." ...Just kidding.
Relationship Dialogues Play Since the olden times, ceremonial cohorts have embodied the image of nations and the dignity of monarchs. Back in the real world, most of our performances would be at big occasions, and we'd be responsible for the most distinguished people. There were business tycoons with wealth to rival nations, iron-handed generals with the keys to peace, and governors with the ability to topple regimes with just a look... Behaving with discretion and respect were parts of the job description. You're asking me if that's why I'm so serious all the time? That's not the case. I'm just used to being like this.
Play My previous employers? There's far too many, and I can't be sure which one you're asking after. If you had to ask what similarities they had... they were all proud, cold people. In that world, being kind at heart in a high place is nothing but a fantasy. Perhaps it is due to associating with them that my speech modules have been influenced thus, but I can't say I hate it. Keeping an appropriate distance from others is befitting of someone truly strong, no? Huh? You're saying I don't appear cold at all? Could it be that... you'd like me to be a bit harsher toward you, Professor?
Play These kids are my aides and my friends. See, all of them are adorable, no? Even if everyone's neural capacity isn't ideal right now, I'll make everyone as intelligent as I am one day—that's something I promised to everyone, and something I had the chance to do in the past, but never managed. Why? If you want to know, Professor... I'll explain. We were once well-loved, but those glories of days past are no more than memories now. The only type of work we could get after that were roadside performances, and naturally there were no more chances of the neural upgrades happening...
Play Long, long ago, I understood—the humans discarded us. As to be expected, really. To those up there, even humans are to be simply used and discarded, so a Doll is not far from the imagination, too. Outdated technically, highly costly, changing times... There are endless excuses to throw us away, more than you could count. Even so, I would never discard our dignity. Keeping our head held high is a basic requirement of the ceremonial orchestra, our base commands, and what I would wish for. So, I continue to lead the Undine Ceremonial Orchestra, through the mud and the thorns... and then, I met you, Professor.
Play To be honest, all of that "saving everyone", all that "reality and the cloud", I don't really understand what all of that means. The operands I can spare for neural operations are not plentiful in the first place, and I need to spare some for these kids. Perhaps I only maintain this decorum for the sake of commands, or maybe my coldness is just some sort of crass imitation—but at least there is someone I can speak these worries to now. And that person's answers will assure me that what dignity I have maintained for myself was no mere delusion of grandeur... right, Professor?
Moods Play Hehehe...
Play What?
Play Hmph...
Accept Play I understand.
Agree Play I see.
Appreciate Play
Feeling Play
Oath Play This is... for us? Seriously, I've never thought nor even dreamed about this. Yet, you've still turned this dream into reality. I take that this is a commendation for our performances. Thank you, Professor. This trust... is more priceless than any other accolade we've ever received. I will accept it with gratitude in my heart. Until the last moment, we will be by your side, Professor.
Obtain Play Undine, reporting in. We'll be your very own orchestra from now on, Professor.

Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play The instruments... sound clearer.
Neural Expansion Play Undine Ceremonial Orchestra, onwards, together.
Max Neural Expansion
Play Crisp percussion, harmonious woodwind, all in sync. This is how we should be.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play Work? Of course.
Battle Start Play Eyes up, we're moving.
Ultimate Skill Play Tutti... in fortissimo.
MVP1 Play Glory to you, Professor.
MVP2 Play Friends, celebrate this moment of exultation.


Here, the double bars are drawn...


Do not worry. Leave it to us.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play If it was this time in the past, we'd most likely be busy arranging performances and lifting the holiday spirit. Although, being able to enjoy Christmas properly like this isn't bad either.
Halloween Play In the real world, whenever Halloween comes around, we get to see humans in various states of insanity. In comparison, the Oasis' Halloween is far too tame. Sigh... and we went to the effort of dressing up, too. Hm? What monster are we dressed up as? No-Face, of course.
New Year Play Today is the day referred to by humans as "New Year's Day", right? The beginning of another year. Come watch our performance, it'll be the most memorable new year yet.
Tanabata Play Handicrafts? We'll also do our best. Ah, it's not that we'll help with it. Please allow us to perform tonight. With us, the stars will shine ever brighter.
Valentine Play I hear today is a day for the exchange of chocolates. I'm sure you've prepared ours, yes? Everyone. Professor, you can't have forgotten how many of us there are, right?
Player's Birthday Play Happy birthday, Professor. Please make sure to timetable your work well this year; humans are fragile creatures, after all. No matter, because even if you really do break, we'll help take care of you. There's a bunch of us, no lack of manpower, and it'll be ages before we're decommissioned...

Christmas costumeEdit

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Evening You're finally here, Professor. Tonight's performance has been arranged, but the VIP seat remains vacant. Come, sit, and enjoy the magnificence to unfold.
Main Interface Voice Slacking off? Not at all, we're setting the stage, you see. Me? I'm commanding everyone.
We're very efficient at arranging things, no? Under my command, the cooperation between each and every individual here is immaculate. It has always been so, for the Undine Ceremonial Orchestra invariably enlivens the occasion of a holiday.
New work again? We're always so busy in times of festivity...
Interactive Voice This pair of deer horns are symbolic of the occasion... even though they are heavy.
So what of it? Isn't it beautiful?
No peeking. The gifts will have to wait until later tonight.
Relationship Dialogues
Obtain Want to put on a grand holiday party, Professor? The Undine Ceremonial Orchestra, at your service.

Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough
Neural Expansion
Max Neural Expansion

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Christmas parade, ready to go.,
Battle Start Reindeer Orchestra, setting off!
Ultimate Skill Good tidings unto you.
MVP1 For a rehearsal of a holiday performance, it's not too shaby.
MVP2 Here should be the sound of applause and cheer.
Retreat The parade, ends here...
Another day of duty? Hehe, feels almost as if we're elves still working on Christmas.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
New Year
Player's Birthday