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Undine Profile Quotes


The E-Orchestra, a ceremonial orchestra composed of Dolls developed by Cyber Media, is made up of one main unit and many aides. Due to the high requirement for coordination between Dolls within an orchestra, a special infrared sensory concert system was installed, and the neural capacity of the aides have been appropriately decreased, making it easier for the main unit to muster control, allowing them to perform high-difficulty sequences with far greater ease than other Dolls of similar nature. Additionally, the E-Orchestra is not fitted with neural limiters, preventing the main unit from shutting down when encountering a neural overload, and circumventing the problem of insufficient processing power during high-intensity performance scenarios.

The Undine Ceremonial Orchestra's first big showing was at a certain royal family's open function, where their performance received widespread acclaim and gained the recognition of high society. In 2059, the Undine Ceremonial Orchestra was selected for Project Neural Cloud due to their "extensive experience in performing in a variety of scenarios".

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Even if the E-Orchestra got its spot in the limelight due to their target audience of high society, their R&D history was not a smooth one. The removal of neural limiters allows the E-Orchestra to avoid the dilemma of a neural shutdown, guaranteeing performing ability, but also places great pressure on the neural systems of the main unit, possibly causing serious damage. In 2056, a main unit of an E-Orchestra ensemble experienced neural failure due to extended overloading and lack of maintenance. This phenomenon spread like a plague, and the E-Orchestra's reputation fell into jeopardy.

In order to control the damage, the designers responsible made a series of improvements to the E-Orchestra. The quality of the E-Orchestra model greatly improved, but the market remained cold until a member of a royal family sent an order to Cyber Media. In accordance with his vision, they designed a total of five Dolls—the commanding main unit Undine, bass drum aide Dolce, trumpet aide Scherzando, bagpipe aide Tranquilo, and snare drum aide Maestoso. On behalf of the family, they were to perform at the Annual Charity Gala. Undine's personality was also derived thus—aloof, cold, elegant yet frigid, as is typical of a nobleman's entourage. The Undine Ceremonial Orchestra immediately caught everyone's attention when they took to the stage. Exquisite in performance and royal in station, the E-Orchestra entered the zeitgeist once more. People would remember this orchestra, and the well-mannered yet cold Doll at its head.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

As astonishing as their impact was, Undine and her orchestra were not in the spotlight for long. On an ever-so-normal morning, they were given away as a gift. From then on, Undine began a life displaced and adrift, her orchestra passed around like toys, again and again. Without a rock to lean on, Undine began to doubt what value she held and why she existed, only becoming colder as she drew more and more of her thoughts into that shell she called pride.

This continued until the examination process for Project Neural Cloud. Undine rejected free repairs offered to her by an employee, and commanded the orchestra, damaged body notwithstanding. At the end of the performance, everyone sat in rapture, forgetting to clap until the orchestra bowed in unison. According to personnel responsible, Undine's neural disorder sat higher than 25% after the performance, far greater than what can usually be allowed in a neural cloud's operation.

After a full suite of inspection and repairs, Undine and her aides became part of the Oasis. On the basis of her aides, the Oasis increased the operands Undine would receive as part of her supplies, but Undine rejected this—she would only take what she thought she deserved. Aside from that, she's far more willing to fight for resources with her own two hands for the sake of improving her orchestra's life.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

One of the E-Orchestra's design features was overloading the neural cloud to achieve ideal output efficiency. Even if Undine and her orchestra belonged to the improved model, inherent flaws cannot be ignored. High-intensity work, frequent overloading, and lack of maintenance only made the load on her neural cloud heavier. The neurally simple aides could not understand her plight, only silently supporting and comforting her in their own ways. Her frequent changing of hands only amplified Undine's frustrations, and only the audience's adulations gave slivers of comfort to her debilitated neural cloud.

Due to spending an extended period in this state, Undine's disposition only became more gloomy, to the point of even unconsciously rejecting her aides' kindnesses. It was only after a certain incident that Undine realized how much the aides meant—without any of them, their performances could not continue; no matter what crisis she found herself in, her four companions would never cast her aside. It was then that she suddenly understood: there existed things more important than grandeur and the mission she was given. After that, she seemed to have found something to keep her going.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Undine has a certain fear of humans with great repute and high stature. As described by De Lacey, these emotions are not the result of conscious development, but originate from Undine's past experiences. Numerous instances of being sold off and used made it extremely difficult for Undine to trust others, especially humans with power and influence—similar to her past masters. Her stoic silence and remoteness with the world is an expression of this distrust and also how she protects herself. After arriving at the Oasis, Undine kept up her unapproachable, cold stance.

For Undine, however, the greatest difference between the Oasis and reality was that however much hypocrisy she endured in reality, she received an equal amount in sincerity at the Oasis. This led her to fall into a state of ineptitude—she was almost completely inexperienced in dealing with candidness. The majority of the time, she could only respond with stiff pleasantries, until more and more agents opened the door to her heart with good intentions.

"Hm... Unni's hard to approach on the surface, but that's just something she puts up as a defense. When you get close to her, you'll see another side of her that she hides away. However, Unni's no good at the whole expressing emotion thingamajig, and she'll say weird things sometimes... though Unni's cute like that, too."
—De Lacey, "Oasis Doll Psychology Evaluation Records"

Doll Profile 5[edit]

After acquiring freedom, Undine took up the leader's mantle. Even if they would never again bathe in the glory of days past, she persevered in her old habits, taking care of her orchestra where she could. As the records stated, Undine had participated in more than a thousand commercial performances, oft differing greatly in occasion and format, and even improvising the background music to a stand-up comedy act. This is exactly why Project Neural Cloud extended her an invitation. At the Oasis, Undine had no more pressure in regard to survival, but she did not relent and worked with the same drive as before. This is not because she reminisced about the old days of luxury, but because she wanted to give her aides a better life.

Yet compared to reality, the Oasis was far too small. After everyone became used to the orchestra's performance, Undine's income took a sharp dive. As she was in turmoil over monetary matters, she unintentionally came to know of Ksenia's leftover balance. Using that opportunity, Undine and her aides began to help Ksenia with a variety of tasks. Soon, a problem appeared: Undine and her Dolls were limited in capability, and in customer service Undine could never set aside her previous attitudes aside. She was abashed in countenance in front of guests, and even saying a "thank you for coming" would make her flush bright red. Unexpectedly, the amount of tips the team received skyrocketed, most of it originating from Undine. This brought great comfort to her heart, which was previously filled with shame.

To pass the days with her aides, with no need to worry for food and sustenance, with a place to call home—it was the life Undine dreamed of. On a night where the moon gleamed bright, a few Dolls heard Undine attempting to rearrange "Clair de Lune". It was the first time she played for herself.