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Information (main menu)Edit

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  • Left upper yellow button to leave and go back to the home screen
  • Left buttons are the menu
  • Left bottom shows the action points and the amount of resources
  • Center top button leads to the building menu
  • Center bottom shows the currently available areas
  • Center middle shows the current progress of the area and the nodes one can start a battle on
  • Right top leads to the Theater Investigation (drone) menu

Theater System is split into 2 phases.

In Phase 1, players can choose between 3 Sub-Areas. Each Sub-Area has individual progression. When the progress reaches 100%, that Sub-Area is cleared. When all Sub-Areas are cleared, the event will enter Phase 2.

In Phase 2, the Sub-Areas will be closed and all players will start battling in the Core Battle Area. The difficulty of the Core Area will increase as progression increases, eventually surpassing the highest difficulty of Phase 1.

- During Theater, there will be a Cease-fire Period between 4-5am every day. The battle areas will be inaccessible during this period. - Players can only carry out 2 battles every day. - The battle limit is reset every day at 5am.

- In Phase 1, the Sub-Area with the lowest progress will initiate a Rescue Event on the next day.


- When the progression of each Sub-Area reaches a certain point, Buildings will be unlocked. - Buildings in different Sub-Areas are independent of each other. - Each building will provide a special effect for its Sub-Area, including the following:

  • Increase the number of echelons in the Expedition Squad
  • Increase the usage limit of HOCs
  • Increase the initial Command Points when entering the battle area.

- Building levels and progress are shared across the server. - Each player can contribute materials to upgrade the buildings. - Building level progress will be updated during the cease-fire period. - When building level progress reaches 100%, that building will level up and provide stronger effects. - Players can still contribute materials to max level buildings, and the point gain from doing so will remain unchanged.


Players can also choose to invest a certain amount of materials to deploy a drone to carry out *Infiltration Reconnaissance*. Points will be rewarded based on the result during the cease-fire period.

Reconnaissance can be carried out on 3 different targets. Each target has a different base reward. E.g. Consume 10 materials to deploy a drone in direction A/B/C, obtain 30/40/50 points on the next day.

The final result of reconnaissance will be affected by the number of players who chose each target. During the cease-fire period, the total number of players for each target will be calculated and the rewards will be adjusted accordingly:

  • The target with the highest number of players will become cautious, reducing the effect of reconnaissance. [Point reward x 50%]
  • The target with the lowest number of players will become careless, increasing the effect of reconnaissance. [Point reward x 200%]



- Participating in battle will grant points to the player. Points will be accumulated in the Overall Server Battle Progression. - Besides the difficulty levels between different Sub-Areas, stages further in the Sub-Areas will have higher difficulty and higher point rewards. - Early stages in the Core Area will have low difficulty and points, but the later stages will surpass the Sub-Areas. - Leaving from the battle preparation screen will cancel the current progress. The action point used to start it will not be restored.

Dolls with advantage

- Each Battle Area will have several Advantageous T-Dolls, with each Sub-Area having different ones - Advantageous T-Dolls will change as the Area Progress increases. - Besides having higher combat power in battle, Advantageous T-Dolls will also increase the point reward, based on the level of the T-Doll.

- Before entering battle, players must set up an Expedition Squad consisting of several Echelons and HOCs. The Expedition Squad will carry out the battle.

- The echelons in the Expedition Squad are similar to that of Data Sampling; They are independent of normal squad formation and will not interfere with normal operations. - Duplicate T-Dolls cannot be used in the Expedition Squad. - Each echelon may use 1 Fairy.

- Combat will not consume resources.

- The battles in Theater are similar to Defense Simulation. Select an echelon from the Expedition Squad to fight in 10 waves of battle; T-Doll HP will not be recovered between battles. - T-Dolls who suffer critical damage will temporarily leave the echelon and not participate in future battles.

- Whenever a battle is completed, a certain amount of materials will be rewarded whether or not it succeeded or failed. - Every day, the first battle in a Rescue Event Sub-Area will have massively increased point rewards. Battling a second time will not grant the effect.


Selected echelon with activated fairy
  • When entering the Battle Area, a number of Fairy Commands will be given.
    • This is independent of normal Fairy Commands and will not consume normal Fairy Commands when used.
    • You can see the remaining points at the bottom left corner.
  • Before entering battle, players can choose to activate the Fairy's skill.
  • Tactical Fairy skills are unable to be used in Theater.


Battle prepare screen with two activated HOC units
  • Each HOC will have a usage limit.
  • More than one HOC can be used.
  • Before entering battle, players can choose whether to use HOC support or not. The HOC's remaining uses will decrease by 1 when used as support.
  • If a HOC reaches 0 uses, that HOC will not be able to support any battles. However, they may still participate in the BOSS battle.

Boss battlesEdit

Players can not set up their squad on the preparation screen
Players can not command their dolls in a boss battle


Certain stages will contain a BOSS.

  • After clearing 10 waves of enemies, the BOSS battle stage will begin.
  • The player can make no changes or activations at the preparation screen.
  • During the BOSS battle, the player will be unable to command the T-Dolls. All surviving T-Dolls will automatically carry out an all-out attack against the enemy BOSS.
  • The battle will be concluded based on the stats of both sides and the echelon's remaining HP, and points will be given based on the performance.

Event RankingEdit

- When the event ends, players will be able to obtain additional ranking rewards based on their total accumulated points. - Players who clear the Final Stage will be able to obtain ranking rewards based on their performance. - Additionally, the Final Stage of the Core Area will have another point ranking.

Reward (Theater mode points)Edit

- As players accumulate points, they will be able to obtain rewards.