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Technical Fairies

Technical Fairies (also called simply Fairies) are support units that assist an Echelon during combat, seen as UAVs hovering above the team. They are acquired from Heavy Equipment Production. The official art of almost every fairy used in the game are all drawn by Saru, the same illustrator who produced T-dolls such as SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5 , HG P7Thumb button.pngP7  and RF M99Thumb button.pngM99 .

Combat showing a Technical Fairy present in combat


Technical Fairy systemEdit

Faries serve as the 6th man of the team, providing all sorts of combat buffs or support. Each usage of their skill consumes a "Support Order". Support Orders are seen on the map, are shared across all missions and gradually regenerate overtime. Skills can be increased in level through training. They also have a 2nd ability known as a "Talent" which is a team-wide buff that triggers randomly. Talents can be changed through Fairy Calibration.

Each fairy also has its own set of stat boost that benefits the entire squad. Fairies can also level-up during combat and be enhanced with other fairies just like normal T-dolls.

Skill training, Fairy Enhancement, and Fairy Calibration can all be found in the Research Menu

Fairy TypeEdit

Fairies obtainable with Equipment ConstructionEdit

Index Name Skill
1 Warrior Fairy Combat Efficiency (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

Raise Echelon's Damage by 20% and 10% Firing Speed for 20 seconds in the next battle - Doesn't stack.

2 Fury Fairy Unlimited Rage (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

Raise Echelon's Accuracy by 50% and 25% Critical Rate for 20 seconds in next battle - doesn't stack.

3 Armor Fairy Riot Control (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

Raise riot control strength of the shotguns in the echelon, armor up to 50% in the next battle.

4 Shield Fairy Energy Shield (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

In the next battle,grant a shield to all SMGs in the Echelon. Each shield can absorb up to 150 points of damage.

5 Defense Fairy Temporary Armor (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

Reduce Echelon's Damage taken by 30% for every battle in one turn for 20 seconds.

6 Provocation Fairy Taunt Target (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

In the next battle,deploy a target dummy to attract enemy fire,the dummy will have 1600 HP.

7 Sniper Fairy Sniper Command (Consumes 2 Support Order points)

Aim for the enemy with the highest HP and deal 20000 damage to it in the next battle.

8 Bombardment Fairy Bombard Command (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

Fires a mortar shell in the next fight. Deals up to 1200 damage to enemy units within a 2.5 radius.

9 Airstrike Fairy Fatal Air Raid (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

Launches airstrike in the next fight, deals 500 damage to all enemy units.

10 Reinforcement Fairy T-Doll Reinforcement (Consumes 2 Support Order points)

Provide 1 dummy expansion reinforcement for the lowest percentage health T-doll in the echelon. Also provides bonus 10% evasion for that echelon for all the fights in the same turn.

11 Parachute Fairy Landing Zone Liberation (Consumes 5 Support Order points)

This echelon can airdrop to any landing zone in the map, but will receive a 40% penalty to Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, Armor, and Critical Hit for two turns.

12 Landmine Fairy Mine Front (Consumes 5 Support Order points)

Bury a Mine at the neighboring point where there is no enemy, this mine will stay for 2 turns and when the enemy triggers it, will deal 50% damage to the current HP. Not effective to BOSS.

13 Rocket Fairy Front Reaper (Consumes 5 Support Order points)

Deploy a rocket launcher at a specified range, if the enemy move within range in two turns, it will deal 20% damage based on it's current HP.

14 Construction Fairy Emergency Bunker (Consumes 5 Support Order points)

Build an unmovable fortress at your Echelon's position. If your Echelon takes battle in this spot will gain a boost in damage, accuracy, evasion, armor and critical hit rate by 30%.

15 Command Fairy EXP Overload (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

Raise the combat experience by up to 25% gained for the next fight. (Does not effect EXP combat simulations.)

16 Rescue Fairy High Efficiency Rescue (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

Improve the chance of getting a rare T-doll as combat loot in the next fight.

17 Illumination Fairy Night Illumination (Consumes 5 Support Order points)

Raise Echelon's vision by 2 points within 2 turns, during this period raise Echelon's accuracy by 30% for 20 seconds in all battles.

23 Combo Fairy Ultimate Combo (Consumes 2 Support Order points)

For the current turn, the echelon gains 1 stack of "Combo" before every battle, up to 3 stacks. [Combo]: At the start of battle, increase damage by 15% and accuracy by 30% for 20 seconds.

24 Barrier Fairy Armor Fortification (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

In the next battle, grant a HP shield to all allies with armor. Each HP shield can absorb damage up to 150% of the unit's armor.

25 Twin Fairy Dual Guardian (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

In the next battle, summon 2 symbiotic fairy clones with 750 HP. Shield fairy clone has 20 armor and deals 150 damage every 2 seconds to enemies within a radius of 2 units of the nearest enemy. Missile fairy clone has 30 evasion and deals 450 damage every 2 seconds to the furthest enemy.

Fairies obtainable from eventsEdit

Index Name Skill
1001 Yae Sakura Higoku Gense (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

Summons flaming pillars on random locations after entering combat, pillars lasts for 2 seconds while it deals damage over time to any enemies that makes contact with it.

1002 Kaguya Hime Yatakikou (Consumes 8 Support Order points)

Casts laser beam that deals 20% damage to random enemies within two node radius of the equipped echelon's position, bosses cannot be harmed by this damage.

1003 Chloe Puppets of Sorrow (Consumes 2 Support Order points)

Summons two puppets with 600HP in front of the echelon in the next fight, the puppets will deal flat 100 damage to all enemies every 3 seconds while being able to block damage for the squad.

1004 Suee I Want you (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

Throws down flower on an adjacent random empty battlefield node, when friendly echelon fights on top of the flowered node they will receive small bonuses to crit rate, damage, accuracy evasion and armor.

1005 Sehra & Nina Ladymade Star (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

Boosts damage by 20% of all T-dolls in the echelon while dampen accuracy by 10% for all enemy units in the next fight.

1006 Preiya & Camilla Oblivion (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

Produce grounds with combat effects in the next fight. Friendly units standing on red grounds will have damage and accuracy increase by 30%, but suffer 20% armor and evasion penalties. Standing on yellow grounds will have armor and evasion increase by 30%, but suffer 20% damage and accuracy penalties. Skill lasts 30 seconds

1007 Anna Graem Nano Ghost (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

In the next battle, T-Dolls in the front column gain 30% evasion but lose 20% damage while other T-Dolls gain 20% damage but lose 30% evasion for 20 seconds.

Fairies obtainable by other meansEdit

Please see the fairy's page for more detail.

Index Name Skill
18 Golden Fairy Golden Law (Consumes 0 Support Order points)

Revelations of destiny shall fill you with determination.

19 Cooking Fairy Emergency Feast! (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

Randomly applies one of the following effects for 30 seconds in the next battle: Increase Damage(20%), Increase RoF(20%), Increase Accuracy(30%), Increase Evasion(25%), Reduce Damage(0%).

20 Firework Fairy Translation Required (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

Raises echelons accuracy by 80% for the next 10 seconds.

21 Nian Fairy Firecracker (Consumes 3 Support Order points)

Ignites firecrackers at the start of the next battle, causing 2 second stuns to the target unit while spreading to targets within a 4 tiles radius dealing 50 damage per second, firecracker duration: 5 seconds.

22 Beach Fairy Tide of Sloth (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

At the start of the next battle, summon the waves of summer to knockback enemies. Additionally, reduce all enemies' movement speed and rate of fire by 25% for 5 seconds.

26 Origin Fairy An End To Hesitation (Consumes 0 Support Order points)

"I entrust my glory and dreams to you."

27 Auspicious Fairy Friendly Exchange Of Gifts (Consumes 1 Support Order points)

Deploys a peach on an unoccupied node within 2 nodes that lasts for 2 rounds, which can be eaten by both friend or foe. Enemies who eat it receive a 30% damage debuff for 5 seconds in the battle. Allies who eat it receive a +6 point increase to their movement speed for 10 seconds in the next battle.

28 Desert Fairy ??? (Consumes 5 Support Order points)


29 Cheer Fairy ??? (Consumes 1 Support Order points)