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Tareus Assimilated Quotes
Full name Miss Eve
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN (塔亚柔斯-伊芙小姐), TW, KR, EN
Chibi animation

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“An elite Paradeus unit. Tareus' general capabilities are unremarkable, but her talent in piloting mechs is unparalleled. She has named the mech with the highest synchronization rate "Miss Eve", the only name stored within her memory. Outside of combat, she disguises herself as an ordinary passer-by, but once she enters the neural space, she annihilates everything in her path while piloting Miss Eve...”



Boss in Longitudinal Strain (“Night on Bald Mountain” and “Symphony No. 6”).


  • Battery Release: Lock onto the nearest enemy unit and their position, then fire a homing missile and a rocket at them after a warning signal.
  • Nium Alloy: Greatly reduce damage taken.
  • Positron Cannon: Charge and launch a laser cannon at a random target, dealing damage that scales with Dummy-Links to enemies in the path and blinding them.

ARSMG echelons recommended. The area marked before a Battery Release should be cleared before the shot lands. The middle row should be left open, this way the Doll targeted by Positron Cannon can move there so no Dolls are behind her when the piercing shot occurs.

Lore / Story involvement

Before the 2064 incident, Tareus was placed in charge of ensuring that Paradeus' Bee Sting surveillance system could monitor the Intercontinental Railway, supervising their external operator Maggie.[1] At some point, she was also deployed by Gray to recruit Doctor Hume into Paradeus. Tareus discreetly planted a remote bomb on Hume when they met in his lab and activated it after Hume fled. The bomb only destroyed Hume's corpse however, as he already had Erma shoot him.[2]

In late 2064, under the name Villanelle (or Veranell) Dukas,[3][4] Tareus was tasked by Bramedb with participating in the interception of the “Grand Duke”, a top-secret secure communication channel scheme that was transported by Statesec from the Neo-Soviet Union to the Commander in Berlin. Paradeus had learned that two decoys had been prepared, forcing them to run interception on three vectors: an air transport departing from Smolensk, a ground transport from Voronezh, and a covert one transported by a Doll on the Intercontinental Railway.[5][6] Tareus was to identify the covert agent during the Warsaw-Berlin night ride and eliminate them. Using a card hidden in a flower bouquet, Tareus ordered Maggie to identify the Doll during the trip's virtual black market auction “Colt Express”.

As she boarded the train, Tareus' attention was first disturbed by a little girl named Eve, who wore a bell on her backpack. The scene briefly invoked memories that had been sealed during her transformation into a Nyto and her Virtual Consciousness Image quickly dismissed the anomaly.[6] She noticed the presence of the Vory v Zakone led by Baba Lyuba aboard, with which Paradeus were involved. She had Maggie show Baba Lyuba the flowers and card to ask her not to interfere with the auction, but Lyuba only agreed to delay her armed robbery by ten minutes.[7][1]

Shortly after, Maggie sent Tareus a list of the three suspect Doll onboard, Pavel Marmontov, Erma Hume and Lyudmila Pavlichenko, then she was notified that the Smolensk vector had been intercepted but that it was a decoy. Tareus remained unfazed during the Vory's robbery, as she considered them inconsequential annoyances at most, and she was warned in advance by Captain Ivan of the KCCO that they had prepared an artillery position at the Soviet-German border.[6] When Erma managed to bypass the Vory's jamming and open a communication channel for all Dolls aboard, Tareus attempted to hack into her to understand how she had managed such a feat but discovered that Erma's neural cloud did not work on any system known by Paradeus. However, she had to prioritize her interception mission and only made a note to investigate Erma later. She was on her way to the secure first carriage with the human passengers when the KCCO derailed the train.

After altering the emergency signal to delay the arrival of a rescue party,[8] Tareus started searching for her targets in the wreckage of the train and she found the dead body of Eve. She ignored it, but the sound of the bell on Eve's bag when she passed near provoked a stronger surge of memories, which caused her VCI to shut down for a few seconds. She then received confirmation that the target was in the train, ordered the approaching KCCO troops to keep their distances until she had found it, and found Lyudmila and Erma in the second carriage.[9] Tareus forced Erma and Lyudmila into Level II to attack them, but she was betrayed by Maggie who transported them to her own neural cloud.[10] Tareus had confirmed that Lyudmila, publicly known as Statesec's Instructor Я, was her target and ordered the KCCO to chase her physically while she attacked electronically.[11]

Tareus' VCI was becoming unstable at this point and she felt angry and frustrated by Maggie's betrayal instead of her usual lack of emotions, and her restore command was denied by her VCI. She ripped off her neural inhibitor and banged her head against the floor until she calmed down and decided to go after Maggie.[9] Maggie retaliated by trapping Tareus inside her neural space and dug up Tareus' memories, which caused Tareus to escalate her retaliations and Lyudmila to intervene to rescue Maggie.[12] As Maggie's strength was spent, her partner Catherine took her place and trapped Tareus for another ten minutes as the air support requested by Lyudmila arrived on scene.[13] After destroying Catherine's neural cloud and escaping, Tareus chased Lyudmila outside the train, which allowed her to survive the air bombardment. After Lyudmila sacrificed herself to destroy the last KCCO artillery, Tareus considered her mission over and returned to the first carriage to deal with Maggie. On her way, she took the teddy bear from Eve's corpse.[14]

As Tareus and Maggie fought in cyberspace again, Maggie managed to impose her neural space and confront Tareus with her memories again, even convincing her to cease her attacks briefly by invoking a vision of Gray in Avernus.[15][16] Before Tareus' attack, Maggie had entrusted her Colt Walker handgun to Erma and tasked her to kill Tareus' body. Erma eventually found Tareus among the other passengers, seemingly sleeping while confronting Maggie in cyberspace, and killed her.[16] A clone of Tareus riding on another train arrived in Berlin and reported to Nemhran that the target had been successfully intercepted,[17] unaware that Lyudmila had secured the “Great Duke” inside Erma's neural cloud.[18]

In her Assimilated quotes, Tareus combines her mission-focused attitude and the irritable personality from removing her neural inhibitor.