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Talk:Operation Cube

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E1-4: Ouroboros and Where to Find Her

Despite Ouroboros being seemingly elusive, we can determine where she is by checking whether certain points are occupied by enemies at the beginning of the second round.

Possible Ouroboros spawn points
Possible Ouroboros movement and important points

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  • Ouroboros only spawns at those five points marked in yellow, and can only make one move per turn. But mobs also could spawn on P2, P4 and P5.
  • Points marked in green will spawn mob at the beginning of second round.
  • Points marked in red has one mob on it when the battle begins.
  • P1 stands for Spawn Point 1, and Pa stands for Point a, just for convenience's sake.

So, check the following scenarios at the beginning of the second round.

  1. If one of the following points is occupied, the Ouroboros is at that point: Pa, f, g, h, k,l;
  2. If Pb is occupied, and one of the two other adjoining points of P6 is occupied as well, then Ouroboros is at Pb;
  3. If both Pc and Pd are occupied, then Ouroboros is at Pc;
  4. If both Pd and Pe are occupied, then Ouroboros is at Pe;
  5. If both Pi and Pj are occupied, then Ouroboros is at either point. Search the area.
  6. If none of the above happened, Ouroboros is likely near Pd.

--Hear Me Meow! (talk)

Notes on the above method:

  1. It is possible for Ouroboros to spawn at P1 and not move at all sometimes. It may be advisable to always check there first, due to its proximity with the midway airfield.
  2. Since mobs spawn on 2, 4, and 5, it's possible for point l to be occupied without Ouro being there. Pi and Pj are similarly unreliable if mobs spawn on 4 and 5 and move there.