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T-Doll Index

A complete image list of all T-Dolls covered in the wiki.

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All normal T-DollsEdit

 43M291      6P62138      9A-91118      A-91227      AA-12163      AAT-52111      ACR274      ADS214      AEK-999149      AK-12206      AK-15293      AK-4758      AK-74U59      AK-Alfa306      AN-94205      AR-57328      AR70134      ART556175      ARX-160120      AS Val60      ASh-12.7170      AUG73      AUG Para315      Ak 5187      Ameli185      Astra Revolver14      BM5952      Ballista204      Beretta Model 3831      Bren89      Bren Ten139      C-93285      C-MS213      C14308      C9612      CAR300      CAWS281      CF05295      CR-21288      CZ-805108      CZ2000207      CZ52210      CZ75166      Carcano M1891197      Carcano M91∕38198      Chauchat264      Colt Revolver     Contender183      Cx4 Storm225      DP-12282      DP2882      DSR-50179      Defender302      Desert Eagle272      EM-2262      EVO 3131      F1178      F2000107      FAL106      FAMAS69      FG42110      FMG-919      FN-4951      FNC70      FNP-990      FP-6164      FX-05330      Falcon256      Five-seveN142      G11122      G28146      G363      G3664      G36C104      G4162      G4347      GM6 Lynx320      GSh-18221      Galil71      General Liu316      Gepard M1201      Glock 1715      Grizzly MkV96      HK21208      HK23195      HK33265      HK41665      HK45167      HK512326      HP-35303      HS2000250      HSM10299      Hanyang Type 8895      Honey Badger203      Howa Type 64243      Howa Type 89290      IDW93      INSAS279      IWS 2000148      JS 9234      JS05192      Jericho248      K11236      K2194      K3271      K31247      K5212      KAC-PDW286      KLIN177      KS-23158      KSG157      KSVK252      Kar98k46      Kord276      L85A168      LTLX 7000323      LWMMG81      Lee-Enfield50      Lewis253      Liberator283      Lusa311      M1 Garand34      M1014165      M12191      M1437      M16A154      M1887151      M1895 CB275      M1897152      M1911     M191875      M1919A480      M1A135      M200257      M2138      M249 SAW79      M2HB77      M317      M37153      M4 SOPMOD II56      M4A155      M500154      M590155      M6 ASW324      M6078      M82297      M82A1231      M870229      M9     M950A97      M99128      MAC-1018      MAS-38301      MAT-49280      MDR215      MG388      MG3487      MG36263      MG4125      MG4286      MG5109      MP-443220      MP-44691      MP-448232      MP4025      MP41267      MP526      MP728      MT-9144      Magal258      Makarov     Micro Uzi32      Mk 12226      Mk2399      Mk46240      Mk48121      Model L223      Mondragon317      Mosin-Nagant39      NS2000190      NTW-2053      NZ75126      Nagant Revolver     Negev112      OBR230      OTs-12105      OTs-14119      OTs-39209      OTs-44145      P0811      P22242      P226186      P30269      P38     P7100      P90245      P99123      PA-15260      PK85      PKP173      PM-06224      PM-9259      PM1910319      PP-19136      PP-19-01137      PP-200024      PP-9023      PPK10      PPS-4322      PPSh-4121      PSG-1117      PSM140      PTRD42      Px4 Storm233      Python     PzB 39180      QBU-88261      QSB-91322      R5289      R93266      RFB172      RMB-93159      RO635143      RPD84      RPK-16292      RT-20241      Rex Zero 1310      Ribeyrolles171      S.A.T.8188      SAF304      SAR-21237      SCW169      SIG-51074      SIG-556287      SL8296      SM-1217      SPAS-12162      SPP-198      SPR A3G235      SR-3MP135      SRS211      SSG 3000273      SSG 69147      ST AR-1557      SUB-2000327      SV-9844      SVCh329      SVD43      SVT-3840      Saiga-12160      Serdyukov113      Shipka150      Simonov41      Six12278      Skorpion27      Spectre M492      Spitfire168      Springfield36      StG-940314      StG4461      Stechkin     Sten MkII29      Steyr ACR313      Steyr Scout255      Suomi115      Super SASS124      Super-Shorty156      T-5000184      T-CMS268      T65193      T77218      T91181      TAC-50222      TAR-2172      TEC-9244      TMP176      TS12321      Tabuk305      Thompson16      Thunder202      Tokarev     Type 03239      Type 100228      Type 4270      Type 5649      Type 56-166      Type 59132      Type 62249      Type 63133      Type 6494      Type 79127      Type 80199      Type 81 Carbine174      Type 88238      Type 9213      Type 95129      Type 97130      Type 97 Shotgun161      UKM-2000254      UMP40102      UMP45103      UMP9101      USAS-12189      USP Compact141      V-PM5325      VHS318      VP70277      VSK-94312      Vector20      Vepr298      WA200048      WKp309      Webley294      Welrod MkII114      X95251      XM3200      XM8216      Z-62116      ZB-26307      Zas M21196      Zas M76284      m4533      wz.29182     

Extra T-DollsEdit

 Agent 4161029      Agent Vector1028      Alma1021      Angelica1027      Bronya1005      Claes1026      Clear1009      Dana1022      Dorothy1019      Elphelt1002      Fail1010      Henrietta1023      Jill1017      Kiana1003      Murata Himeko1007      Noel1001      Raiden Mei1004      Rico1024      Seele1008      Sei1018      Stella1020      Theresa1006      Triela1025     

Unreleased T-Dolls (T-Dolls without index number)Edit

Currently there are no records of unreleased T-Dolls on the wiki.

Rejected T-Dolls (T-Dolls which may never appear)Edit

 K7      KGP-9