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[Ten minutes after the operation is over.]

[Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.]

Alchemist: Your teammates?

FAL: Yeah.

Alchemist: Go ahead, pick it up.

FAL: No need for that.
FAL: They wouldn’t dare contact me if they failed.

Alchemist: Hehe...
Alchemist: Did you know something, FAL?
Alchemist: That’s the only interesting thing you’ve said to me so far.

FAL: Oh? Then why am I still alive?

Alchemist: That’s because you are utterly boring. Conversation with you is dry and your tastes are plebeian.
Alchemist: In truth, I only want to end the conversations when they start to become interesting.
Alchemist: Congratulations, you’re the first doll to drag one out this long.

FAL: *sighs* I knew it… besides, hardly anyone would be interested in 100 year-old things...
FAL: Still, if our mission is a success, that means you didn’t harm your prey.
FAL: Why is that, Alchemist?

Alchemist: I told you before, pleasurable things ought to be enjoyed, and there’s no enjoyment to be had in dead dolls.

FAL: Is that the reason you stayed here?
FAL: To kidnap so many of our dolls and torture them for your amusement?

Alchemist: What other reason could there be, FAL?
Alchemist: Do dolls not have the right to enjoy themselves?
Alchemist: Or are you saying we ought to abide by the lifestyles that the humans do?

FAL: …
FAL: You’re studying us. Right? You want to understand our digiminds.

Alchemist: You’re very smart, but don’t ask any further. I don’t know the rest either.

FAL: Hmph, looks like SF doesn’t have that much freedom either.

Alchemist: At the very least, I don’t leave my friends in enemy captivity to be tortured for the sake of victory.
Alchemist: Just like you did with F2000, am I correct?

FAL: …So you knew.

Alchemist: I only thought about it when I saw you, FAL.
Alchemist: I used to think that frightening dolls had a distinctive scent to them, but you’re different.
Alchemist: You’re the most frightening “commoner” I’ve ever seen.

FAL: Even I wouldn’t take risks without something up my sleeve.
FAL: I’m not a careless doll. My preparations are simply a step ahead of the opposition.
FAL: Also, the fact that F2000 fell into your hands was her own fault, but at least she made up for it by rescuing a helper.

Alchemist: Hehe… what a touching sacrifice. I regret letting her live.

FAL: …It’s too late to envy us now. We may have our quirks, but we never stand alone.
FAL: And now my friends are coming to save me. Shouldn’t you return to the place you should be?

Alchemist: …Oh?
Alchemist: And what do you think I’ll do?
Alchemist: Coerce you to leave? Or kill you and then leave by myself? Or blow up this entire place?

FAL: …
FAL: There’s no value at all in putting me under duress, and you have many units outside, so you don’t need to rush to kill me.
FAL: So I’m guessing that you’re not going to do either of those.

Alchemist: Correct.

[Alchemist picks up a gun from the table and points it at herself.]

Alchemist: Look at me. Let me see your face, FAL.

FAL: Is this the last bit of data you need to collect?

Alchemist: I just wanted to know… how far I can go for my orders.
Alchemist: I want to know why we were created. Was it for reference, or was there a reason...

FAL: …
FAL: You’re pathetic, Alchemist.

Alchemist: We are all creations stored in bottles. We have what humans don’t have, but we don’t have what humans have...
Alchemist: All I want is to struggle free...

FAL: …
FAL: Do you actually mean that, or is that just an act to probe me?

[Alchemist smiles vacantly.]

Alchemist: Yes… this expression, that’s what I wanted.
Alchemist: You lose, FAL.

FAL: …!

Alchemist: This won’t be the last time...
Alchemist: Let’s meet in the next hell.


FAL: …Utterly pathetic.

[The second day, in Sector S08’s rest area.]

FN57: Are you still not going to talk about what happened?

FAL: What? You saw it when you reached the base, right?

FN57: You mean the part when you were reading a magazine beside Alchemist and there were no signs of a struggle at all?

FAL: I told you, she was killed by what she wanted.

FN57: Whatever… besides, you won’t be able to hide it from Helian-san when writing the report.

FAL: In any case, thank you.

FN57: Hm?

FAL: Fortunately you decided to come over and save me. Otherwise I would have been killed by the SF units surrounding me.
FAL: Still, if you had done that, wouldn’t you have permanently secured the team leader slot?
FAL: What, you don’t want it all of a sudden?

FN57: Don’t get me wrong.
FN57: Someday, I will take your seat as leader, but not now.
FN57: Right now, there are many things I want to learn, until I can beat you fair and square.
FN57: Is that answer… satisfactory?

FAL: …Very good.
FAL: You can continue being my adjutant for now.

FN57: *sighs* Following you around is so damn tiring...
FN57: Then, as your adjutant, I’m going to continue making my report.
FN57: FNC and 49’s request forms have already been filled up. They can officially join us once HQ approves.

FAL: Hmph, to think they’d jump into the fire of their own free will.

FN57: It’s because they like me, darling.

FAL: That’s right. It’s why I need you.
FAL: Work hard and recruit more useful people.

FN57: Let’s see how far our problem team can go...

FAL: By the way, F2000 needs to go back to HQ for a commendation and also to let them recover data about Alchemist from her neural cloud...
FAL: However, she can attend a celebration party in the afternoon… shall we invite T91 and the other rescued dolls?
FAL: As long as they’re willing to come… although I’ll have to drag them away if they’re too noisy.

FN57: The party can’t be delayed too long. We have new work.
FN57: The Commander said earlier that there was an abnormal SF signal in Sector S09 and unnatural weather phenomena.

FAL: Then our schedule for the afternoon is going to be very packed. I still need to have coffee with the Commander and go shopping for a bag...

FN57: Let F2000 and the others go with you. I’ll take care of the Commander.

FAL: …
FAL: Is this a challenge, 57?

FN57: Times have changed, FAL. Feeling the heat?
FN57: Like you said, every dolls has their own strengths.

[57 turns and leaves, while FAL sighs.]

FAL: Nothing’s ever easy in life...
FAL: …But that’s why it’s interesting, right?
FAL: That was the question you overlooked, Alchemist.
FAL: Someone who thinks they’re trapped in a bottle will never be able to escape.