Story/Night 6-3 (Part1)/Script

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[15 minutes later]

FN57: Good evening, Commander. I am the Tactical Doll Five-SeveN, adjutant of Team FN.
FN57: As FAL just mentioned, I will be playing the bait this time round.
FN57: Don’t worry, don’t worry, I anticipated this outcome… she’s always like that.
FN57: Still, Commander… what do you think of me?
FN57: You must understand that I’m different from her, that my operating style is more level-headed than hers, and that I won’t make everyone suffer for nothing.
FN57: Also, aren’t I warmer than a cold, materialistic woman like FAL?
FN57: Heehee. You really like me? That’s wonderful, I like you very much too, Commander!

FAL: 57, haven’t you made a move yet?

FN57: Ah… I’m about to.
FN57: Therefore, I’ll be counting on you to provide me with an escort, Commander. I’ll be heading to this patch of empty land on the map...
FN57: Please take good care of me, and don’t stray too far even after we reach our destination. I’ll make sure you receive a good reward afterwards~
FN57: Alright, let’s start as soon as possible, while the night isn’t over yet.