Story/Emergency 7-3 (Part2)/Script

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[...RO also arrived at the rendezvous point agreed with Type92.]

RO635: Hailing Type92. I have arrived at the rendezvous point. Where are you?

Type92: ...

RO635: Hmm? Type92?

Type92: I...

RO635: ...
Please, how many times does this make...

Type92: No fun...
I still remember the first time your pigtails literally stood on end...

RO635: Jeez...
I'm not AAT. I won't fall for the same trap seven times a day.

AAT-52: Hey, I heard that!

RO635: Are you there yet?
Sten's also in position. Then let's hack into the mortar!

STEN Mk II: Hmm... RO, this hacking kinda hard to get my head around.

Type92: There does seem to be a few problems. The operating routines need a bit of tweaking.
I've sent the set-up to you guys. Adapt to it quickly.

RO635: The hacking program was originally the work of Sangvis Ferri. We were short on time so this is the best we could do with it.
Hurry up and get this over with. We're running out of time here too.
M16 and Makarov are going after SOP-II, and I'm worried that Dreamer will unleash another round of barrage.

Type92: Is she...mad enough to blow herself up?

RO635: That's just a dummy, 92.
The Dreamer in Area S05...has been a dummy from day one.

Type92: What a beast...
Why do all S.F. units have such high command efficiency?

RO635: Their Mastermind is never one to shut herself in a lab. She's been learning and improving her craft.
Both Dreamer and Jupiter are her new toys...

Type92: If we manage to hack into the system, at least we won't be sitting ducks when going against the latter.

RO635: True, but it's gonna be a bit of a chore...
We'll have to take over all the bases around the mortar before we can initiate the hack...

STEN Mk II: RO, I'm almost done here!

AAT-52: Same here! Only 15% left!

Type92: Makarov and M16 seem to have arrived as well!

RO635: Just a little more...
Please guys, hurry up just a bit!

[Meanwhile, M16 and Makarov are preparing to storm the factory.]

M4 SOPMOD II: Pant... Pant... Pant......

Dreamer: Were these...enough for your appetite?

M4 SOPMOD II: No... No... Far from it...
It won't be enough at all...if I don't have you...

Dreamer: I know. I know exactly how that feels...
It's a curse, SOP-II. We're both cursed with it.
When the only thing to live by is our orders, when our only purpose is to serve and obey...


Dreamer: Kill me, SOP-II, and make me happy.



M16A1: That really was a dummy...
Are you alright, SOP-II?

Dreamer: Oh, c'mon, M16...
It may have been a dummy, but I did devote all my sensory input to it.
I was really, really looking forward to SOP-II's performance.

M16A1: There's nothing you can do now, Dreamer.
SOP-II has already lost her target so you can't toy with her anymore!

Dreamer: Oh, really?
I never said...I only had one dummy.

M16A1: ...!

Dreamer: She will go on chasing after her prey, driven by her desires...


M16A1: SOP-II! Stop!
It's a trap!

Makarov: Tsk...
She won't listen!


M16A1: SOP-II!!
What are you doing, Makarov?!

Makarov: Just getting her to pipe down for a while. She'll be fine.
More importantly, we have to get out of here or we won't make it!

M16A1: What??

Makarov: Just think about it. Dreamer must be planning to get us all in one go!

Dreamer: Heheh... Surprise, surprise.
I know your neural system is the hardest to mess with out of everyone in the AR Team, M16.
In that case, I'll just destroy you physically!

Makarov: There's no time to run! Get down!
M16! What are you doing?!

M16A1: ...
If we make it out alive...
Please apologize to M4 for me...