Story/Emergency 5-4 (Part1)/Script

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[In a tactical control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction...]

Kalina: Oh, Commander, you're still waiting for your orders?
Sorry... Miss Helian has left on some urgent business.
Anyway, she's left it to me to issue your mission.
According to information acquired by the AR Team and some other T-Dolls, Sangvis Ferri is hatching a plot that poses tremendous threat to Griffin.
We must take the initiative to strike first so as to stop this unprecedented crisis.
Well... That's what Miss Helian said.
Though I simply can't imagine why they hate us so much...
But whatever the case, many Sangvis elite units are still prowling around this area, making things dangerous for us.
Please clear the area to ensure the smooth operation of our counterattack.
This is the last battle before the counterattack. Please begin, Commander.
No matter how great the difficulty, we will surely overcome it!