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[10 minutes later.]

Kiana: Like I was saying… you really shouldn’t have left Destroyer where she was, Bronya. If we had captured her, we would have done a great deal to help Griffin.

Bronya: Mei-nee said not to interfere too much with this world.

Kiana: Fine, fine but what should we do now? The Slain have all gone mad and they’re charging the base. I guess no good deed goes unpunished, especially by Destroyer!

Himeko: That’s not the reason why. It should be the opposite. After removing Destroyer’s Breakdown Energy, all the Slain have gone out of control.

Kiana: Ahhhh honestly! And we don’t know where Vector and Seele have wandered to a time like this!

PP90: According to my last position fix, they ought to be very close to the base. Even so, we’ve got a large area to search.

Mei: That’s fine. All we need to do is split up and look.

Himeko: A good plan, but not suitable for the present situation. The Slain are flooding towards the base; going out alone is extremely dangerous.

PP90: Theresa-san, can you clear away the nearby Breakdown energy so the Slain will run out of steam by themselves?

Theresa: Ah… fully cleansing the area isn’t easy. Seele and Vector might not be able to hold out that long.

Bronya: Bronya can sneak in.

Himeko: It’s a whole new sector outside, and you don’t understand the terrain or the enemy’s disposition. Charging in recklessly is both risky and not likely to succeed.

PP90: Let me go. I used to patrol this region often and I know the lay of the land. Vivi might be stuck in a place with impeded comms; that way I can contact them quickly.

Kiana: But wouldn’t it be even more dangerous if PP90 went by herself?

Himeko: No. According to my investigations, these Slain dolls were produced by a SF plant, and without other orders, they react much more strongly to humans than dolls Also, an individual doll’s presence is much harder to detect than that of a human, so the Slain would have a harder time detecting them.

Mei: But is there nothing we can do here?

PP90: The Slain currently surround this base. If you can help Griffin defend this place, you’ll be doing everyone a big favor.

Theresa: You don’t have to worry about that. Kiana, you mustn’t let a single Slain get in here.

Mei: Even so, we’ll still need to help PP90 clear a path.

Kiana: Got it. I’ll start by having the echelons open a safe route for PP90, and then PP90 will go search for Vector and Seele.

PP90: That’s fine. Leave it to me.

Mei: Let us know if anything dangerous happens.

Bronya: Do your best, Another Bronya.

PP90: Ahaha… I’ll work hard for you too, Bronya-san. Don’t worry!

Himeko: Kiana, don’t forget to give PP90 support while she’s on her way.

PP90: Yup! And since I’ll pinpoint Vivi and Seele’s locations right away, don’t forget to place support for them in the vicinity!

Theresa: Good, then let’s take our places, everyone! All we need to do is hold the base and welcome Seele and Vector back, and then everything will be over!