Story/A Snowy Night Capriccio/E1-2 (Part2)/Script

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[... At the main entrance of the Griffin base.]
[Destroyer's carefully modified Sangvis Dinergates have managed to slip in among the Griffin T-Dolls during the battle. They are now sitting quietly at the door.]

FAL & Fel the Ferret: ...

CZ75: Don't you see them...? A couple of the little guys are sitting there...

Suomi: I DO see them, and that's why I don't know what to do...
They're just waiting there so miserably... like a bunch of strays...

FAL: Wait, one's coming over...
And it's brushing itself against my leg. This Dinergate's got good tastes.

[Fel the Ferret squeaks in protest.]

OTs-44: Oooh! I could really use their help right now.

WA2000: It's not like we can't take them in. I mean, we could use the help, right?

Gr G36: We can't just leave them out here in this cold...

Springfield: Seeing as we're all in agreement, then let's keep them for now. We'll let the Commander decide later.

[... Behind a shady corner near the Griffin base.]
[As she watches the Griffin T-Dolls taking in her modified Dinergates, Destroyer rolls around on the snow in glee.]

Gager: You might pay for letting your guard down so quickly.

[Destroyer gets back onto her feet with poise.]

Destroyer: Don't worry, I won't make the same mistake.

[Destroyer clenches her fist, her eyes glinting with determination.]

[... Meanwhile.]
[... Near a chimney of the Griffin base.]
[ART556 stares thoughtfully at the new Dinergates, her lips curling into an evil grin.]