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Springfield is in charge of the base's Cafe, where she works with RF Hanyang Type 88 Hanyang Type 88      and AR G36 G36     [1] (as well as RF DSR-50 DSR-50     , RF G28 G28     , SG V-PM5 V-PM5     , RF Gepard M1 Gepard M1      and RF Type 81 Carbine Type 81 Carbine      according to the Base Overview), and is also the head of the Integrated Logistics Department, in charge of the daily life of the base and only rarely taking part in combat.[2] She is good at sewing[3] and poker,[4] but is old-fashioned and has trouble keeping up with trends, once trying to add a staple rural American carrot walnut cake to the Cafe's menu.[5]

Mature and gentle in nature, she is very generous with her companions. But whether in life or on the battlefield, one can never find a weakness in her seemingly defenseless posture.[6] She is considered reliable on a breadth of matters by other Dolls[7][8][9] and HG M1911 M1911      describes her as “everyone's greatest rival [for the Commander's affection, but also] best confidante”.[10] Despite her easygoing attitude, Springfield has deep insights into the philosophy of Dolls life and is skilled in imparting them to those who come seek her guidance at the cafe.

Story InvolvementEdit

Springfield only makes rare short appearances in the main story, but appears in many side stories.

Main storyEdit

Springfield took part as a team leader in the battle of the Paldiski Submarine Base with all the other T-Dolls under the Commander, but her team was mostly wiped out.[11] She was either one of the few survivors of the battle or among the first T-Dolls to be brought back as she manned the cafe with G36 a few days after the Commander returned to Area S09.[12]

Neural Upgrade storiesEdit

In RF Mosin-Nagant Mosin-Nagant     's story, Mosin-Nagant talks about her concerns regarding her upgrade with Springfield, and ultimately decides to reject it and transfer into a ceremonial guard job at Griffin HQ. A few weeks later, Mosin comes back to the cafe to talk with Springfield about her insecurities, and Springfield gives her the revised upgrade plan the Commander made for her, which Mosin accepts before joining back. Mosin also asks Springfield her reason for working at the café, but she doesn't answer.

At the end of RF Hanyang Type 88 Hanyang Type 88     's story, the Commander asks Springfield if she would like to have a neural upgrade, and she replies that she would only do it if she absolutely had to.

During AR Galil Galil     's story, Galil visits the other departments of the base as she considers herself too old to keep working with Squad MG Negev Negev      in the Frontline Combat Team. Springfield takes her into the Integrated Logistics Department, where Galil tries to bus tables at the cafe and make logistics runs, but is not satisfied with her performance and is eventually asked by Negev to join her squad back after taking a neural upgrade. When Galil hands her resignation to her, Springfield assures her that her colleagues praised her diligence and level-headed decision making, and encourages Galil to “follow her heart” when choosing her future.

In AR G36 G36     's story, Springfield helps smooth things out between the members of G36's team after a difficult mission, tipping the Commander on how to resolve the situation. Springfield is mentioned in MG LWMMG LWMMG     's story, when LWMMG helps her carry some boxes and close the café on a whim. At the end of RF KSVK KSVK     's story, the Commander, KSVK and SG DP-12 DP-12      celebrate KSVK's upgrade at the cafe and Springfield gives KSVK a free slice of cake. In MG Type 80 Type 80     's story, Springfield has to chase after Type 80, who bought lots of pastries to bribe HG Type 59 Type 59      but ran away without paying.

Event storiesEdit

A Snowy Night CapriccioEdit

With the Commander out to buy presents for all the Dolls on short notice, RF Springfield Springfield      and MG MG5 MG5      try to keep the other Dolls in line as Kalina organizes the Christmas party. Their efforts are overshadowed by the sheer chaos caused by the Dolls and Destroyer's attempt to take control of the base.

Far Side of the SeaEdit

When Kalina planned an informal seaside vacation by taking a contract to clear any danger from a deserted island, RF Springfield Springfield      was one of the Dolls selected by the Commander for the trip. She tried to offer muffins to SMG Z-62 Z-62     , who got startled and ran away, then discussed Doll-compatible sunscreen with AR Type 95 Type 95     . After the Dolls neutralized the abandoned weapon factory on the island, Springfield prepared the huge tuna caught by RF NTW-20 NTW-20      for the beach barbecue.

Bounty FeastEdit

After word about the Division tournament spread on Grifchan, AR Type 97 Type 97      and SMG MP7 MP7      pestered Springfield into joining as their team leader, where she used the nickname “Honey Muffin”. She steered her companions toward a methodical strategy, starting with careful looting and avoiding combat with the other teams.[13] During a tense encounter with SG M870 M870     's team, they were interrupted by a flashbang thrown from afar by Squad 404 to provoke them into fighting, but Springfield ordered her team to run away instead.[14] They later came across SMG Vector Vector      mourning the loss of SMG PP-90 PP-90      and Springfield ordered her team not to eliminate her out of respect.[3]

During their last resources run before entering the Dark Zone, Squad Springfield ran into AR A-91 A-91      in a boss area littered with explosives. Sensing the danger of a shootout, Springfield tried to negotiate with the drunken Doll, who initially relaxed due to Springfield's presence. But MP7's provocations and the arrival of the boss caused A-91 to open fire and the explosives to go out, taking down all of Squad Springfield.[15]


Springfield temporarily takes HG Jill Jill     's place as VA-11 Hall A's bartender during the second-to-last cafe sequence, where she reveals the true nature of the event's story.[16]

One Coin ShortEdit

SMG Suomi Suomi      gets drunk on Springfield's Christmas cocktail, then wakes up in a trance and orders more cocktails from Springfield to become gaming friends with AR RFB RFB      and SMG TMP TMP     . Though the method is rough, Springfield doesn't seem to mind as long as they have fun.[17]

Notebook storiesEdit

Weirder Things (Classic Witch costume)Edit

After the Commander suggested to organize an event at the base for Halloween, RF Springfield Springfield      was made the organizer and set up a haunted house in an recently cleared out logistics warehouse. She selected RF WA2000 WA2000      and HG Makarov Makarov      with setting up the house, SMG Type 64 Type 64      with sewing costumes, and even recruited (bribed and kidnapped) AR G11 G11      to play one of the monsters, thinking she was a new arrival at the base (she eventually had to apologize after G11 got beaten up by SMG MP5 MP5      after scaring her).

When the power in the haunted house went out as WA2000 and SMG m45 m45      tried to turn the animatronics on, Springfield managed to reach the control room in search of WA2000 to apologize about overlooking the state of the electric circuits in the warehouse. She found m45 there, who did not recognize Springfield in the dark and lamented that she should have stayed in the kitchen to cook instead of trying to help. m45 also voiced her admiration for Springfield, seeing her as perfect in every way. Springfield encouraged her to talk about her insecurities and revealed that she too felt the stress of her position, made mistakes and got scolded by WA2000 too. She then gave m45 the Halloween costume she had planned to offer her as a way to socialize.

After the event ended, the Commander explained to Springfield that they had authorized the ambitious haunted house plan to test out the quirks of each Doll and get to know them better by helping them sort each issue out. But Springfield's management ended up making things run too smoothly for them to gather much insight into their troops, so Springfield encouraged them to keep trying to know each Doll better.

"Secrets are only uncovered when the moment calls for it, Commander. Before the time comes though, you'll need to keep working to get to know each of us T-Dolls better."

Santa Claus Hunt (O Holy Night costume)Edit

During the Christmas party, RF Springfield Springfield      dressed as Santa to distribute presents to the rest of the employees. However, RF M14 M14      cluelessly revealed to her the plan by the children Dolls to steal the presents, so Springfield enlisted RF NTW-20 NTW-20      to give the troublemakers a lesson. Having sensed trouble from a conversation with HG Colt Revolver Colt Revolver      and missing champagne bottles in the inventory, the Commander also gathered their own security team consisting of MG MG5 MG5      and AR FAL FAL     . When the Commander tried to joke about them being tempted to steal the presents too, they quickly backtracked after Springfield's usual smile got ever so slightly menacing. The three security Dolls swiftly dealt with the troublemakers before they could disrupt Springfield's plans. After she had distributed all the presents, the Commander offered Springfield their own present, since she had not prepared any for herself.

“There was a lot to do... But seeing everyone so happy makes it all worth it.”

Anniversary Party (Queen in Radiance costume)Edit

After the announcement of Griffin & Kryuger's anniversary banquet, RF Springfield Springfield      came up with a plan to organize a private party at the base for the more childish and raucous Dolls who wouldn't be invited to the public event. During the banquet, she takes the Commander aside so they can get a rest from the other guests and both express their thanks for each other's work in the past year, and the year to come.

“Being able to stay by your side like this is enough for us T-Dolls, Commander.”

Florentine's GiftEdit

Reusing her O Holy Night costume, Springfield appears in the costume stories of other Dolls.

Before the Christmas party, Springfield enlisted the help of SG CAWS CAWS      to select and buy the presents of the other Dolls, paying her with two days worth of afternoon tea for two. This creates some commotion as CAWS starts stalking the Dolls to know what kind of present they would like. In RF Gepard M1 Gepard M1     's story, Gepard is determined to laze about in the cafe during her vacation day, but eventually feels so guilty to see Kalina and Springfield too busy to prepare the Christmas tree that MG Lewis Lewis      and the Commander bought, she ends up preparing it herself in secret.

In HG LWMMG LWMMG     's story, Springfield puts her to work in laying out presents, then uses her to trick MG Mk48 Mk48      and MG M249 SAW M249 SAW      into doing the share of work they originally refused to sign for. Because her companions wanted to help LWMMG without telling her, Springfield loudly announced the task she would bring LWMMG to next, letting Mk48 and M249 finish it quickly before they arrived, though Springfield didn't plan on them roping the Commander into helping. After the last task is complete, Springfield reveals her plan to LWMMG, who asks why she didn't notice that the other tasks were never on her schedule, but Springfield only says that it was “because of a lie” and let LWMMG figure what happened for herself.

No. 4 SymphonyEdit

Springfield appears in HG M1911 M1911     's story when M1911 comes to the cafe, worried that she won't be able to dance with the Commander at the ball AR Zas M21 Zas M21      suggested. Springfield is impressed that M1911's childish tantrum convinced the others to organize an event, even though M1911 has more seniority than her, then admits that she could have been one of the Doll to try and get a dance with the Commander at the ball, but that she would be too busy and encouraged M1911 to ask naturally.

Bookshelf of MemoriesEdit

Becoming a StarEdit

When HG P38 P38     , SMG Spectre M4 Spectre M4      and HG HK45 HK45      needed funds to hire HG Desert Eagle Desert Eagle      and get lessons in being idols, they temporarily worked extra shifts with Springfield and the Integrated Logistics Department.[18] When they put on their show a week later, Springfield recorded their performance.[19]

Weekend Poker NightEdit

After coming back from a mission on a Friday evening, RF Lee-Enfield Lee-Enfield      enjoys Springfield's black tea as the Cafe's last client for the day. Lee notices Springfield is slightly troubled, and Springfield reveals why the Cafe closes early on Fridays: herself and other rifle T-Dolls have a secret weekly meeting to play poker and relax, but RF Carcano M1891 Carcano M1891      and RF Carcano M91∕38 Carcano M91∕38      are out on a mission. Springfield invites Lee as a replacement, challenging her to put her analytic mind and unfazable poise to the test.

RF WA2000 WA2000      arrives first and the three Dolls play a introductory game where two of them are dealt face-down the same card and the third a different card, and they must pinpoint the odd one out while holding out their card for the others to see while not knowing what it is themselves. After an exchange where Lee discovers the aspect of deception of the game, she announces Springfield is the impostor as she seemed the most suspicious, but it was WA2000, who feigned to be flustered to divert Lee's attention.

When RF Mosin-Nagant Mosin-Nagant      and RF Kar98k Kar98k      arrive, the five Dolls start a game of Five-cards stud. Laying low and conserving her chips, Lee pinpoints the other Dolls' playstyle, except for Springfield, unable to understand what strategy she's hiding behind her disarming smile. After WA2000, Kar98k and Mosin-Nagant are eliminated, Springfield and Lee engage in a duel, and eventually Springfield prevails after getting a rare hand. As the Dolls share tea after the game, Lee is enticed into attending the next Weekend Poker Night to face Springfield in a mind game again.

Her SmileEdit

AR G36 G36      imitating Springfield's smile.

After Kalina gets sick from overwork, Springfield closes the Cafe to take care of her for a few days. This impulsive decision pushes AR G36 G36      to scrutinize how Springfield handles her work. G36 is used to Springfield's efficiency in organizing missions when they worked together, so she is shocked to see her allow clients to loiter after they have finished eating and keep decorating the Cafe whimsically. She confronts Springfield about her loose approach of her job, but Springfield doesn't see any problem with her methods as long as clients are happy. To defuse the situation, AR XM8 XM8      suggests they switch jobs for a day to better understand each other's work.

While the Cafe receives very few customers because of G36's tyrannical efficiency despite baking trendy snacks (which is one of Springfield's weak points), Springfield, coached by SMG G36C G36C     , tries her best to take the heavy workload of G36 in strides (though she refuses to wear the same maid outfit). After stubbornly deciding to take every employee's special request at the cafeteria to give the same service as the Cafe, Springfield ends up exhausted as she finishes the rest of G36's daily tasks, and understands her need for raw efficiency.

At the end of the day, Springfield and G36 both apologize for underestimating each other's work. G36 helps Springfield by baking trendy snacks to add to her menu, while Springfield helps G36 become more welcoming to others, starting with lessons in smiling.

Other mediasEdit

Springfield is a recurring character in Girls' Frontline: Trigger Happy alongside RF WA2000 WA2000     .


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