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|title = ART556
|index =
|nationality = Brazil
|classification = AR
|rarity = 5
|manufacturer = Taurus
|artist =
|fullname =
| backgroundinfo = The ART556 Assualt Rifle is a Brazilian Gun designed by Taurus as its name suggests, is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. Externally, the rifle appears to have borrowed features from the FN SCAR and the Bushmaster ACR. It has a forward charging handle that looks like it is able to be switched to either the left or right side. The upper is aluminum and the lower is polymer with an integrated magwell grip. The gun appears to use an AR-15 compatible pistol grip. It has a safe/semi/3 round burst/full selector switch.| trivia = <!-- content under trivia header--put stuff here>
| references = <references/>

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