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Full name Ranko
Affiliation Magrasea
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Ding dong~ I am the decentralized currency trader, Ranko. On behalf of my colleague Riko, I can offer you a super profitable financial plan~ Hurried customer, are you in need of financial services?
— Random Anomaly Node appearance

Ranko is a Exchange Trader Agent in Magrasea and the student of Riko.[1]

Character Info

After seeing the near-collapse of the Trader Collective and many Exchange Traders “go missing” until Riko reorganized them, anger against their condition grew in Ranko's simulated mind and she left the Collective to search for a way for the Traders to survive by themselves instead of relying on the sectors or Sanctifiers.[2] After the Pierides Entropic crisis, Ranko was approached by Black Swan, who gave her a seed of Entropy and promised her unlimited power.[3]

Story Involvement

Ranko provided Director Meryl with the resources for the festival in Sector Burbank,[1] enabling her to prepare for spreading Entropy in the sector. She smuggled Entropized basic Neural Clouds into the sector for Puzzle to infuse into her statues and infected Mysterious Warrior Omega so they would spread the infection, but she was forced to reveal herself after the Professor noticed her involvement during all infection events and trapped her with the Oasis Dolls and Riko.[4]

Riko confronted Ranko and tried to persuade her to abandon the Entropy, but Ranko persisted. She swore to secure the future of Traders and that Riko would be the last Trader to die, and revealed her true appearance as Entropic Ranko.[3] After being subdued, she locked her consciousness into her Third Layer[5] and was seized by Hesperus, who used her to track down the High-Order Entropic who had created her seed of Entropy.[6]

Even after Ranko was taken away, the Traders were still infiltrated by the Entropics.[7]



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