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Acquisition 雷明顿R5……我是被寄予着相当了得的厚望而诞生的,至于我配不配得上,就用你那双眼睛来亲眼看看我的价值吧。 Remington R5。生まれながらにしてその未来を大きく期待された人形とは、このうちのことだ!そしてうちがその期待に値する人形なのかどうかは、自分の目で確かめな!Play Remington R5... I was created with high expectations. As for whether I deserve them, you'll have to see what I'm worth with your own eyes.
Secretary 之前在去咖啡厅的时候,偶然听见了相当冷门的重金属,可等我到那里的时候,只有一地狼藉而已。到底是谁在听呢…… こないだカフェに時にさ。たまたまマイナーなヘビーメタルの「」聞こえたんだ。で声をたどって行って見たら、ライブの「」しか残ってなかった。さて、一体誰がそこでライブをしてたんだろうな…Play Once, on my way to the Cafe, I happened to hear some fairly unpopular heavy metal songs. But by the time I got there, all I found was a huge mess all over the ground. I wonder who was listening to it...
只有被从贝壳里取出来的时候,珍珠才看得见整个世界。你听见弹壳碰撞出的摇滚声了吗? 貝殻から取り出された時、真珠は初めて世界を見る。あんたは殻と弾が弾むそのロックの音を聞いたことはあるか?Play A pearl can only see the world once it is taken out of its shell. Have you heard rock and roll music made by shell casings?
我被制造的时候,制造我的人认为我可以胜于我之前的同类型人形,因此对我寄予了厚望,如果不能好好报答这份期待的话,我会看不起自己的。 うちが作られた時、他の人形たちを遥かに超えられるって、製造者から大きく期待されていたんだ。もしこの期待に答えられなかったら、うちはきっと、自分に絶望するだろうな…Play When I was made, my maker believed that I was superior to other Dolls of my type, and so he had high hopes for me. I won't be able to look myself in the eye if I don't live up to those expectations.
Secretary (post OATH)
Want to listen to a new tune? ...Yeah, I wrote it just for you. It's the first time I've made music while feeling so nervous. I'd be glad if you liked it.
You wish to place a fetter upon the fingers that I use to play a tune? You DO know what that means, right? Commander... yes, of course, I understand very well... So does this mean I've lived up to your expectations in the end?
Greeting いい所に来たな!丁度インスピレーションが沸いて来た所だ!とりあえず鼻歌で聞かせてあげようか?っと…その前に、今日のスケジュールはどうなってるんだ?Play You came with a perfect timing when an inspiration strike! How about listen to my humming? Uh... before that, what's our schedule for today again?
T-Doll Produced 新メンバーがすでにうちらを待っている。そのエコーが耳に響いて来ないか?Play We've waited for a new member. The echo, does it reverberate in you ears?
Joining an echelon 楽譜とは、一つ一つの音符が「」初めて奏でられるものだ。そしたうちが、その中で一番重要な和音ってことさ。Play A score can only be played when each and every note on it is in harmony. That being the case, I would be the most important chord.
Enhancement 絃が…張り詰めてきたぜ!Play My strings...are wound tighter now.
Dummy-linking ドラム?ベース?キーボード?だが、ボーカルの座は譲らないぜ!Play Are you on Drums? Bass? Keyboard? I won't give up my spot as lead vocal!
Logistics (start) ギターはとりあえずあんたに預けて置くぜ、ちゃんと見ててくれ。Play I'll leave the guitar with you for now. Help me look after it.
Logistics (end) な!うちのギターは?!今めっちゃ引き取ってたまらないんだ!Play Hey! Where's my guitar? ...I really want to play it.
Autobattle 観客たちはの入場だ!さあ!うちらの演奏は聞け!Play The audience is all here. Now enjoy our performance!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission ライブの始まりだ!みんな、やつらにうちらの歌を聞かせてやろうぜ!Play The live has started! Everyone, let them hear our song!
Starting a battle さあ、観客たちが待ってるぜ!Play Come, they're waiting for us!
Skill activation プリング!Play Pulling-off!
スウィープ!Play Sweep-picking!
そして、ブーム!Play And then...boom!
Heavily damaged ぐう…リズムがかき乱された…Play (Groan) The rhythm's all messed up now...
Retreat 次は…もっといいリズムを…Play Our next performance will be more exciting...
MVP パーフェクト!完璧なライブだったな!Play Perfect! That was flawless performance!
Restoration 事前から変な音は…Play The G string pitch is a little abnormal...
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 毎年この日にいつもお菓子を用意しているんだが…誰もこないんだ…なんでだろう…?Play Every year I prepared sweets for this day... but nobody came. Why I wonder...?
Christmas 外ではずっと同じクリスマスソングが流れているな…いい曲だが、なんだか単調の気もする…指揮官、違うアレンジを聞いて見たくないか?Play The same Christmas song keep playing outside. It's good, but it feels a little monotonous. Commander, don't you want to hear something different?
New Year's Day 明けましておめでとう!指揮官、今年もよろしくおねが…真面目過ぎる?当たり前だろう?!


Happy New Year! Commander, please take care of me again this y- Too serious? Of course I am!
Valentine's day チョコレート?作る別けないだろう?指でも怪我したらどうするんだ…でも、先飴玉買ったから、「」にやるよ。


Chocolate? There's no way I'd make it. What will I do if my fingers got inju- Well, I bought candy earlier, I'll give you some.
Tanabata 新曲を書いたんだが、ちょっと演奏を聞いてくれるか?ただ曲集多いから、丸一日かかるかもしれない…それが終わったら、一緒に星を見に行こうぜ!


I wrote new songs, would you listen to it a bit? It's just an album worth, it might take a whole day to play it all... Once it over, let's see the star together!

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