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Can be accessed over the HQ-menu, the HQ 3D view and the quick-link on the main screen

Protocol Assimilation is a feature implemented following major event Polarized Light although the lore behind it wasn't really explained until Dual Randomness was released. This feature allows Commander to employ some of the enemy forces as playable unit.

Protocol Assimilation will be unlocked upon clearing map 7-6. Upon unlocking it, Commander will be awarded with several Coalition units as a welcoming gift after viewing the bombing intro video. These units are Scarecrow, Aegis, Ripper, and Striker.

Protocol Control Center

Facilities at level 0.

Protocol Control Center hosts all activities regarding Coalition unit and managed by several T-Dolls and Ringleaders. This facility can be accessed through 3D base button on home screen or via navigation bar. Currently, there are three facility available and one facility being locked.


Level Batteries required Item Battery.png Addition (Generator) Addition (Skill)
0 N/A 16h 48min / 9 Unlocks Skill Upgrades
1 5 16h / 9 Based on Level
2 50 15h 16min / 10
3 100 15h 16min / 11
4 150 14h 36min / 11
5 200 14h / 11 MAX
6 250 14h / 12
7 350 12h 55min / 12
8 450 12h 55min / 13
9 600 12h / 13
10 800 12h / 14

Pulse Reactor Pile

This facility generates and stores Item Extra Impulse.png EMP pulse that Commander can expend to capture Coalition units. At facility level 10, pulse reactor generates one pulse every 12 hours, and can store 14 pulse at maximum.

Tactical Chip Development Terminal

Tactical chip tree.
Red box shows the tactical chip slot.
Tactical chip details (Night Vision 1).

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

This facility provides a set of tactical chips and unlocked through research. Each chip cost Item Battery.pngx1000, with research time ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Tactical chips provide great benefit during battle, and only Ringleaders can equip them.

Tactical chips are shared among Ringleaders, but one chip can only be equipped on one Ringleader at a time. Commander should be careful on assigning them on which Ringleader. Also, worth to mention that the effects from Weakening or Fighting Spirit chips can stack. This situation is possible through deploying friend support echelon whom Ringleaders are equipped with the same kind of chip.

In general, tactical chips are divided into three categories; Strategic, Squad-Buffing, and Aura.

Type Name Effects Cost
Item Battery.png
Research Time
Strategic Rapid Supply Call an airdrop to fully resupply a friendly echelon within one node (Cost 3 action points and 2 turn cooldown).
At Bay Can obtain drop from enemy on adjacent node. Enemies already stolen cannot be stolen from again. x1000 40:00
Aura Weakening Decreases enemy echelons damage within 2 node by 12%.
Fighting Spirit Increases friendly echelons damage within 3 nodes by 6%.
Lone Wolf Increases own echelon damage by 10% when there is no friendly echelons present within one node.
Steadfast Increases own echelon evasion and armour by 100% and 50% respectively when engaging enemy on friendly node.
Support Friendly support units within 2 nodes will deal 20% more damage (HOC and Coalition) x1000 40:00
Military Increases damage of all units in echelon the more units there are in the echelon, max 15%. x1000 30:00
Squad-Buffing Night Vision 1 Provides one extra vision during night battle.
Night Vision 2 Eliminates night battle accuracy penalty by 100%.
Shadow Step Action point won't be used for the first step each turn.
Self-Sufficient Echelon can carry two extra supplies.
Dangerous Mobilization First battle after deployment will not consume ammo/rations and increase damage by 15%. x1000 40:00

Binary Infusion Impeller

This facility is used to exchange size, level, stats, and dummy-link or shiny status between Coalition units. Each process consume Item Transfer Catalyst.pngx50 transfer catalyst, which can be obtained through retiring Coalition units or buying them from Coalition shop.


Capture menu interface.
Guaranteed capture using EMP.
Coalition capture success.

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

Intro video.
  • This is where Commanders can perform Coalition units capture process. This menu can be accessed from homescreen shortcut, navigation bar, or Protocol Control Center
    • The upper-right corner shows the amount of EMP a Commander possess. This is used to start the capture process.
    • Middle area displays what units are currently available to capture.
    • The numbers near red bar show how many units left on the current pool.
    • The timer on the right side is used to shuffle the current displayed unit available for capture. Commanders can perform this act every 72 hours.
    • Bottom display shows more detailed breakdown on what units are currently available for capture in the current pool.
    • Shuriken-like button will bring Commanders to the guaranteed capture interface.
  • To capture an unit, Commanders can choose one of the displayed unit available for capture.
    • Tapping the unit's portrait will pop a confirmation dialogue box that shows the chance of capturing the unit.
      • 1-star units will have 100% capture chance. 2-stars have 50% chance and 3-stars have the lowest chance of 25%.
    • This process uses one EMP per attempt. Commanders can obtain EMP from natural regeneration, achievement, event reward, and premium purchase.
    • Upon confirmation, the capture will begin. Commanders can skip the process to go straight to the capture result screen.
    • Commanders' dolls will fight a group of enemies and try to bring down their hit points.
    • Upon reaching a certain threshold, EMP will be fired to finish them off.
    • A successful capture is indicated when there is only one enemy left. If there are more than 1 enemy units present, it'll result in a failure and the enemy will be tossed into the encounter pool.
    • Successful capture will award the Commander with the desired unit. If the process ends up with a failure, Commanders will get random consolidation reward.
    • When obtaining an 1 or 2* int-rarity unit, they'll come in one of 5 sizes; XS, S, M, L, XL. These sizes denote the SF units stat scaling as well as their chibi's scale, with XL units giving the highest stat scaling, additionally obtaining an XS or XL unit will contribute to their respective achievement sets.
  • To eliminate the chance of failure, Commanders can expend the guaranteed capture ticket.
    • The guaranteed capture acts like a fishing net. It will randomly pick anything which is available in the current pool.
    • Commanders can expend up to ten tickets at once.
    • Commanders can obtain the ticket from various means, such as weekly mission, event reward, and premium purchase.
    • If Commanders aims for a specific unit, it is advised to make the pool small enough before performing this act, reducing the chance of RNG will pick undesirable unit while raising the chance of capturing the desirable one.

Coalition Shop

Coalition shop.

Coalition shop can be accessed through Capture menu by tapping the double arrow button on top-right. Item Dark Star Kernel.pngItem Supernova Kernel.png Dark Star and Hyper Star Kernel are used as this shop's currency. Both currency can be obtained by retiring ★1 and ★2/3 Coalition units respectively.

Hyper Star Kernel Shop

Dark Star Kernel Shop

Upgrading units

  • For Coalition units dummy-linking method, please visit Factory Menu
  • For Coalition units enhancement method, please visit Factory Menu
Dummy-linking Coalition unit.
Raising rarity (ringleader).
Raising rarity (normal unit).
  • Similar with normal T-Dolls, Coalition units are capable of dummy linking.
  • Unlike normal T-Dolls, there is no level requirement for dummy linking.
    • Duplicate units are needed in the process.
  • Commanders can also raise the rarity of Coalition units.
  • Raising the rarities will raise the max cap of their stats, further strengthening them.
  • There will be level requirements, and Development Petri Dish is used as material to raise their rarity.
    • For Ringleaders, they require the following:
      • For 4* Reinforcement, they require 300x Petri Dishes and min level of 70. This upgrade unlocks a 4th skill and allows them to equip 2 Chip Passives.
      • For 5* Reinforcement, they require 450x Petri Dishes and min level of 90. This upgrade unlocks a new CG for the Ringleader.
    • For Elite units, they require the following:
      • For 3* Reinforcement, they require 100x Petri Dishes and a min level of 30. This upgrade only increases their max stat cap.
      • For 4* Reinforcement, they require 150x Petri Dishes and a min level of 70. This upgrade unlocks a new skill for Basic units. If the unit as an Elite unit, this unlocks their secondary skill.
      • For 5* Reinforcement, they require 300x Petri Dishes and a min level of 90. This upgrade only increases their max stat cap.
    • For Basic Units, they require the following:
      • For 2* Reinforcement, they require 50x Petri Dishes and a min level of 10. This upgrade only increases their max stat cap.
      • For 3* Reinforcement, they require 70x Petri Dishes and a min level of 30. This upgrade only increases their max stat cap.
      • For 4* Reinforcement, they require 100x Petri Dishes and a min level of 70. This upgrade unlocks a new skill for Basic units. If the unit as an Elite unit, this unlocks their secondary skill.
      • For 5* Reinforcement, they require 200x Petri Dishes and a min level of 90. This upgrade only increases their max stat cap.


Coalition Unit echelons have the same dormitory rights as normal echelons
  • Coalition units don't have separate dorms.
  • They will appear in the dorm alongside Commander's avatar and visitor. (I hope they won't fight).
  • The dorms they appear in depend on which echelon they're assigned to, similar to regular dolls.
  • They appear with their gun as they have no dormitory animation set, whereas Ringleader units have dorm animations.
  • Coalition units posses an affection bar similar to our T-Dolls and gain affection much similar to our T-Dolls (10000 base xp gained = +1 affection, not affected by XP contracts). They can lose affection just the same as well, whenever a coalition unit falls or is completely destroyed against regular enemies, they'll lose 10 points of affection whereas everyone else in that formation will lose 5. Coalition units also have different intervals when popping their hearts in the dorms.
    • Like standard T-Dolls, you can also Item Oath Certificate.png Oath Ringleaders whenever their affection reaches 100 and can also benefit greatly from affection bonuses due to their higher base stats. (Destroyer having 930 base DMG will result in her getting +93 DMG at 140+ affection)

SF Simulations

Battle Simulation Sangvis Cultivation.jpg
Coalition Unit Simulation Echelon Preparation.jpg
  • There are 3 new simulations Commanders can run to further bolster their Coalition units' effectiveness. They all have a fixed cost of 3 simulation energy, and use a separate version from our normal sim energy. They recharge at the same rate of 1 energy every 2 hours. Extra energy can be purchased from our trusty Kalina in her shop.
  • The Simulations are always open, and can receive 3x gain bonuses on certain days.
    • EXP Simulation will get bonuses on Monday and Thursday.
    • Development Simulation will get bonuses on Tuesday and Friday.
    • Data Simulation will get bonuses on Wednesday and Saturday.
    • Sundays give bonuses to all simulations.
    • Additionally, S-Ranking the simulations will grant a 20% bonus to supply gain for any of the 3 simulations.
  • These simulations are drastically more difficult compared to standard simulations due to a few specific things.
    • Commanders are restricted to a selected amount of T-Dolls for each of the 3 simulations which will rotate on a weekly basis along with the enemies Commanders will encounter for each simulation, these T-Dolls can include ones a Commander does not own, but nevertheless. COMMANDERS CANNOT USE THEIR OWN T-DOLLS FOR THESE SIMULATIONS!
      • They come with maxed level and skill level. They also given the best equipment available.
      • Their skills can't be set to forced manual. Commanders might want to turn-off skill auto-activation when bringing specific dolls.
    • Each simulations possess their own individual par time. Some simulations require a time limited clear of 23 seconds, whereas others are under 3 seconds. Staying under at least 20% the par time will result in the maximum resources gained for that respective Sim.
    • EXP simulation, is used for gathering new Combat Reports which Commanders can give to increase their experience point by 3000 per report. Upon completion you may get 10 ~ 12x reports normally, 30 ~ 36x on bonus days.
    • Development simulation, is used for gathering Development Petri Dish which is used for increasing Coalition units' development levels (star/rarity). Upon completion, Commander may get 6 ~ 8x Dev Mats, 18 ~ 22x on bonus days.
    • Data simulation, is the Simulation for gathering new Data chips for our Coaliition units' active/passive skills. Upon completion, Commanders may get 70 ~ 84x Sim Data, 210 ~ 252x on bonus days. Note that Commanders don't get both types of data per mission, it'll be a 50/50 chance of that sim rewarding either the Basic or Advanced data chips.


Out of date screenshot. Units no longer have a minimum repair time of 1hour.
  • Coalition units take up the same repair slot as regular T-Doll
  • They also share the same repair time mechanics, in that any further damage taken to the unit will increase their overall repair time and cost like Standard T-Dolls, as such their levels also contribute to their increased repair time and cost.

Release Order

No. Banner Ringleader New Units Rerun Status
1 Area S09 SF Base & Outskirts
March 19th - April 16th 2020
Scarecrow & Executioner Aegis
2 Sector SP721 Command Center
April 16th - May 14th 2020
Hunter Nemeum & Manticore
3 Sector SP914
May 14th - June 11th 2020
Intruder Dinergate & Tarantula
4 Sector SP5NANO
June 11th - July 9th 2020
Destroyer Guard (SWAP)
5 Sector SPzh3000
July 9th - August 6th 2020
Architect Ripper (SWAP)
6 Sector SP24WR
August 6th - September 3rd 2020
Ouroboros Vespid (SWAP)
7 Sector SP-7C
September 3rd - October 1st 2020
Alchemist Prowler (SWAP)
8 Sector S05 - Anti-Air Command Center
October 1st - October 29th 2020
Dreamer Dragoon (SWAP)
9 Sector SP21 - Support Mainframe Center
October 29th - November 26th 2020
Gager Goliath Factory
10 Sector S02 - Scales of Justice
November 26th - December 24th 2020
Judge Striker (SWAP)
11 SF Core Terminus
December 24th - January 21st 2020
Agent Aegis (SWAP)
12 Hurricane N2 Secret
February 4th - March 4th 2020
Adeline (Nyto Black) -
13 Hurricane N7 Perimeter
April 1st - April 29th 2020
Alina (Nyto White) -
14 Sector SPzh3000 - Naval Battle Platform
July 22nd - August 19th 2021
Architect Type NVW -
15 Sector SP914 - Nightmare Theater
November 11th - December 9th 2021
Intruder Witch of the End Jaeger (SWAP)