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"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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The poster girl for the game is the Doll Fresnel.

Girls' Frontline: Neural Cloud (女前:云图计划, Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud), 소녀전선: 뉴럴 클라우드 in Korean, is a roguelike strategy game from Sunborn and a spin-off to Girls' Frontline. The player, as the head of Project Neural Cloud, must lead a group of Dolls called the Exiled and save them from an unknown hostile force in a digital world called the Magrasea. Each Doll has their own abilities, upgrade them and build their base.

The game released in Mainland China on 23 September 2021 and is scheduled for release in Taiwan and Korea. Pre-registrations opened for the Japanese and English versions on 29 July 2022.




42LAB's superserver, the first of its kind, is named Magrasea. Its security is maintained by the AI antivirus Sanctifier and it gives 42LAB the storage and processing power needed for their research projects. Magrasea is also rented to partners such as Svarog Heavy Industries, Cyber Media, Universal Anything Services, Ultilife, and various NGOs, research teams, public services and private individuals. Naturally Project Neural Cloud is housed on this system. Data from different companies or industries are stored in standalone sectors to provide sufficient space for data simulation and ensure privacy, and standalone AI routines can be run in individual sectors. However, it is still possible to exchange data between sectors and Sanctifier has access to all sectors to provide security measures.

  • 42LAB Sector: First sector built on Magrasea, housing their AI research projects. Numerous AIs are installed in this sector to ensure high operational efficiency and the sector is also managed by a high-performance AI. Project Neural Cloud used to be housed in this sector, but it was migrated to a new sector when its quantity of data became too big.
  • Sector Cyclopes (Military): One of the earliest sectors in Magrasea, set up for Svarog Heavy Industries' military research data. The data within is extremely sensitive and as such it is protected by many sifter AI programs along with Sanctifier.
  • Sector Enigma (Computing): An sector granted with the best computing capacities, housing the quantum computing research by Neumann, an AI based on the simulated cognitive data of John von Neumann and other famous scientists, developed by 42LAB in collaboration with another high-tech company.
  • Sector Pierides (Technical): A unique sector that is not used by a single megacorporation, but instead by many NPOs, community benefit groups, SMEs and private individuals. It acts as a digital museum dedicated to digitizing and storing cultural artifacts of human progress, civilization, art and culture to protect it from the unstable times of the real world. It is by far the sector with the lowest processing power consumption.
  • Sector Burbank (Entertainment): Used by Cyber Media, an international entertainment and media conglomerate. It houses a massive quantity of data ranging from social media, digital entertainment, real idols and other businesses. Its many specialized simulation programs create cloud-based digital entertainment ready to be exported anywhere on Earth, granting Cyber Media a decisive tactical advantage on its market by providing comprehensive and tailored social media, entertainment, information and services to the masses.
  • Sector Helios (Energy): Another sector used by Svarog Heavy Industry, this time for their clean energy R&D research. Despite how thriving the military-industrial complex has become after World War Three, Svarog has striven to restructure their corporation outside of military services and into building better cities. Many intelligent cloud programs, first of all the "World's Flame" supercomputer, are running simulations to research the possibilities of turning Collapse Fluid into an energy source as part of the Collapse Fluid Energy Project.
  • Neural Cloud Sector: A highly secret sector containing the data of test subjects for the neural cloud upload/download functionality research "Project Neural Cloud". Subjects have been provided by partners such as Svarog Heavy Industries, Cyber Media, Universal Anything Services Co. Ltd and Ultilife Co. Ltd. Some Doll and AI production companies from around the world as well as some civilian volunteer Dolls have also taken part in this project.


  • Top Secret letter: A letter from IOP to Griffin & Kryuger about their partnership with 42LAB on Neural Cloud technology and testing to be done. It reveals a number of occupations and original names for G&K T-Dolls used in Girls' Frontline: G36 was a butler model (unsurprisingly), PA-15 was named Florence, IDW was a security model named Betty, Zas M21 was a fashion designer model, AEK-999 was named Fendere, FNC was a pastry chef named Choco, Type 79 was named Azure, MDR was named Kuro, AA-12 was named Lind, M500 was named Abigail, HS2000 was named Hearate, Welrod MkII was named Insidious and C-MS was named Clara.
  • Recruitment message: An open recruitment notification by 42LAB for Dolls test subjects from all models, commercial, civilian, corporate or privately-owned (though not military and unemployed ones). It explains that Project Neural Cloud is a partnership between IOP and 42LAB, a branch of the International Institute of Quantum Studie (IIQS), to produce a quantum-based in-the-cloud artificial consciousness module framework to protect Dolls memory data in case of neural cloud damage. The experiment is set to last for 2 months after 30th June 2058 and will run experiments on their memory module, with the benefit of free subscription to the final product.
  • CLR Event: An internal message between a Griffin & Kryuger officer and their superior. A commander reported signs of tampering in one of IOP's emails about Neural Cloud sent a few weeks prior, and the same pattern was found again two days earlier. The perpetrator inserted a message within the email, saying that 42LAB was secretly "sacrificing lives" and erasing Dolls memories as part of Project Neural Cloud. The message also contained a keyword, "CLR Event", a plea for help, and the spectrogram message "project sanctifier". The officer reports that IOP looked into the safety of Neural Cloud and that G&K operation is not in danger, and with G&K currently needing 42LAB's cooperation, they decide to keep the file under locks in case negotiations with 42LAB would be necessary in the future.
  • PRJ_Sanctifier_PID: Worried about the emergence of super-viruses developed and deployed by AIs, 42LAB created the AI antivirus Project Sanctifier in 2055 in support of the IIQS and to protect its own cloud capabilities. Sanctifier was to be self-learning, self-monitoring, provide active detection and elimination against viruses and other forms of electronic attack, autonomously repair legal programs showing signs of infection and operate from within 42LAB's cloud. After its completion, Sanctifier became an industry milestone and the foundation for Project Neural Cloud. At the start of the animated image, two files can be seen aside PRJ_Sanctifier_PID, titled "stf_mara draft v2" and "stf_gavri’el draft".
  • PRJ_Sanctifier_ET: Live report of a network attack on 42LAB on 14 February 2056. The attacker uses very similar code than other 42LAB projects and acts much like an AI virus, but Sanctifier seems to work well against it.
  • Persica's email: After two weeks of consideration, Persica accepts to participate to Project Neural Cloud. Though she believes a lot of hard work will be needed to complete such a highly important project, she will lend to the respected professor in charge of the project her personal assistant, the Doll created after her image and personality by 42LAB themselves. Persica (the Doll) herself is very interested in participating in live testing, especially after being stuck on their current project for a long time. Her one condition is to ensure her assistant's safety.

Trailer messageEdit

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“Life's shape rings through the prayers of the lost. Human knowledge is not the only thing that can perceive it. Lack of order does not mean chaos, fiction does not always mean falsehood. To forsake one's life in desperation, in the hidden paths of return, rings the prayers of the lost.”