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Full name Polarized Light
Event type Story
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

2020 winter/spring story event. Polarized Light (Abbreviated as PL from this point on) as an event has the longest run time, a total of 41 (forty one) days of run time from release till end. Chapter 1, 2 and 3 are unlocked on release (16th of January), chapter 4 will be open on 20th of February (CN) and chapter 5 will be opened on the 27th of February (CN).

The event takes place after Chapter 12 Emergency. PL centres around a sealed off submarine compound that houses the deadly weapon named "Sea star". Soon the conflict escalates, as G&K forces breeches the facility, they found out that Sangvis Ferri and Paradeus were both ahead of them, the operation quickly became another four sided crossfire. During the fierce battle, team DEFY learns about the base's deep secret.

Event run time[edit]

Title Period (start/end) Server Type Comment
Polarized Light 2020-01-16 03:00 - 2020-03-12 02:59 (UTC)

CN Story Event
Polarized Light 2020-01-21 06:00 - 2020-03-20 05:59 (UTC)

KR Story Event
Polarized Light 2021-04-27 18:00 - 2021-05-24 17:59 (UTC)

EN Story Event
Polarized Light 2021-08-20 04:00 - 2021-09-17 03:59 (UTC)

JP Story Event


PL event has five chapters in total, laid out similar to the manner of the two previous event Isomer and Shattered Connexion. A story told by separate routes, routes have with no dead ends and will not require backtracking. But however players cannot complete one route at a time, all story nodes have to be played, if one route is met with a dead end, simply find the another unlocked nodes and progress.

Most event nodes are pure story nodes, a small amount of reward will be given after completion. Chapter 1 contains 6 normal combat nodes and 2 challenge nodes. Chapter 2 contains 5 normal combat nodes and 1 challenge node. Chapter 3 contains 4 normal combat nodes and no challenge nodes. Chapter 4 contains 9 normal combat nodes and 2 challenge nodes. Chapter 5 remains to be seen.

Overall difficulty

Chapter 1 and 2 combat nodes difficulty is arguably easier than the previous story events, players with lv60+ 3x expanded echelons can complete with ease. Chapter 3 may require level 70+ and 4x expansion echelons. There is no hard (EX) mode for this event, but there are challenge nodes available, challenge nodes test both the player's echelon level, diversity and performance, as well as their wits.

New elements and mechanics

Event Currency: Crates

Similar to previous story events, crates are available from completing event chapter maps, however the daily limit for crates is lowered to 40 a day as oppose to the previous 60 a day. Completing normal stages to obtain 6; 8; 10 crates while completing challenge stages to obtain 6; 10; 12 crates. The following dolls are possible loots from the event crates:

Pushing Crates mini-game

A new mini game mechanic added to challenge chapters, similar to the manner of the old "Pushing Crates" or "Sokoban" games.[1] to-do

Portable EMP

There is a new kind of bomb that player can utilize on the battlefield. Similar to goliath bomb, player can pick it up using either ordinary echelon or HOC unit from its tower and hurl it up to enemy units. Target will suffer reduced stats and unable to move for one turn, similar to what EMP generator does.

Shore Gun

Certain map will feature shore guns that player can control. Ordinary echelon or HOC unit must stand on the gun node for player to control it. Player can use it to destroy selected target that present on the map within the gun's range. The gun can only shoot one target per turn.

Water Valve

Water valve can be found in some maps. Destroying them using goliath bomb will leak water into the battlefield. Echelon that caught in the leakage will suffer reduced stats such as movement speed reduction. It affects both allies and enemies indiscriminately. Similar to contamination zone, the water leakage can spread across the battlefield.

Welfare Shop

To ease the limited edition doll looting process, the game introduced a form of "guarantee" system to the grinding process. In addition to have a chance at getting the desired dolls from specific enemy and the battle conclusion, players also gain another currency, with said currency, players can exchange all the limited edition dolls available in the event. Currency exchange shop can be found on the top tab of the Kalina's store. Additionally, there is NO LIMIT to how many medals you can obtain.

Defeating enemies/concluding battles that drops 3* and 4* rarity dolls will yield Item Nova Medal.pngx1 Nova Medal, while defeating enemies/concluding battles that drops 5* rarity dolls will yield Item Platinum Medal.pngx1 Platinum Medal. Doing challenge nodes will yield double the amount of medallions. Medal cost for dolls will be dependant on the dolls rarity, 5* Rarity dolls will require Item Platinum Medal.pngPlatinum Medals while 4* and 3* Rarity dolls will require Item Nova Medal.png Nova Medals. List of T-Dolls available for exchange listed below:

Rarity T-Doll Item Nova Medal.pngItem Platinum Medal.png Medal Cost Stock
5-Star T-Dolls SMG X95Thumb button.pngX95 
AR ACRThumb button.pngACR 
HG Desert EagleThumb button.pngDesert Eagle 
MG KordThumb button.pngKord 
SMG JS 9Thumb button.pngJS 9 
Item Platinum Medal.png x500 (x2500 Total) 1x Per Doll
4-Star T-Dolls AR M82Thumb button.pngM82  (New)
SMG CF05Thumb button.pngCF05  (New)
MG M1895 CBThumb button.pngM1895 CB 
HG SPP-1Thumb button.pngSPP-1 
Item Nova Medal.png x400 (x1600 Total) 1x Per Doll
3-Star T-Dolls RF T-CMSThumb button.pngT-CMS 
MG K3Thumb button.pngK3 
HG VP70Thumb button.pngVP70 
SG Six12Thumb button.pngSix12 
AR INSASThumb button.pngINSAS 
RF Zas M76Thumb button.pngZas M76 
Item Nova Medal.png x300 (x3600 Total) 1x Per Doll
Item Strawberry Custard Cheesecake.png
Item Nova Medal.png x5 (x1000 Total)
Item Platinum Medal.png x5 (x1000 Total)
200x Per Item Nova Medal.png
200x Per Item Platinum Medal.png

New T-Dolls

Following T-Dolls are obtainable from the event:

  • RF SL8Thumb button.pngSL8  - A chance drop from event crates. One guaranteed unit after upon opening 777th crates.
  • AR M82Thumb button.pngM82  - Obtained from enemy drop or battle from event map E2-1.
  • SMG CF05Thumb button.pngCF05  - Obtained from enemy drop or battle from event map E2-5.
  • HG WebleyThumb button.pngWebley  - Rewarded upon completion of event chapter 4.

Event Maps

In the first phase of Polarized Light three chapters are available. The guide sections will be separated into subpages.



"This is classified information!"

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  • A polarized light is a light source which light waves are filtered to a specific polarization.[2]
  • Many map nodes are connected like a sine wave[3]
  • Although Polarized Light is considered the most impactful Event in the game, it was also left drastically unfinished with 2/3rds of the story being left untold. This is largely due to the sudden Covid-19 outbreak in February, causing majority of the citizens in china to self quarantine themselves for their own safety. This resulted the event lasting for 2 weeks longer than usual totalling in almost 6 weeks, but also resulted in Chapter 5 being unfinished and rushed. The epilogue of Polarized Light will be continued in Chapter 13 as a result.
    • It'll be unlikely that the event will last this long when it reaches other servers.


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