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PNC Story/Magrasea's Lang Syne/Nodes

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This is a transcript of all event nodes in combat stages of the Magrasea's Lang Syne event in Project Neural Cloud.

Stage 1[edit]

Node Choices Node Choices
Real world year: 2063. Somewhere in Magrasea.
The Neural Cocoon dissolves into floating motes of data that vanish into the air. Zither strings quiver, emitting a clear, crisp sound.
At this moment, the Doll who slumbers alone opens her eyes.
Explore the surroundings. The Cloud Sector is gone. Before her lies an unfamiliar land. Her little sister and her friends were beside her right before the incident took place, but right now they have vanished without a trace." "That's right, where's Jiangyu? Where did Jiangyu go?"
Recall the past. Daiyan tries her best to recall what happened before she fell asleep. Something had happened in the Neural Cloud Sector, the alarms were going off, Jiangyu was pressed up against her and had no idea what to do...
Node Choices Node
Daiyan walks through the Null Area for an entire day, but finds no trace of Jiangyu.
On the verge of exhaustion, the form of a tall building appears in the distance. An unknown Sector is before her; will she enter?
Try to break the Firewall. No matter if it's to find Jiangyu or to restore her strength, she needs a place to rest. Daiyan connects to the firewall, trying to copy how the 42Lab researchers did it.
Reconsider. The firewall's structure is very complex, and she doesn't know if it's safe inside. Just as Daiyan is wondering about whether to approach, a cold mechanical voice suddenly speaks up from behind her.
"[Irregular Agent detected. Preparing to cleanse.]"
Node Choices Node
No matter where she goes, the Sanctifiers always designate Daiyan as an Irregular Agent and pursue her. All she can do is run and hide.
What if Jiangyu's in the same dire straits as herself...
Improve fighting power. All she has is her guzheng. But if she learns to make good use of her operand and launches them with her guzheng...
A bold idea hatches in Daiyan's mind. Now all she needs to do is gather resources in order to test it.
Find helpers. Divided we fall, as the saying goes. With helpers, she might be able to deal with the Sanctifiers.
Thus, the first step is to get the help of those agents.
Node Choices Node
After some practice, Daiyan has learned how to slip past a Sector Firewall without alarming large packs of Sanctifiers.
It's time to seek out her destination. Where should she begin?
Head west to the Sector that looks like it's full of guns. This Sector seems to be partitioned by a strange wall. The white-haired administrator won't let Daiyan get close to it.
After learning that Daiyan is looking for her sister, she provides Daiyan with some military-grade equipment and then encourages Daiyan to leave ASAP.
Head east to the Sector that seems highly industrialized. This Sector seems to be filled with square-headed robots. They don't look very talkative.
Daiyan doesn't dare approach them, instead plucking the yellow herbs on the Sector's edges before leaving. These herbs seem to contain lots of operand.
For some reason, she gets the feeling a long time has passed outside when she leaves the Sector.
Node Choices Node
After improving her combat strength, Daiyan can now defeat small groups of Sanctifiers by herself.
It's time to look for traces of Jiangyu. Where's the most likely place she would have gone?
The mechanically-themed Sector that looks like a sci-fi war movie. Going by Jiangyu's occupation, she's more likely to be here...
However, the closer she gets to the Sector, the more Sanctifiers she encounters. There's no way to sneak in.
"It looks like they're fighting. Oh, Jiangyu... please don't tell me you're caught up in all of this?"
The artistically-themed Sector that looks like an art museum. This Sector is peaceful. It's hard to imagine how someone with Jiangyu's personality would come here.
The sister-administrators here extend Daiyan a warm welcome, and Daiyan has complex feelings when she sees how close they are to each other.
Before she leaves, Daiyan sincerely hopes they'll be able to preserve their beloved art forever.
Node Choices Node
In the following days, Daiyan travels to various places throughout Magrasea; a Sector like a holiday beach in reality, and another so vast and expansive like the cosmos...
But Jiangyu hasn't appeared throughout it all.
Keep going to the next Sector. The next Sector looks spooky and filled with massive computers.
After speaking with the local agents, she learns something incredible.
"This is Enigma Sector, with the largest quantum database on the cloud server."
Take a break and listen to gossip. After taking her diggcoins, the foxy Agent in front of her begins speaking rapidly.
"Have you heard of the Enigma Sector? There were some problems there a while back, but they've been fixed now."
"They say that the quantum database there contains all the secrets of the cloud server."
Node Choices Node
After several twists and turns, Daiyan finally arrives in front of "ENIAC".
If she can enter the operand black hole, she might be able to learn of Jiangyu's whereabouts. However, activating the black hole is extremely dangerous.
It's time to make a choice for Jiangyu's sake.
Secretly sneak in and try to activate the black hole. The black hole's entrance is securely sealed and requires higher access to open.
Just as Daiyan is wondering if she should open it by force, the administrator suddenly appears behind her and grabs her.
"This place is very dangerous! You mustn't open it so casually!
I was planning to ask the "Oasis" for aid... But if you must enter, please come back later."
Ask the administrator about it. "Right now, nobody in the Enigma Sector has the ability to safely activate and enter the black hole."
The stern-looking administrator has a surprisingly gentle tone.
"However, the people at the Oasis... They might have a way."
Node Choices Node
After leaving Enigma Sector, Daiyan hears a lot about Oasis. The Professor who leads Oasis is gathering the Dolls exiled throughout the cloud server so everyone can live on together.
Would any human being really be willing to upload themselves to the cloud server to save Dolls?
Perhaps the Professor will understand the way I feel about finding Jiangyu. After making ample preparations, Daiyan decides to head for Oasis.
Perhaps the Professor has the authorization to search for Jiangyu.
Node Choices
[Access logged. Signature belongs to - Cloud Sector.]
[Model: CM-ENT 2.0a. Verified as a participant in Project Neural Cloud.]
[The Exiles welcome you, Daiyan.]
I'll be in your care.

Other Stage[edit]

Node Choices
When you're lost, a person with a face full of bandages leads you back onto the right path. While I'm grateful... Who WAS that Doll, anyway?
Node Choices Node
As you walk past the Medical Department, you faintly hear a terrible scream coming from inside... Do you want to go in and take a look? Head in and take a look. You swiftly lose consciousness after entering. When you come to, it seems like something has been done to your body, but also not...
The blue-haired Doll is even serving you tea, how nice of her.
Best mind my own business. You leave swiftly, and the scream you heard feels like it was mere figment of your imagination.
Node Choices Node
You run into Chanzhi in Oasis. She's holding a bunny mascot costume.
"Ah, Daiyan, it's been a while!" she says while waving eagerly to you."Want to try this new outfit I made?"
Try it on. You try on the mascot costume.
You hear what sounds like a camera shutter from a corner... are you merely imagining things?
Politely refuse. Chanzhi has a look of regret on her face, but she doesn't stop you from leaving.
Node Choices Node
Persicaria calls out to Daiyan.
"Have a cup of coffee before you go."
Of course. You drink the coffee Persicaria offers you.
...Is this coffee with sugar or sugar with coffee?
I'm not too used to coffee. A look of regret crosses Persicaria's face and she finishes up her own coffee.
The sweetness pervading the air is too rich, is that really ordinary coffee...?
Node Choices Node
Antonina is still calibrating her equipment, but there seems to be something crawling in the shadows...
Will you touch it?
Touch it. An octopus wraps around your hand!
Never mind. Playing dumb at appropriate times is one of life's great pleasures.
Node Choices Node
Ding! A new friend, Python, invites you to try the Oasis' training regimen. "It would be my honour."
"I still have work to do. I'll definitely take you up on it next time."
Node Choices Node
You hear someone playing on an instrument. Will you go take a look? Why not take a look, perhaps there's a fellow musician here? You see a DJ, whose forceful music rocks your world... and your eardrums.
Art takes many forms, but perhaps this form is too avant-garde for you.
Maybe not, there's work to do. The music gradually fades.
Node Choices
A loud crash comes from the Processing Station.
What's that gigantic machine standing up from the roof of the Processing Station...!?
Let's make our preparations for battle!
Let the Professor and Persicaria handle it, I have other things to do.
Node Choices Node
A shadow suddenly descends from the sky. This is... Look up. ...Why is there a wyvern flying around in the sky?
Node Choices
Centauressi, [sic] Ksenia, and Lam invite you to a tea party. Moments of peaceful rest like this are so rare...
Node Choices Node Choices
The scenery around the weather balloon is a great expanse, but... is there someone humming up there? "...Hello?" "Ah, hello, I'm Mai..." You have an enjoyable conversation with Mai.
Leave the shadowed area as soon as possible.
Node Choices Node
Souchun invites you into her tea garden and its fragrance wafts over you.
"The tea here is planted simply for decoration. If you don't transfer operand to them by watering them, they're nothing more than background colors.
"The tea leaves which grow on trees have a charm of their own." "Souchun smiles. "That's true. Tea is just that beautiful."
"Might I have the honor of sharing a cup of tea with you?" Souchun readily agrees. "It's not often that someone other than the Professor comes by to have tea. Please help me send a cup over to him."
Node Choices Node
A little mink runs up in front of you. Is this someone's pet that's gone astray? Pick it up and hug it. The mink's fur is warm and soft, putting you at ease.
Help it find its owner. Shortly afterwards, you run into Simo, who seems to be in a rush.
"Ah... Sako, what are you doing here?" Simo scoops up the mink and thanks you.
Node Choices Node Choices
A wild Persicaria has collapsed by the roadside. Looks like she's overworked herself!
Why don't we...
Take her to the Medical Department. Rest well, Miss Persicaria.
Take her to the HQ. I'd feel better if I bring her to the Professor.
Node Choices
There is a sudden explosion from the side of the road. A red-haired Doll chases a white-haired Doll out of a building.
"Octogen, get back here! Stop running!"
Help the red-haired Doll.
Help the white-haired Doll.
Watch quietly.

Challenge Stage[edit]

Node Choices
<<Elegant Strings: An Exclusive Interview With Daiyan, Vol. 1>>
"Tadah~ This is the ace reporter Willow's private column. Our guest for this issue is a guzheng performer — Daiyan! She once sparked a guzheng fad with her marvelous playing and returned traditional music to the public eye once again."
"You flatter me, Miss Willow. I simply play lovely music to the best of my ability."
"You certainly are humble, Miss Daiyan. I heard you'll be doing a live performance today to thank your fans; may I know the title of your piece?"
"Mm, today, I will be presenting "Battling The Typhoon" to everyone."
The vibrant music stirs everyone's spirits.
Node Choices
<<Elegant Strings: An Exclusive Interview With Daiyan, Vol. 2>>
"For our next question – which of your performances left the deepest impression on you?"
"Hm... I think it was the one when I was just activated."
"Huh? When you were freshly awakened? Wouldn't you normally be in the debugging phase at that point?"
"Yes. In order to debug my performance abilities, I played in my room by myself for a full day and night."
"Everything seemed to stand still during that time. It was as though the only things in the world were myself and my zither. I even began to wonder if my sensory modules had malfunctioned."
"But for some reason, no matter how grand the stage I stood on after that, nothing felt like that day again,"
"Huh– That's a very artistic statement. Then let us look forward to seeing better and more perfect performances by Miss Daiyan in the future!"
It's hard to find someone who truly understands music. What kind of performance does Daiyan seek?
Node Choices
<<Elegant Strings: An Exclusive Interview With Daiyan, Vol. 3>>
"This episode will be a reality TV segment. Come follow us as we observe the life of Daiyan!"
"Being a reporter must be hard. Would you like something to eat, Miss Willow?"
"Ohhh, we're in for a treat, dear members of the audience – it's not often that Miss Daiyan decides to show off her culinary skills! Let's look forward to them together!"
"Hm, I was planning to have 8 courses for lunch today, so please wait for a moment, Miss Willow."
"W-Wait a minute, wasn't it supposed to be just the two of us?"
"No matter how many people we serve, there must be adequate portions. My sister and I usually eat like this."
"...Dear members of the audience, this particular episode will be moved from the late night program block to the food channel block."
Fancy cuisine is fighting strength!
Node Choices
<<Elegant Strings: An Exclusive Interview With Daiyan, Vol. 4>>
"This week, we'll be interviewing Daiyan's manager! Hello, Miss Manager, aside from her outstanding performance skills, what other points about Miss Daiyan have left a deep impression on you?"
"Hm... I suppose I can reveal this to you, but Miss Daiyan is very well-versed in clothing coordination. She personally selects all her concert outfits."
"She does them herself?! Which means Miss Daiyan's outfits during the "Jade Maiden" tour were all..."
"Yup, she decided them all herself. She felt that it was the best way to ensure the consistency of the performances. I'm glad everyone liked them."
"Ohhhhh, this is incredible news! To think Daiyan's world-famous concert look was actually crafted by the performer herself!"
A blessed jade maiden... How I wish I could see her lovely face.
Node Choices
<<Elegant Strings: An Exclusive Interview With Daiyan, Vol. 5>>
"Miss Jiangyu, as Daiyan's "little sister", is there anything you can share with us?"
"Hm... When I went to study abroad in Canada, Daiyan gave me tons of sheet music. She said that if I felt frustrated, all I'd have to do was look through the scores and it would clear my mood up."
"Haha, well, that's Miss Daiyan for you, her love for music is carved into her bones."
"But it's true that those music scores helped me out a lot when I ran into difficulties abroad."
"Looks like music really can put people at ease."
"Nah, there was lots of cash stuffed into those scores, as well as recipes for Chinese dishes."
Life isn't just distant music...
Node Choices
<<Elegant Strings: An Exclusive Interview With Daiyan, Vol. 6>>
"This issue features an interview with a Doll who claims to be very close to Daiyan. Huh, this young miss seems kind of familiar. So, what can you tell us about her?"
"Don't be fooled by her looks. Big Sis, er, I mean, Daiyan is su-per-sca-ry in her private life!"
"Oh? Is this a hidden scandal in the making?"
"If you stay by her side, she'll force you to try on all kinds of clothes!"
"If she catches you with junk food or snacks, that's it – she'll nag you all night!"
"Also, also... She'll also nag you all day about which foot to lead with when going on stage!"
"Haha, it seems you've suffered greatly, Miss."
"Um... Well, not really. After all, Daiyan's cooking tastes great..."
Hopefully the sisters will reunite at last in Oasis.
Node Choices
<<Elegant Strings: An Exclusive Interview With Daiyan, Vol. 7>>
"The craze for classical music which Daiyan inspired even drove up the sales of classical instruments."
"Although, I've heard performers of the guqin, the gayageum and the koto complain that plebs lumped them all into guzhengs..."
"They're probably experiencing the suffering of bassists, I guess."
"After that, the company decided to capitalize on the fad by announcing the formation of a traditional instruments orchestra in the hope of further expanding their market share. But in the end Miss Daiyan's workload increased again..."
"Eh? Why is that?"
"The rehearsals usually went like this–"
"We're missing someone on the sanxian? Let Daiyan handle it and have someone else play the guzheng. We don't have someone to play the liuqin? Daiyan can do it too. Nobody's on the zhongruan? Daiyan as well then... Wait, we don't have a pipaist? Daiyan, call Daiyan! What do you mean we don't have a percussion section either?!
She's a one-man band!
Node Choices
<<Elegant Strings: An Exclusive Interview With Daiyan>>
"Shocking news! Daiyan actually came to Oasis too! What do her juniors from Cyber Media think about this?"
"Um... Miss Daiyan is very good at taking care of people, she's just like a big sister."
"What nonsense, Nanaka, Miss Daiyan kept nagging me when she saw me eating fast food during a livestream."
"I seem to remember you weren't too happy about doing that joint livestream with Miss Daiyan, Kuro."
"That, that's just because I had fans spamming me with messages like [Kuro-chan, I'm a long-time fan of yours, can you help me get Daiyan's autograph] - like, what the hell, even I don't have it!"
"(Sigh) What a shame, I'd like an autograph from her too."
"Oi, oi, oi! You're going to black out our names, right!?"
I'll go back and ask Kuro if she wants to see it too.