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PNC Loading Screens

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This is a list of backgrounds and lore bits shared during loading screens in Project Neural Cloud.



  • Persicaria's cat ears aren't just for decoration. They filter out extraneous signals.
  • Antonina can break past the firewall of large corporations in an instant, and can catch other hackers doing the same just as quickly.
  • The ermine that Simo created a simulation of in the cloud, Sako, actually exists in real life.
  • Sol's two blades, Arvak and Alsvid, are named after the two horses in Norse mythology who pull the Sun God's chariot.
  • Croque's mech, Aegis, was originally to be Svarog Heavy Industries' prototype for a round of military bidding, but eventually lost out to the Minotaur series produced by Sangvis Ferri.
  • Evelyn broke the records for the SWAT CQB department's simulated battle training.
  • Zion can survive for up to 48 hours in areas with high radiation.
  • Gin knows at least 160,000 drink recipes.
  • The large optical lens that Fresnel carries boasts over 400,000 lumens, 4x that of the sun during summer in the northern hemisphere.
  • Betty retains a large amount of feline-like behavior, including attacking with her claws.
  • Centaureissi's housekeeping robot is called Sottje, meaning "chimneysweeper". Her own name originates from Sechsunddreißig, which is German for "36".
  • Mai's balloon isn't just for show. It's equipped with all kinds of meteorological sensors.
  • Imhotep is both a licensed veterinarian and surgeon.
  • Since Abigail's signal compiler in her brain recognizes dog barks, she can effectively communicate with dogs.
  • Bonee's shield looks like a ribcage, but it's actually a 3D-printed shield of macromolecular materials.
  • Kuro once posted 309 messages in one minute. Of those, only 52 were not censored, and all 52 of them were filler words.
  • It is rumored that Aki can cut bullets fired at him in half.
  • Max has five separate sockpuppet accounts on the Oasis forums to spread gossip. After a flame war with Kuro, it went down to one, but now she's gone back up to seven.
  • 50% of all the gossip Willow finds in the Oasis cannot be printed for various reasons.
  • Everyone likes playing "Billionaire" with Lam, because she always extends a helping hand to the unlucky.
  • 42Lab: Renowned large-scale scientific research institute that is also leading the way in artificial intelligence and quantum computing.
  • Svarog Heavy Industries: Large enterprise that has made extensive contributions to the manufacturing, energy, and military defense sectors. Possesses a staggering level of influence.
  • Universal Anything Services: An enterprise which occupies the lion's share of the global doll market. Its business endeavors extend to every aspect of daily life.
  • Cyber Media: A newly-emerged international entertainment & media enterprise. Its business endeavors include films, animation, talent show competitions, social media, video games, traditional news outlets, and more.
  • Ultimate Life: A pharmaceutical company on the rise. They have a massive influence in the fields of genetic engineering, biopharmaceuticals, and neuroscience research.
  • Exiles: Under the leadership of the Professor, a group of dolls stranded in Magrasea have formed a group called the Exiles. They have one goal: to survive and find a way back to reality.
  • Sanctifier: To protect the Magrasea super-cloud, 42Lab has created an AI program. Dedicated to upholding stability in Magrasea, this AI eradicates any and all looming threats.
  • Sanctifier: Sanctifiers are divided into greater, intermediate, and lesser levels. The Greater Sanctifiers possess comparatively higher authorization, whereas the intermediate and lesser ones are responsible for actually carrying out all actions.
  • Agent: All AI programs located in the Magrasea are given designations such as Resident Agent, Sanctifier, Doll Neural Cloud, etc.
  • Magrasea: All major enterprises store their key information in 42Lab's cloud server, which services the entire world.
  • Oasis: The sector of the Neural Cloud Project activated by the Professor doubles as the base of operations for the Exiles, and a home away from home while in Magrasea.
  • Neural Cloud Sector: The area where all cloud-related planning data is stored, as well as where all item testing is carried out. After the Wipe-off Incident, all contact with this sector was lost.
  • Magrasea Knowledge Base: 42Lab conducts cutting-edge AI research projects in the Rossum, which is all managed by an agent dubbed Turing.
  • Cyclopes: All of the data which Svarog Heavy Industries has stored in Cyclopes Sector. Includes all information regarding military affairs and other confidential files not meant for the public.
  • Helios: Helios Sector is where Svarog Heavy Industries conducts simulations related to their new energy plan. Igniting the Arche Pyr is the ultimate goal of the project.
  • Enigma: Enigma is an area specially reserved to house ENIAC, the quantum database constructed by 42Lab. Its data storage capabilities surpass that of all other sectors.
  • Pierides: A majority of the data in Pierides is uploaded by artists and non-profit organizations. The sector's operand is by no means substantial, nor are the number of resident agents.
  • Reverse Babylon Tower: Reverse Babylon Tower is the core area of Sanctifier. Inside the tower, the Pantheon contains the illustrious wisdom module known as the Sacred Canon. If a Sanctifier is killed in action, it will be resurrected here.
  • Null Area: Located outside the sectors, Null Area is currently an unadministered area. Data storage is close to zero, and there is very little else to be found here.
  • Neural Cloud: The large-scale research projects being conducted by 42Lab aim to make backing up one's Neural Cloud data to Magrasea a reality.
  • Wipe-off Incident: An accident that occurred during the testing phase of the Cloud Project resulted in the entrapment of many Doll Neural Clouds inside Magrasea.
  • Isolation Wall: In the past, Cyclopes Sector erected a towering wall to cut off all of the monitor and battle agents.
  • Arche Pyr: The Arche Pyr is located above the Helios sector. Lighting it is the collective goal of all the resident agents in the sector.
  • Court of Art: The resident agents who guard Pierides have turned the area into a luscious art garden.
  • Quartz: A translucent and stable crystal that gives off a tangerine luster. In Magrasea, naturally-formed quartz is a precious commodity, and is often used to create the core processors of various large-scale data processing devices.
  • Quartz Sand: Powdery orange crystals which are the by-product of quartz processing. Despite this, they are an incredibly valuable item. Data chips created out of high-quality quartz sand often are significantly more powerful than competing products.
  • Neural Fragment: After the Wipe-off Incident, the Neural Clouds of the dolls were scattered to the winds. During this process, fragments of them were separated from the core.
  • Diggcoin: Diggcoin is the main currency utilized in Magrasea, and can be used for all forms of transactions.
  • FUNCTION: While exploring the sector, there is a high probability of running into fragments of code. They can often produce unexpected results, so put them to good use.
  • The Traders occasionally collect mysterious neural fragments. After establishing trade with the Oasis, the Traders have begin using these fragments as exclusive rewards for clearing Exception Protocols.
  • Neural Kits: Highly interchangeable raw materials which can be formed into a Doll's neural fragments. With the appropriate Doll's neural core, one can use these kits to restore the neural cloud of the Doll in question.
  • Glitter Chip: Solidified operands found while performing Vulnerability Checks on the Oasis. They have extremely high information density and are excellent materials for making mobile terminals.
  • ENIAC's name comes from the world's first computer, ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer).
  • As a Doll used in medical experiments, Lind's physical makeup and sensory systems were designed to model the human body as closely as possible. Thus, she is more sensitive to pain than normal Dolls.
  • Hardly anyone visits the zoo where Taisch lives, but many bizarre rumors about it circulate on the Internet.
  • Horizon likes drinking cold, strong tea without anything added to it.
  • Arcadia: A Sector whose location is unknown, and the base of the Guardians. It is named after "paradise" in Greek mythology.
  • Guardians: An organization of agents in Arcadia. Their leader is unknown and few know what they look like, but the one thing that is certain about them is that they have formidable fighting power.
  • Chelsea, Hel and Florence have formed the "Oasis Prank Committee". Their goal is to wipe out all the unhappiness in the Oasis, but they end up wiping out some of the happiness as well.
  • Undine uses her partner machines to perform different songs in order to determine if she is functioning normally.
  • Ascension Sector: A Sector which belongs to Ultimate Life Holdings, in partnership with Svarog Heavy Industries. They are developing new models of civilian prosthetic limbs while also progressing military prosthetic technology.
  • Burbank Sector: A Sector which belongs to Cyber Media, used to analyze the entertainment industry. It is also one of the most prosperous Sectors in Magrasea.
  • After the revival celebration, Burbank Sector established a direct channel to Oasis. Outside of emergencies, it is often used to screen Nanaka's concerts.
  • Clotho was named after the goddess from Greek mythology who spun the thread of fate. Hel's name comes from Scandinavian mythology—she is named after Hel, goddess of the underworld, which is also called Hel.

Project Neural Cloud
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