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Origin Fairy

Origin Fairy.png
Game Information
Index 26
Artist --
Released on CN (原型妖精), TW, KR (시조요정), EN (Prototype Fairy)

Origin Fairy is an obtainable fairy in the game.



A Battle Fairy originally obtained during Polarized Light by clearing the following maps:

  • E2-3 "Waveguide II" (x2 is rewarded)
  • E5-4 "Blackbody Radiation II" (x3 is rewarded)

This special Fairy can also be obtained via limited shop bundles.

This Fairy serves a different purpose compared to other fairies. The Fairy itself will always be rewarded completely maxed out to lv100 and be 5-star rarity and when the fairy is used an enhancement fodder on other fairies, it'll yield +100 Enhancement XP to that fairy, +150 Enhancement XP if the fairy in question possess the same talent.

Index Descriptions:

  • CN: 拥有增幅其他妖精的能力,平日可帮忙模型拼装和占座。
  • EN: Has the ability to boost other Fairies. Can help with assembling figurines and saving seats in daily life.

Introduction Lines:

  • CN: “我是最初的,也是最后的……一切都会始于我,一切都会终于我。”
  • EN: "I am the beginning and the end... Everything starts with me and ends with me."

Game DataEdit

Critical Damage
10.0% 10.0%
10.0% 10.0%
10.0% 10.0%
10.0% 10.0%
Crafting Time


Main artworkEdit

Gallery consisting of artworks used primarily in-game.


  • This fairies skill doesn't come maxed, but it also doesn't cost any data to train up nor does it take any time to do so. Yay! 10 Free skill training sessions for achievement progress~
  • The   Origin Fairy is responsible for giving HG M950A M950A      her Digimind Upgrade which gave her enough power to defeat surrounding KCCO soldiers and save us during the events of Polarized Light