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Weirder Things - Pumpkin Mishka

Marakov was part of the team that set up the haunted house for the Halloween event on base, along with MG M1919A4 M1919A4 M1919A4. While in the haunted house together, she noted that M1919A4 was surprisingly studious in preparing for her role compared to the other T-Dolls', with a well-done vampire costume and researching vampires on a tablet to better characterize them. M1919A4 replied that this was a free pass to scare people without consequences and therefore worth the extra effort.

Marakov later investigated the electrical room after the power outage, accidentally scaring RF WA2000 WA2000 WA2000 with her sudden appearance. Marakov noted that WA2000 wasn't very good with supernatural things, despite the latter claiming she wasn't sacred of ghosts. When WA2000 hastily left the scene, Marakov observed that she was capable of running very fast for a rifle T-Doll.

Marakov then met up with SMG Type 64 Type 64 Type 64, who was disappointed that the event had been ruined by the power outage. Marakov, however, felt that the event could be considered a success so long as someone got spooked that day. She then contacted M1919A4 to hatch a plan to scare the Commander, which was successful in making them scream to Marakov's satisfaction. Type 64 then commented that only someone who was afraid of ghosts would understand the things that scare people, which led her to suspect Marakov was afraid of ghosts despite her previous denials to the Commander. Marakov declined to directly answer Type 64's queries despite additional prodding.

"I'm not as wooden as you think. I do consider it a good idea to cultivate friendship among colleagues. It is always more efficient and effective to do the right thing at the right time."